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26 March 2017

Tale as Old as Time

A bit of admin before we begin: I have FINALLY decided to set up a Facebook page which will be the best place to catch anything blog and Youtube related. After four years, I thought it was about time, so please go on over and like/follow to get more of an insight into my life! It's also important for all of those people who I have on my personal Facebook, it's time to give them a break from my blog related status'. See you there!

Now, let's begin...

My house group chat, is called The Princess Society. 

I don't know if I should admit that, is it a bit embarrassing? Regardless, it's the truth.  

But this blog post wasn't technically inspired by my daily messages from Aurora, Ariel, Mulan, Anna and Rapunzel, aka my five housemates, all in their twenties.

It was inspired by the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast today. Because, despite my age, despite the fact I'm at university and have a lot to be doing with my day, including writing a 10,000 word dissertation... I spent last Friday (the release day) sat in the cinema, watching the 11am showing of Beauty and the Beast. 

And to me, that speaks a thousand words. The fact my friends and family are all buying tickets and asking me how it was, screams the impact of Disney on everyone's lives. 

For me, the timelessness of Disney is what keeps it magical. The original Beauty and the Beast came out before I was born and everyone has their own stories. Each film has a different meaning, a different memory, but nobody can claim it as their own. When I show my daughter the Disney films which have come out in my lifetime, she'll have her own reasons for wanting to be Mulan, or crying over Tarzan (that beginning though). There's a reason people flocked to the cinema to see Frozen and Moana. Disney is dependable, it's magical and it's home.

Because of how much I love Disney (can't you tell), I entered the cinema half excited, half dreading the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Stupid, really, considering the Cinderella remake was my favourite film of 2014 and I vlogged the day I came out of the Jungle Book and swore it was a 10/10. But despite slightly wanting to find fault with Emma Watson as Belle - for no other reason that I want to be Belle myself - I couldn't fault the film. It's moving, it's magical and no surprises, I cried throughout. Also, for any Downton fans, Cousin Matthew (aka the Beast) grows a backbone and becomes a solid 10/10 in the process.

Disney is timeless. It is a whirl of dresses and sword fights and magic spells. It's putting on a song and knowing everyone in the room will know the opening lines, it's dressing up as a five year old and not caring what gender or race you are, because in that moment, you are Cinderella. It's being twenty one and being Belle in your house Facebook group. And it's tearing up in the cinema when the overture to your favourite childhood film begins.

If you couldn't tell, I basically just wanted to gush about how bloody great Beauty and the Beast is.

Love, Alice x

NB: I don't feel like I can write a Disney blog post, without highlighting the revolting ideologies of Walt Disney, or the discrimination in the 20th Century Disney films. Littered with racism, misogyny and xenophobia, Walt Disney himself is not an idol, and the original films are inexcusably insulting. I will, in the future, elaborate on this, but it's important to me my readers do not think I am ignorant enough to be unaware of Disney's reputation. This blog post is written as a 21 year old high on the songs and films of my childhood.


20 March 2017

Bottomless Brunching

Brunches have become very 'in' at the moment, haven't they? I've always been a fan, but I feel like in the last year or so, there's been a huge surge on the brunching scene, and it's become a bit of an occasion.

One of the first bottomless brunches I heard about, was found in this understated building, next to a children's play park and just off the beaten track of the Angel hub. 
You're greeted by a buzz of activity. Bartenders pouring endless glasses of bellini's, waiters running to and from tables with plates piled high (eggs seem to be the staple choice), and a computer sat on a grand piano, where the host welcomes you. 

Although we had to wait for a short while, we were handed drinks and directed to extremely comfy sofas, where we were more than happy to gossip and catch up.

After more bellini's, we were taken to our table and presented with the menu. It was an 'anything goes' vibe, from Yeezy's to stilettos, but everyone was there to bond over great food.
You pay £18 for bottomless drinks and then just pay per plate, all at very reasonable prices. The girls both opted for the Eggs Royale, poached eggs with smoked salmon on english muffins, with a side of avocado. I decided on Huevos Benedictos... the Spanish brother of eggs benedict, with chorizo and pico de gallo on an avocado-ed english muffin.

Then came the moment of truth to tell how good your eggs are.
Sat on my sofa right now, I think I'm forgiven for getting extremely hungry over these photos!

Each sitting is an hour and a half long, but we may or may not have been able to overstay our welcome.

As our booking was quite late in the day, there were some options which had run out so ensure you're there nice and early if you want the full menu. As the restaurant began to clear, we did manage to squeeze in desserts... after 7 months apart, we had a lot of catching up to do definitely required more fuel!


We left feeling very full, very merry and very grateful!

I've already booked in for my next brunch in April. It's extremely popular so if you do fancy giving it a go, I'd recommend booking at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Love, Alice x

6 March 2017

5 Happy Things

Last week was a bit crap. I can say that can't I? The best thing to come out of it was Ed Sheeran's album, which I've listened to on repeat for the last 24 hours. 

I think it's only natural to go through these phases. The weeks where getting out of bed is as much effort as leaving the house. If you couldn't tell from my last post, I'm having weekly wtf-am-I-doing freak outs about my future, and not even my first ever spray tan experience can shake off this 3/10 feeling.

So I thought I would cheer myself up, by writing about the moments of happiness which did grace my life last week, because there have been moments. I've just been too preoccupied to notice them at the time.

1. The other night, my housemates and I put a Disney playlist on Spotify, and between making dinner, doing uni work, and plaiting eachothers hair, we had several renditions of Disney classics. Colours of the Wind was in my head until I fell asleep hours later.

2. A week ago today, I found out I'd been shortlisted for a university award. I originally thought it was just a list of the names of everyone nominated, but it turns out they'd narrowed it down. And on Saturday, whilst at the Societies and Media ball, I actually won it. I think it was all a bit surreal, but watching my best friends win awards around me too, did make me cry with happiness. That, and the wine. 

3. I am TANNED! That's right. I had my body sprayed all over with an orange hose, and despite not leaving the house yesterday, sine showering it off, I am pretty convinced this is the best £15 I've spent in a long time. The reason for this was the ball I just mentioned, and although I've used fake tan before, it was my first experience of a spray tan. It's safe to say myself and my friend Caroline, are now very acquainted with each other's bodies... paper thongs leave not very much to the imagination.

4. I may feel a bit lost in every other aspect of my life, but right now, I am feeling very positive about blogging. For the first time in ages, I'm throwing myself back into Alice's Antics and I feel so good about it! I've missed the buzz I used to get from writing a new post, but it's back and hopefully will result in some good ol' content for the foreseeable future.

5. Despite my shitty week, it ended on a high. 'Socs Ball' was one of my favourite university experiences so far- and not just because I went braless for the first time ever, (WOOHOO)! I was surrounded by the people I love, all looking 10/10, drinking, singing and dancing until the early hours. It was a wonderful reminder of how high the highs are, even in a week of lows.

Sometimes writing things down is enough to clear your head. My mum instilled that in me as a way to organise your life, and I stand by it to this day. It's not all bad!

Love, Alice x


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