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Hello! I'm Alice, a 24-year-old travel and lifestyle blogger and content creator. is the result of a 2013 gap-year when as a lost 18-year-old, I decided to leave my small Dorset town and go on an Italian adventure. 

Blogging about my gelato eating and Italian stallion hunting endeavours, I never dreamed it would grow beyond my friends and family, but here we are and here YOU are! 

After seeing me through said gap-year (unfortunately, I returned home without an Italian man on my arm) and three rollercoaster years at a university that resembles Hogwarts, I graduated straight into a job in PR.

However, the London-life wasn't for me, and after spending far too much time at my desk scrolling through flight search engines, I booked a one-way flight to Sydney, quit my job and spent a year on beaches, in bikinis and avoiding all of their deadly creatures.

I've never looked back, and now spend my time avoiding real life by working my way around the world.

Feel free to have a wander around, and you can always reach out to me on Twitter or by email. 

Love, Alice x

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