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27 April 2016

The Fear of Being Average

Last week, I went to an open recruitment event at a giant international company. It took me 3 hours to get there and 3 hours to come back. And after a day of networking, pitching and talking to the professionals, I expected to return home buzzing. High on the prospect of being employed there, or at a company similar. 

Instead, I found myself on the train home having an existential crisis. 

I'd walked into a room of people, and found myself faced with 25 different versions of myself. Versions of myself at different universities, or who studied different subjects. But all of them with the same drive and motivation which had landed me a place at the event in the first place. All of them with work experience under their belt and a wealth of extra curricular activities. 

When you're at school, or university, you hear about statistics. You know about the lack of jobs for young people and hear the stories of James, the golden boy at school who's back working at the local spoons with a 2:1 from Cambridge. But do you really, ever think it will happen to you? Almost definitely not. 

Last week was the first time I felt like a statistic. I'm set to get a 2:1 in my degree, I work a part time job, I just finished a year as a Marketing Director where I attended business meetings with big shot scary people in central London, and I play football for the university. 

And yet I sat in that room and felt as awkward as Taylor Swift when Kanye shaded her at the VMA's. 

I actually read an article on this, in which the writer talked about 'special snowflakes' and how my generation feel entitled. When I first read it, I guffawed. Excuse me, writer, but I study a politics degree. I know better than most how shit the world I'm about to graduate into is.

And yet despite this, the possibility of being one of those who has to move back in with their parents until aged 35 was never really a 'thing'. I felt untouchable. I felt like a special snowflake. 

I think it's much the same as being an Oxbridge fresher. At school, you're top of the class, you're the bee's knees with 8 A Levels and an extended project to shout about. And then you start university, and suddenly find yourself in a sea of people with 9 A Levels and an extended project and a golden D of E. 

I don't feel awkward or embarrassed about writing how I thought things would just come to me. I spent my teenage life thinking I would just end up the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio, but I see now, I have to go and get him. 

The good news is,  once you've realised you're not entitled to anything, that everyone doesn't 'win' and that you don't actually deserve X over Y, you can start to challenge it. You can start to work harder and push yourself and pick yourself back up when you don't get the job you want or the life you thought you'd have by aged 25. The chances are, things aren't always going to go your way, and if you're able to pull yourself together and move on, there's no reason it won't be you. 

I did feel inferior in that room of 30 me's. But I also earned my place and had no less reason to be there than anyone else. Statistically, as a member of Generation Y, I'm going to have to fight the hardest for a job, for a house, to have a living. But ultimately, my success is not determined by how much money I bring in, and neither is yours. The special snowflake analogy misses this. It focalises on whether you've got a full pocket and not a full life. I'd personally rather have the latter. 

Ciao for Now!

22 April 2016

Top Tips for Exam Season

May and June remind me of three things. The start of summer, because the days are finally lighter and the prospect of leaving the house in a tshirt is very real thing. My birthday, June 8th, presents in the form of chocolate and flowers are most welcome. And, for the last 7 years of my life, exams.

Exam season starts and ends over the next couple months invariably depending on where you are in life. And depending on the severity of the exams, the chances are, you'll be revising.

As the girl who watched 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls during 'exam season' last year, I know all too well the urge to sit in a duvet cocoon and watch Netflix instead of revising. But for those days where you do manage to open a book, I thought I'd give you some exam tips. 

Despite my quite frankly ridiculous ability to procrastinate, with nearly 7 years between me and my first ever GCSE, I think I'm pretty qualified at this sorta stuff. 

1. Get everything in one place
If you're anything like me, there's a chance your notes from the previous year are everywhere. From the beginning of term when you bothered to actually file them, to later when they're on rough pieces of paper screwed up at the bottom of your bag. Find all the information you need to and sort it out. I actually buy a brand new notepad for  revision, and write up neatly all of my notes on each topic, so I have all of the information to hand and all in one place. Then I cut it down and write it out again on flashcards, so just before the exam I'm able to have a quick look over all of the important bits.

2. Make a revision plan
Even if you throw it away after 2 days, although I don't advise that bit. It gets you in the zone and breaking everything down can make the whole prospect of studying a bit less terrifying and a bit more organised. Break down your modules/subjects and spice up your life, throw in a bit of maths here and english there, there's nothing worse than thinking you have a day of revising your worst subject ahead, so don't do it to yourself. 

3. Take breaks according to you
Everyone is going to say take breaks. I've been hearing it from teachers and lecturers alike, but if you're really in the zone and powering through, and you vaguely remember a buzzfeed post about taking a 10 minute break every 30 minutes, don't break your pattern. Work in accordance with what works for you. Some people have to break up their working pattern, others can just smash it out in one 4 hour session. You do you bbz xoxo

4. Colours are your new bezzie
The prospect of investing in a new pack of Sharpies makes me giddy with happiness. It all depends on how far you want to go- colour coded flash cards? Beautiful rainbow mind maps? It all supposedly helps with memory so why not just make it as colourful as possible really. 

5. Google is your other bezzie
Make sure you know everything you need to. Sometimes revising is less revision and more learning, but don't skip it. If you think it's important, make sure you know enough that if it comes up in the exam you won't cry. Google words and phrases you don't understand or are unsure of, just have a good understanding of what you're learning about.

6. Past Papers aren't for everyone
I'm not even convinced they're for anyone. But admittedly there's always those people who talk about all of the past papers they've done, and that is great. For them. But just because they're timing themselves and whatnot, it doesn't mean it works for everyone. I can't revise using past papers, all it does is make my stress level reach 10000000000000. And it's not worth it. I know I'm a fast writer, so the prospect of fitting in 3 essays in 3 hours isn't a worry for me, there's no point in getting myself into a panic for something that doesn't actually benefit me. On the other hand, if you are one of those who worries about timings etc, it can be worth practicing writing, especially if you're at uni and tend to type up a lot. 

7. Don't force yourself
There obviously is a line with this, if you have an exam tomorrow and you haven't revising because uh 'Alice said don't force yourself' nuh uh. That is not the aim of #7. However, if you find you're reading and rereading the same page over and over and nothing is sinking in, leave. Get up and get out. If you're invited for an evening drink, don't turn it down because of revision, or you'll end up resenting revising even more. Just be sensible with it so you don't end up in the land of regretted revision. I should probably remind myself of this really. 

8. Listen to music without words
I'm not necessarily talking classical. But the chances are you'll find it harder to concentrate if there's a little man singing Uptown Funk if you're ear whilst you're trying to revise chemical reactions. This doesn't mean you need to become Beethoven and Bach's new biggest fan, listen to an acoustic Spotify playlist or whatevs. I actually have a film soundtrack piano playlist. This is when the inner nerd Alice comes out, but why would I not want to listen to the 10 minute Lord of the Rings soundtrack????? If you love a good Disney film there's a 3 hour Disney Piano playlist on Youtube, and trust me, it's everything you want it to be and more.

9. Diet and exercise really do help
Soz to be the one to tell you, but eating a box of choccy fingers whilst revising really doesn't help your revision. Even if they do taste oh so good. Snack on fruit and nuts and all things good for you because let's face it, you'll probably end up going on a celebratory weekend drunk-a-thon at the end of exams, so do the good stuff to your body now. 

10. Breathe
There's nothing you can do to stop exams from happening. Tragically they're just a part of life, so take a deep breath and get on with it. In the grand old scheme of things, it's a small part of your year which will be worth it in the long run. Think of summer, think of the Gilmore Girls reunion, think of Leonardo DiCaprio cheering you on, but just get through it and come out on the other side knowing you couldn't have done much more to help yourself. 

Good luck to anyone who has exams over the next couple of months! I hope this offers a bit of help and guidance. Mine start on Tuesday, so if I am a bit quiet on here, it's because I've sunk into a revision pit. 

Ciao for Now!

20 April 2016

Dear 16 Year Old Alice

Dear Alice,

I'm going to be real younger Alice, 16 is not the most glamorous age. Fuelled by getting drunk on Strongbow and falling deeply in love with upper sixth boys who have no idea who you are. But it gets easier, you get to know yourself better, and it turns out you're definitely not as bad at general life as you think you are.

You don't grow out of your clumsiness though. Turns out that's just you, not a growth spurt. 

Sixth form is just around the corner and I wish I could prepare you for the terrible life choice of Philosophy A Level. You should've stuck out French. You're good at French. And 20 year old you is moving to France 3 days before her 21st, so it would've been dead handy. Luckily, your teacher is a fitty so despite pretty much failing it, you have the excitement of being greeted in the corridor for the next 2 years. 

First piece of serious life advice, get out of the horrible, toxic friendship group you're currently in. Friends don't make wobbling noises when you walk around the classroom, refuse to talk to you in the corridor, or stand you up at prom. The girls you're friends with will end up for the most part, with only each other. And you don't want to get bogged down in all that crap. You don't realise it at the moment, but they're responsible for a lot of your self-hate, and that will take years to figure out, I'm still doing it now, so do yourself a favour and go and find your real friends asap. They make fun of you for having a blog but will still pose for blog photos when you ask, that's the kind of friends you want, trust me. 

Secondly, stop hating unchangeable things about your body and get to the gym instead. Your nose is not going to shrink and you won't get 3inches knocked off your height. But please do yourself a favour and please get rid of the tights/shorts combination. Also the black eyeliner all across your waterline. There are so many terrible appearance life choices ahead of you. I'm happy to report you've grown into your dress sense now. And although it's incomprehensible at the moment, you totally embrace your height. The boys will get their growth spurt soon and it's all good- no more towering above them.

Questionable life choices made by you over the next 12 months: 
1) The nine hundred pound phone bill. 
2) Sneaking off to Kent to see a boy without telling anyone.
3. Your prom dress- strapless dresses are not for those of bigger bust.
4) Dying your hair red. Less Cheryl Cole and more Trollz doll.
5) Refusing to go to Scouting for Girls with your parents. You loved them. And you regret it to this day.

Great life choices made by you over the next 12 months: 
1) Putting aside the hatred for Emily in the year above, she may have dated the boy you fancy but she's actually your soulmate so the sooner you become friends the better.
2) Getting a job in the Olympic Village, because nothing's better than being paid to stare at and talk to attractive athletes.
3) Staying friends with people outside of your friendship group, school is cliquey but now you have friends in all forms, and it's great.
4) Getting a Blackberry, that little badger was a cracking phone and probably lasted longer than all of its successors put together.
5) Creating a Tumblr. Who knew you'd still be friends with most of the people you met through it? Also, you're not that cool in real life.. so at least you're cool on the internet. 

I would tell you to stop wasting time on boys, and start knuckling down in your studies, because you chose to stay on at school, and now you've chosen to go to university. But I know 25 year old me would say the same to 20 year old me, so I don't want to be too hypocritical. Boys are nice, and revision is not, I totally get ya. 

You've got at least 5 years ahead of mistakes and boyfriends (usually mistakes in the form of boyfriends). And the people you meet in the next 5 years have so far had the most impact, you travel Europe and move towns, in fact you move countries. Ciao Italia!

Being 16 is hard, growing up and finding your footing is not to be underestimated. You're still doing it now. Just remember it's important to sometimes put yourself first, make choices for yourself, not for anybody else. Maybe remind your 20 year old self of that too occasionally.  


Ciao for Now! 


15 April 2016

Home is where the heart is

Since I turned 18, the longest period of time I've lived in Dorset, is 3 months. For the last 3 years, I've been flitting between countries, between towns, between cities, but have never fully committed myself to returning 'home'.

When I'm at university, just outside of London, I refer to Dorset as home. But when I'm in Dorset, going back to uni, I also say I'm returning home.

I promise that's not just a really 'cool story bro' I wanted to share with you all. The point is, it's sometimes hard when you're in a limbo, to figure out where your home is. Home should be where you're most comfortable, where you feel safe, but is that a house? Or a town? Or people?

If my parents told me tomorrow they were moving to the other side of the country, the chances are, I probably would rarely (if ever) come back to Dorset. I'd probably pop back to see a couple of friends, but for the most part, my friends are finding their own new homes too.

Please bare with me on this post, I feel like it's 99% a virtual word vomit.

I think a large part is the realisation I'm growing up. It's been creeping on me slowly and steadily, but there's a feeling of limbo I associate with being a student and between homes. I know my mum would read this and probably be all 'Don't be stupid Alice, Dorset's your home'. But with most of my school friends having moved away at some point over the last 3 years, I don't have anything other than my parents, that keeps me here. Oh, and Finca coffee shop because hello have you ever tasted coffee so good??? (No).

This thought process has almost given me a bit of an epiphany really. If anything, it's made me realise how much I don't want to move back in with my parents after university (asides from the summer or a short term thing). I don't know if things would be different had I lived in Dorset my entire life, maybe I would always call it my home. But because I've only lived there since age 11, I have memories in other places too. And the prospect of making more memories somewhere else is something I'm really excited about.

I feel like this blog post is just a giant mess of words. I'm not sure how it's come across/if anything has come across at all ever.

Before I disappear for todays blog post, I do want to quickly plug my friend Lauren, who released her latest music video at midnight last night. It's amazing and I am 100% sure you will love it. I don't feel too bad saying this as I've already said it to her, but I think it's her best yet.  Check out Kicks here! 

Ciao for Now!


13 April 2016

Spring/Summer Goals 2016


I know Spring officially starts on March 20th (in the Western hemisphere for all you Aussies out there), but yesterday I went to the beach at 7pm and it was still light, and today I went out to walk the dog wearing just a t-shirt. So for me, I have decided spring has sprung.

I love a good goals post. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find I'm all 'YES GIRL, KNOCK THIS SEASON DEAD' and then I reflect it onto my own life and suddenly feel motivated to make changes or set goals for myself. So I thought I'd be the one to write this goal post (no apologies for that football pun), and make you feel all go and get 'em. 

Some of them are going to be things you might want to adopt but others are personal to me and is just contextual of where I am right now.

1. REVISE. Please God, keep revising. I only have 6 weeks until I've finished my second year of university, which is terrifying. And sadly, this fact only hits home at about 3am when I'm lying in bed thinking about the prospect of failing... not the next day as I'm pressing the 'Continue' button onto the next Gossip Girl episode. 

2. FITNESS. Ease slowly back into the fitness of at least this time last year. Last Easter, I was running most mornings or going to the gym and playing the odd netball match. I wasn't at any kind of peak physical fitness, but I am finally coming to the end of my foot fracture recovery... which means 17 weeks without any form of exercise. I originally did do weights, but let me tell you, the weights + crutches life is not for me. So I'm going to start by going on long walks to get my foot used to the pressure again and steadily build it up.

3. ACADEMIC GOALS. I'm quite a well rounded person I like to think. I have a little bit of everything going on, but I do feel like sometimes I have my fingers in too many pies. Mentally, I want to narrow down to what I enjoy start thinking more about my future, without crying. In the Autumn term there will be jobs to apply for, internships to take and grad scheme applications coming out of our ears, so it's starting to be important I can at least figure out what I want to do for the 6 months after I graduate, even if it's not the 6 years.

4. VEGETARIANISM. That's right. You read this correctly, I'm going veggie. I actually have been a vegetarian before, but after watching Cowspiracy (more procrastination), all I've been thinking about is the role of the meat industry on the environment. I'm not a massive meat eater so it's not going to be too hard, but my ultimate goal would be to have a plant based diet. That's not a promise of any sort, I could start tomorrow and hate it, but I've spent ages researching all of it and the prospect really appeals to me.

5. BE BETTER WITH MONEY. Self explanatory. I'm moving to France for 3 months so that should probably deter me from spending too much as I'm going to try and put a bit away each payday. But I'm shite with money. And it needs to change asap.

6. MAN DETOX. Tinder is gone. Bumble is gone. At the moment, I feel like dating apps are almost quite desperate. And that says a lot, because I am the queen of dating (not just through Tinder though, promise). Tinder is great if you're on a rebound or are feeling like an ego boost, but does anyone really want the word Tinder in their wedding vows? More to the point, I don't actually want any distraction in the male form at the moment, and it feels very good to write that, #GirlPower.

7. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON COSTA/STARBUCKS. It's my biggest weakness. Never mind shoes, pass me a grande coconut latte.

8. BE HAPPY. I'm actually extremely positive at the moment (despite exams) and I really don't want that to change. It's so hard to be happy in a frame of mind, and currently I'm really content, so I want to find ways to maintain that. Whether it's a long dog walk in the countryside or sitting in with my best friend over a bottle of wine. In the words of Dumbledore, 'happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'.

9. PARENTS. Moving back home for 4 weeks is always testing on any parent/child relationship let's face it. 99.9% of the time, parents do things out of love and care for us. As I've gotten older I've seen my parents far more as individuals rather than 'mum and dad' and that often goes down the drain when you're on top of each other for a while after time apart. Take a deep breath, breathe in, and remember they care.

10. KEEP UP BLOGGING AND VLOGGING. Being a student and maintaining a blog is hard. Being a student and maintaining a blog and filming weekly videos, is killer. I really want to stick at it.

What are your goals for the season?

Ciao for Now!


10 April 2016

A Trip to West Bay (Broadchurch)

This weekend, my friend Saffron came down to visit me in Dorset. I'd LOVE to say it's because she wanted to see me, I'm pretty sure 80% of the reason was just because she really wanted to come and visit West Bay, aka Broadchurch. 

If you're not from the UK/live under a rock, Broadchurch was a BBC drama which has absolutely blown up since it was first aired in 2013. And I would argue one of Broadchurch's biggest fans (ever), is Saffron.

I gave a guided tour of the little harbourside, pointing out all there is to know. West Bay has only just stopped milking the fame of Broadchurch but it will 100% pick up again when the 3rd season airs. 

The wind was biting and the waves were so big I thought there was a chance we'd be washed away. Luckily we were fine, and spent 99% of our time on the beach re-enacting scenes... we did draw the line at lying on the ground beneath the cliff... but only just. 

Sometimes it's easy to under appreciate places you're used to, but whenever friends come to visit I'm reminded just how lucky I am to live here. We had chips on the harbour side, basked in the tourism and laughed so hard I thought we were going to pass out.

If you want to follow our weekend antics (not just Broadchurch), following from my last blog post, I actually vlogged the entire thing.. so that is terrifying and this is the link.

Ciao for Now!


8 April 2016

Expanding Alice's Antics

So this morning, I woke up, and spontaneously decided to vlog. 

It's something I've wanted to do for literally about 3 years. Before blogging I was weighing up which one to pursue until I decided my life wasn't interesting enough for vlogging at the time. Plus, daily vlogging wasn't really a 'thing' back then and I just felt self conscious. 

But today I thought 'f*ck it'. And picked up my camera. And have been vlogging all day. 

I know bloggers get a lot of scrutiny for expanding beyond the realm of blogs into the Youtube community. But for someone who spends as much time on Youtube as I do, I feel like it's a natural progression for Alice's Antics and I'm actually really excited/happy to be doing so. 

I'm not going to be scheduling anything too deliberately.. at the moment I'm revising for all of the exams ever during the week, but giving myself the weekends off. So my vague plan is to start vlogging Friday-Sunday and put up a vlog Sunday or Monday. But we'll have to see how all of that goes. 


Humans who come on over here from Facebook, I won't be posting any links to videos until I'm entirely comfortable with all of my friends/family knowing, so to find the videos you'll need to be on my other social media.

If you've been following me a long time, you'll know I am quite a musical human and used to post the odd cover, so I've kept up about 5 of them (gurls gotta remember her roots). But hopefully if all goes to plan, I won't look back...

Here's to the expansion of Alice's Antics! 

Ciao for Now!

6 April 2016

20 Signs You're Becoming a Grown Up Without Realising

This is for those mornings when you wake up with sharpie on your head, somebody you became acquainted with last night lying next to you and the taste of tequila on your breath. It's totally ok to have those days, because the rest of the time, you've got this. 

1. There has been an occasion where you made the life choice of staying in over going out.
2. Calling the HMRC no longer fills you with dread. You OWN that tax. You also know what HMRC stands for. 
3. If you've paid a bill. Be it utility or a phone bill, that bill is in your name, and you paid it. Go adult you. 
4. You have a C.V. Who cares if babysitting is still on it. 
5. 'Domesticated Goddess/God' isn't pushing it. Changed a light bulb? Yep. Cooked a meal? Of course. Hoovered once or twice? Absolutely.
6. You've broken ties with friends from school without having any form of fight or argument. People drift away, and you're okay with that.
7. You own something non-highstreet. Even if it did cost you an arm and a leg. 
8. You've been on a night out and stopped drinking alcohol/started drinking water. Congratulations you've officially learnt your limits.
9. You no longer cringe at buying tampons/condoms... judge me cashier lady, see if I care xoxo
10. You eat olives and/or drink red wine. 12 year old you would gag. And that, is growth.
11. You've *kissed* (lol) a girl or boy and not been bothered about whether they'll text you the next day.
12. The whole income/outcome is a very real thing and you totally get it. Even if that means going crazy payday weekend and then skimping the rest of the month.
13.  ...If you're in your overdraft, this also counts as adulting. Nobody can get thousands of pounds into debt like an adult can.
14. The underrated ability to work/communicate with somebody you don't like, without punching them in the face.
15. You've watched the news/read the paper on your own accord... Sunday Style magazine definitely counts, yup.
16. The numerous card slots in your purse/wallet no longer baffle you. They are filled with bank cards, loyalty cards and that one time you went to a Casino and were forced into getting a picture card.  
17. You haven't worn denim shorts and tights in at least a year.
18. You've achieved something your younger self would be incredibly proud of. Whether that's travelling, getting into university or getting a bum to rival Kim K.
19. The prospect of having an early night fills you with delight rather than dread. 
20. You're able to eat out somewhere without offers, that isn't a cheeky Nando's.

If you're anything like me, you may sometimes need a reminder... being a grown up, isn't all that bad. 

Ciao for Now!

1 April 2016

Alice's Antics

Over 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about myself. Not a day in the life, but a post like 'Hey, this is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be...' (Camp Rock anyone? Just me?). 

Essentially, I wrote a blog post for all of my lovely readers to get to know me a little better. And recently I hit 300,000 views on this little teeny tiny internet space. 300,000!!!! I only have 200 posts up! In fact, this is my 201st post. I've been steadily aware of more and more people reading Alice's Antics, but I do have to say I feel a little bit like I blinked in September 2013 when I was writing to 2 people (cheers mum and dad) and woke up to 300,000 views. So, I thought I'd refill you all in on me and my life and who I am.

Because really, you all read what I have to say, but unless you've come over here from Faceyb, the chances are you don't actually know me in real life. I could be awful. 

So here's some life facts about me, I'm not going to put them in list format, I'm going to do a typing equivalent of word vomit. 

I'm currently 20 years old and split my time between living just outside of London, and by the coast in Dorset with my family. I study a degree in Politics and International Relations, which was much to the amusement of my family for a long old while, because honestly, I was never really that political. But hey ho, here I am, spending thousands on a degree in it.

Last time I wrote about myself, I was living in Italy. That was a thing. I moved to Italy for 7 months in January 2014 and it was just as full of gelato-eating as I thought it would be. I met my American soulmate in friend form and met sexy Italian men and managed to learn some Italian. But I was 100% ready to return back to England and start uni, turns out there's only so much Pizza and Pasta a non-Italian can eat. Italy was also the birthplace of the ending of my blog 'Ciao for Now!'. 

When I was growing up I was, to be perfectly honest, a bit of a melt. I'm pretty sure 'melt' is not a noun, but it's the best way to describe me. I idolised all of the 'cool' girls and would go out of my way to do anything to please anyone and would make up completely unbelievable stories to make me sound far cooler than I was, which in turn meant I set myself up to be walked over.  And I completely, 100% contribute that to how I'm now the epitome of honest truths. I'm that friend people take shopping because they know if something isn't flattering, I'll tell them. 

For as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was get out of where I lived. I've never been a 'home body' and never really been content with being in one place, which explains why I upped and left to Italy at just 18 after already travelling the south East of Europe. I actually haven't spent more than about a month or so at home since I got back, but I think I'm starting to appreciate England a lot more. Even though I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I feel as if we all spend 18 years being told we're too young to do this, and too young to make any decisions and then at 18/19 we are thrown into making choices which will affect our whole life. If I could (somehow, very hypothetically) change the curriculum in anyway it would be to show children and young adults how to do the adult stuff. Claim tax and get car insurance and explain what council tax is. 

I haven't actually seen the photo above for about 5 years, which is truly horrifying. 

I became an 'internet human' when I was 16. I began blogging on Tumblr, which I'm sure 99% of people reading this will know of. And for some reason, I quickly gained a large amount of followers. I loved the community of the internet, and although from 16/17 onwards I was a lot happier at school, I loved how the internet allowed you to be anyone you wanted to be. Despite the stick I got from some of my friends who knew about it, everyone I was friends with at 6th form knew I was Alice the internet person and now, they don't really question it, even if they don't quite 'get' it. It's so easy to get caught up in having thousands of followers, having friends who do take the mick a bit can keep you grounded and in touch with the world around you, rather than swamped up in the internet version of yourself. And they never ever made me feel uncomfortable, it was just enough to make me laugh at myself without making me feel awkward, which in hindsight is the difference between friends and 'friends'. At one point I had 27,000 followers and would have people drawing me and fangirling if I followed them, so it's important to be able to go to school and have friends laugh at you about it. 

Through all of this, I was inspired to get into 'big girl blogging'. I wanted to write about things that mattered, instead of re-posting photographs of pugs (although I do love pugs). I still think there's a huge area of blogging which is underrated, the blog which write about politics and feminism and all of the ism's, and although I don't really care about views, I sometimes wish my most read content was my take on the Refugee Crisis rather than my Evening Skincare Routine. 

For relevance, the photograph above was taken in 2012, of me and 5 friends I met through blogging on Tumblr. The gateway blog.

I've purposely written a lot about the past in this blog post. I know the future is uncertain, and to be honest, I'm completely winging it. I know I love blogging and the internet almost (ALMOST) as much as I love Leonardo DiCaprio and Grey's Anatomy. I know I'm terrible at Maths and hate tomatoes and John Green books (gasp!). I know I'm moving to France for 3 months over the summer instead of getting relevant work experience because I don't even know what work experience would be 'relevant' anymore. I know I will probably always have the funkiest mugs in any house share and will also be the clumsiest person in all of my friendships.

To summarise myself to you, I asked 3 of my favourite people who know me best to describe what I'm like in 3 words. This is what they came up with:
Funny, thoughtful, bossy, passionate, kind, fun, loyal, hilarious, honest.

Obvs they're a bit bias, and are also not wrong about me being bossy. Woops. (I wish I could insert the hair flick emoji here).

Alice's Antics is a documentation of my life and so long as I keep on having 'antics', I plan to keep writing about them. I love every email and every comment. I appreciate every follow on any of my networks. I have Russia, Japan and Israel in my top 10 country pageviews, and that literally blows my mind. So thank you x1000 for giving me something to write about. I'm sure I'd blog even if I still only had 2 readers, but knowing what I write is appreciated and received makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Thank you all, SO much. Let's continue to wing it together.

Ciao for now!

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