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30 November 2016

The December Internet Plan

Today is the last day of November. Which actually makes me feel a little bit queasy. 

I have absolutely no idea where the year has gone. If you've been following me for the majority of the year (or more) you'll know it's been quite the rollercoaster.

But enough on assessing the year- that will come in a classic 'oh my god it's nearly 2017' blog post instead. 

So, December. 

If you are a regular reader of Alice's Antics, or in fact are just a general internet human, you'll know the first 24 days of December for almost anyone with an internet space, are dedicated to 'Blogmas'. Blogmas is essentially a post every single day, until Christmas Eve. 

Which, has proved for the last 2 years, to be quite difficult. 

And so, as per, Alice's Antics is doing blogmas.

But I thought to myself, how else can I intensify the stress of life? Deadlines, work, my degree, the radio station, blogmas.... and now this year, I have decided to attempt vlogmas. 

If you didn't know, Alice's Antics is also all about that Youtube life. And for the last 6 months, I've basically ignored Youtube to focus on everything else. So why not come back at the most challenging time of the year? 

Luckily, I won't be tackling this alone, as Saffron will also be vlogging this year for Vlogmas (over here) so we will have continued support and 'pick up your camera and GO' motivation throughout the next three weeks. 

I'm actually really excited for this, although it's my third blogmas, I've never done vlogmas before, so it's going to be very hard work. As with previous years, please do bare with me if I don't post, I'm a very busy bee and the internet isn't my full time job so sometimes I struggle with the internet/life balance, and as it's my third (And finaly- eeeeek) year of University, my degree has to come first. 

Thank you for all of the continued support,

Ciao for Now!


21 November 2016

Take the Challenge

Last week, blogging goddess, housemate and all round angelface Saffron  wrote a blog post about challenging yourself to do something new and push yourself mentally/physically/academically. You should head on over and read her post yourself, but essentially it was challenging the reader to do something to challenge your everyday routine, and reap the benefits. For this month, Saffron's given up bread, and I've seen her transformation myself. I really didn't realise how quick the effect would have on someone's body, but she's looking amazing and told me her self confidence has been boosted because of how much better she feels in general.

And I basically thought, I want some of what she's having.

So I've come up with a couple of ways to challenge myself for the next month. 

Firstly, is to exercise four times a week (minimum). This isn't actually a huge push for me, because I'm currently training for a half marathon, but I'm very inconsistent with my training, some weeks I'll run everyday and others I'll go once a week, so staying consistent is key to this.

BUT, my biggest challenge, and something which I know will challenge me, is to give up chocolate until Christmas day. Starting from the morning this post is published, until 25th December, I'm not going to have any chocolate.

I know for a lot of people that will sound quite easy, but trust me when I say this gal is going to find it tough AF. I am 100% a dessert person over starter, and I consider a meal wasted if dessert is not chocolate based. So the christmas meals between now and Christmas day are going to be interesting...

I think this is the perfect way to get ahead of any new years resolutions you might have. It's so easy to over indulge and be left feeling like a bit of a lump, so being a bit proactive is better now than ever....

I mean, how exciting will it be on Christmas morning when I get to eat chocolate again???

So I challenge you to challenge yourself this December, and if you do decide to do something extra, please let me know!

Ciao for Now!


19 November 2016

Why It's Important to be Selfish (Sometimes)

I can confidently write, that I'm not a selfish person. That's probably the most egotistical start to a blog post I've ever written, but I try to live my life as selflessly as possible- it's the way my parents brought me up and since being selfish is a key to being a bit of a knob, I'm happy with how I turned out. But in the last few years, I've come to realise there is a time and place to be selfish. In fact, I'd say there are times it's important to be selfish. 

Two of my favourite people in the world inspired this blog post, because being their usual selfless selves has, in these circumstances, worked against them. Person A recently broke up with her boyfriend. She decided, after being messed around for a long old time, enough was enough, and despite the guilt, she knew it was time to let go... and so she did. This is a classic example of being selfish for all of the right reasons, but sometimes it's so hard to remind yourself how important it is to put yourself first. I've seen many a friend fall under the thumb, and that's completely fine. Part of being in a relationship is making compromise and letting somebody into your life, but at the same time, your happiness is self determined and there's a thin line. It's exhausting being the person always bending over backwards, and sometimes you need to be selfish and put yourself first. I am a full believer in a happy relationship being made up of compromise on both parts, but if you feel like you're the one giving 70%, it's completely your right to want something back.

Selfishness is, in my opinion, often linked to stress. Some of the most harassed 'omg how do I function/breathe/live' moments of my life have been because I've put myself in situations where I can't say no to people, and end up putting too much stress on myself.

And after two years of saying yes to pretty much anything and everything to help a sister out, I decided enough was enough.

I'm a busy human being, I know I am, and I put a lot of pressure on myself. But it's also my own place to contain that pressure and keep it manageable. There will be no more 3am breakdowns about essays and sport and work and projects and everything-else-under-the-sun. Sometimes it's necessary to let people down, and it feels bloody awful, but it's okay to say no when life gets too much, it's your turn to be selfish.

Which brings me wonderfully on to Person B, who went through something not dissimilar to myself. The classic, selfishness vs. parents. This is a horrible line, because for most of us, our parents are our rocks. They're the people you don't ever want to let down, and the people whose opinions matter most in the world. But when it came to taking a gap year, my parents and I clashed more than ever. Mainly because they didn't think I'd ever make it back to England once I'd packed my bags. But I decided to concentrate on myself, and took the gap year, which ended up being one of the best decisions of my life so far. If it wasn't for my gap year, Alice's Antics wouldn't exist.

So Person B also had this life conundrum, telling his parents about what future plans he wanted to pursue, and it didn't go down a treat. But the truth is, in 10, 20, 30 years time, it'll be you who is the one most affected by the life choice. By the regrets and the 'I wishes'. It's not always going to turn out to be the best decision of your life, but it's far easier to regret doing something, than having that longing 'what if' feeling of regretting not doing it. It's so difficult to let people down or veer off the path laid so clearly out for us all. I am terrified of not living up to people's standards, I've put so much pressure on myself recently that in the last month my friends have been trying to shake sense into me, asking 'yeah, but, what do you want????'

And that's a pretty damn important question to ask.

Sometimes you need to prioritise yourself in your life, and that's completely okay- the really simply way to put it all, is just don't be a dick about it.

Ciao for Now!

14 November 2016

Autumn Staples

Getting back to British weather after a week in the south of Spain was quite the shock to the system. From 25 degrees to 5 degrees, it wasn't an easy transition. But despite this, Autumn is still the most beautiful time of year, so it wasn't allllllll bad to be back.

So I thought I'd collect some of my favourite things I've been using/wearing this Autumn. 

So let's get crackalackin' ! 

*Angel voices start singing hallelujah* 


And not only is it beautiful, it has been the key to my life. My friend Abbie actually bought me this as a birthday present, which I received in September, and it has made my life 100x easier. I lead quite a busy university life, and each page is completely empty, so you're able to fill in the date as and when you want, which I find so much more handy. 

I'm going to keep it real, I have no idea why I didn't photograph the inside pages. But I forgot, so a brief lil summary is that each page has an 'Objective', 'Notes', 'To Do List', 'Timetable' and 'Projects' section, and it's just an aid to help plan your day. I am adamant I would feel lost without it now. Unfortunately this isn't in store anymore, but it's from Urban Outfitters so I'm sure there are many similar journals to this one which you can find if you take a lil peak at their website.

My next favourite is currently sat on my wrist as I type. This bracelet is from ChloBo, a homemade designer jewellery company, and I was lucky enough to be able to choose a piece of jewellery from the collection, and completely fell in love with this one. Each of their pieces are handmade and are so unique. I love really simple jewellery- I feel like in life there are those who wear silver and those who wear gold, and I am the queen of silver. ChloBo's collections are all so beautiful, simple pieces which subtly compliment an outfit and since receiving this, I've literally only taken it off to shower. Woops. 

Be still my beating heart, welcome to the best foundation of all time.

I go through phases of being able to afford the luminous silk foundation, but it is especially perfect for Autumn. I love it at this time of year because if your skin is bad so you want a lighter base and don't want to cake it, luminous silk lets you do that. BUT if you want to build up coverage, you can also make any blemishes disappear, and that, to me, is the mark of a fantastic foundation. The skin colour tone is on point, I wear a 6, which is quite dark, but I'm still tanned from my summer in France, I imagine in the new year I'll be about a 4/4.5. If you're looking for a new foundation for your christmas list, this comes highly recommended. 

This is 'my' perfume. You know when people have a scent they associate you with? Valentina by Valentino is mine, and it has been for about two years. So what I'm 'favouriting' here, isn't actually the perfume, it's the bottle. When dashing through Duty Free in Marbella airport, I came across a box of four tiny Valentina perfumes all in travel size. And they have made my life a better place. At the beginning of the day/night, I spray on the mothership, and tuck one of these tiny babies into my bag to top up. I can't express how handy it is, and look how pretty the bottle is! I feel like a changed woman, no more panicking about my big bottle breaking in my bag- I have found the answer! 

These are just a few of my autumn staples this  year, I decided to be exclusive because Autumn is quite a long period of time, I only wanted to include what I'm using every single day. 

This is a sponsored post but as always, all views are my own, I promise. 

Ciao for Now!

6 November 2016

Spain #2, No Carbs Before Marbs

We'll come back to the Paella... I just thought it was a great way to highlight the irony in the blog post title (plenty of carbs were eaten- make no mistake). 

Our hotel in Spain was a little outside Marbella and we were keen to explore the other areas of Spain, but on Friday, we decided to venture into the Old Town of Marbz and it's glamorous counterpart, Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús actually reminded me a lot of the harbour in Cannes, lots of oh em effing gee yachts.

It's a short boat ride between the two resorts, and there's always a little bit of Sangria to go around on the boat too, just to ease the waves... 

Once you arrive, we were recommended to venture beyond the seafront into the Old Town, as that's where the real beauty lays. Obviously it's all in what you want, but I have to say, I completely agree.

And after all of that exploring, you're going to need something to eat, right??? 

Which brings me to 'Farm', an organic, wholesome, traditional Spanish restaurant in Plaza Altamirano. 

We were ploughed with Cava, Aperol Spritz (a fave of mine, although not strictly Spanish), and of course, PAELLA.

Great wine, great food and great company.

I can't believe this was my first ever trip to Spain! 

It certainly won't be my last. The only disappointment I had throughout my trip was only consuming one Paella (although I did have a lot of guacamole and Nacho's to make up for it).

It's all back to reality from now on though. 

Ciao for Now!


5 November 2016

Spain #1, Help Me Ronda

I wouldn't say I've lived a sheltered life. In terms of travelling and exploring, I've travelled across South East Europe and I've lived in Italy and France off my own back. For a 21 year old, I'm doing okay. 

Which is why it surprises even me, that until this week, I'd never been to Spain.

And it turns out, I was really missing out.

This is Ronda, it was about an hour from where we were staying in Marbella. 

Rest assured the near-death-experience that is the mountain ascent up to the town, is well worth it. And if the views don't float your boat (how, HOW could they not float your boat) 

The Spanish culture definitely will. 

...And of course, the ice cream.

I was going to do my Spanish holiday all in one, but thought it would make more sense to split the post into a couple of blog posts because it's hard to squeeze how beautiful it's been, into one post! 

Ronda absolutely stole my heart, but it might not be the place to go if you have a fear of heights...

Ciao for Now!


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