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25 March 2020

New Blog Series: The Isolation Anecdotes

It's day four in isolation for me, after arriving home from New Zealand on Saturday afternoon. I've left the house to walk the dog, and due to living in the countryside, I crossed paths with no one and touched nothing.

Basically, I stayed hyper-vigilant and didn't decide to go to the beach and possibly contaminate everyone around me because, y'know, I'm not an actual idiot.

But I AM growing increasingly bored.

For some reason, clients I've previously worked with do not need a travel writer right now (lol), which means I both have nothing to do and no money to spend. A sad and sorry tale.

As I mentioned previously, the likelihood is my blog will THRIVE under the new lockdown laws imposed in the UK this week. So I thought I would return to my usual chatty blog posts about my life and some of the bizarre interactions I've had in my life.

The result of this is that I've decided to start sharing my stories - in particular, my male-related stories. Because I have been on a lot of dates, and most of them have been extremely unsuccessful.

Like, to a worrying degree.

From one crying into his glass of wine to another telling me I wasn't worth the gin bar he'd had planned (seriously).

We could ALL do with a laugh at the moment, and my life happens to be a walking joke.

Welcome to my isolation anecdotes, all true and all for your enjoyment.

Love, Alice x

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