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30 March 2016

Spring Clothes Wishlist

The other evening, out of interest, I clicked the dreaded 'add to basket' button in my ASOS wishlist. And found the total came to £463.99.

I have done nearly £500 of window shopping. And to be honest, that's just one (albeit the best- not a sponsored post I promise), online store. Let's not talk about Topshop and Boohoo and *gasps* Net a Porter, the elite online shop. If you're shopping at Net a Porter, you're doing life right. They wrap up your purchases in a black box with a bow. I know.

Sadly, until I reach the life goal of comfortably shopping in Waitrose, Net-a-porter is out of the question. But I've decided to share with you a few bits from what's in my ASOS Spring Wishlist, because I love having a nose at others as a way of finding things for my own wardrobe.


1.Off shoulder sun dress  2.Watercolour print skater dress  3.Mango tie waist print dress
4.TALL lace insert swing dress  5.Off shoulder stripe sun dress   6.Pull&Bear Boho maxi dress

Apologies for the repeated 6, it magically appeared when I uploaded this collage and the process of removing it is FOREVER. The dresses above are a bit of a mixture, but I mostly feel like they're spring occassion-y type dresses. Like Easter celebrations or family spring reunions. I'm not sure if it's necessary to even come up with a reason. Number 5 is a particular fave.


1.Woven ballerina peep toe flats  2.Pavillion pointed heels  3.Leigh pointed ballet flats
4.Ghillie block heel sandal  5.Leather tassel loafers  6.Fred Perry two tone plimsolls 

Can we take a minute to appreciate number 3?? I LOVE them. And I think they might be the cheapest too, bargain. I've tried to add a bit of everything in here. It's time to chuck out the chelsea boots and slip into some loafers. I love all of the neutral colours at the moment, although the Fred Perry plimsolls are particularly nice...


1. Oversize crinkle blouse  2. Pleated midi skirt  3. Ruffle front blouse
4.Placement print daisy blouse  5.Block colour rain mac  6. Oversize striped t-shirt

The last collection I wanted to include even though there's a bit of everything. I've been loving breton style tops for the past 6 months or so, they're very very Kate Middleton.

This is just a little insight into all of the bits I pine over whilst trying to procrastinate! I hope you've all had wonderful Easter weekends and are feeling suitably full of chocolate and eggs and all things terrible for you! Does anything on the list catch your eye?

Ciao for Now!


27 March 2016

The Easter Detox 2.0

I've broken up for the Easter holiday's, which, as 99% of students with exams know, means less 'holiday' and more 'drowning in revision/relearning'. With hours and hours of exams on the horizon, I decided to give myself Easter weekend to do all of the nothing. Eating eggs, going out for breakfasts, seeing friends and eating our weight in pancakes. And then on Monday, the real life work begins (sob).

If you've followed me a while, you may recall, last year I did an Easter Detox. And I decided this year, I wanted to repeat it. Being immobile over the last 3 months has meant I've put on a few pounds (admittedly less than I thought I would thank GOODNESS), but also uni life generally has meant I just feel a bit rank on the inside. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets to a point in life where all you want to do is give your body a break from all things bad, and just treat it like the wonderland it is *breaks into John Mayer song*. 

Once again, I'm going to go makeup free. When it comes to skin, mine really isn't too bad. I get the odd spot every now and again but in retrospect, I was fairly lucky growing up. Despite my love of all things high end makeup related, I'm a true believer in the best thing for skin being a very minimal skincare routine. Making sure your skin is exfoliated twice a week, applying a good moisturiser and making sure makeup is thoroughly gone, always washing off any remnants of remover with water. I attack any spots with a tea tree oil witch stick but to be honest, that's it. I've found some of my favourite Youtubers put on layers and layers of oils and cleansers and moisturisers and primers, all of which claim to clear your skin, but there's little to no results. And I really think it's because of how much product is going onto the skin, it has a counter reaction. Minimal is best, that's my motto.

I'm also going to eat clean. Revising is basically a recipe for snacking and although I don't deny that's pretty much inevitable, snacking is going to be good snacking. I want my stomach to be thanking me after this month, and I think luckily 4 weeks is just about the right amount of time for it to properly have an effect. Although obvs it would be nice, my concentration here is not on losing weight, it's on making myself feel like smiles all of the time ever. And part of this clean eating, is giving up alcohol and caffeine. So long, coffee. I managed to successfully cut it out entirely last year so I'm hoping to do the same or at the very least cut down. Alcohol isn't too hard as I only drink when I go out, I'm not one to come home after a hard day and have a glass of wine, and since I'm at home and revising anyway, I'm very unlikely to be going on wild nights out (this is Dorset, after all). 

Believe it or not, I'm still in a sexy walking boot. Although I'm not dependent on crutches anymore, I'm not entirely healed and the next 4 weeks is also a process of getting me back into a shoe. Last Easter I took up running, which unfortunately I won't be able to do, but I am hoping to start going on walks and slowly build up some level of fitness again.

The life aim is to not break these habits as soon as term starts again, but we'll see how it goes. For today though, my detox hasn't quite started. So I'll resume my position of sitting horizontally on the sofa, eating my Oreo Easter Egg, slowly slipping into a chocolate induced coma and watching the love of 11 year old me's life (Orlando Bloom) in Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Ciao for Now!

20 March 2016

Life Catch Up

After a series of big ol' blog posts about women and student-ing and just imparting general Alice wisdom, I needed to reign it in a little bit. I became super ill.. not as a reaction to blogging obvs.. but I took a lil break (soz) and after a week of no blogging, guess who's back. Back again. 

We're going to start light, over a cup of coffee- flat white for me please- I'll fill you in on my week and what I've been up to, how life is going. Apologies in advance for the iPhone photos, I knew I wasn't blogging so I stupidly didn't bring a camera anywhere.

So despite being on my death bed and not having talked for 36 hours, on Tuesday it was time to put into practice my birthday present for Saffron (university best friend, Blake Lively look alike and all round great egg). We ventured into London town, where we found refuge in Wahaca and ate all of the 'Street Foods.' Literally. We had a plate from each of the variations. If you haven't been to Wahaca before, you need to get yourself there. I've only been to the one on Southbank but I'm aware there are a few dotted around and essentially it's the best Mexican food outside of Mexico. 

When we'd successfully eaten our weight in food, and dessert, it was perfectly in time for us to catch the train over to Covent Garden. Let me tell you, navigating the London tube system with a broken foot in rush hour, is a death wish. However, on completing it, I felt like I could do anything ever. Broken shmoken. We reached Theatre Royal Drury Lane, ready for the 7:30pm performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Being a student, I self confess I bought the cheapest tickets going. Grand circle, right at the back, restricted view. However a HUGE shout out to the staff at the Theatre Royal, because due to the broken foot scenario, we got upgraded. To the stalls, aka, 8 rows from the front. We felt surrounded by people who probably got taxis instead of the underground, but as Saffron, so rightly said 'Alice, we're where we belong'. 

The show was literally incredible. When you buy tickets to a musical you don't know any of the songs of, it's a bit of a hit and miss. But it was amazing and comes highly recommended from me. I was very lucky to grow up running around theatres and going to the West End probably more than most, as my mum worked in a large theatre, and I can safely say the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the best set I've ever seen in my life. 

Despite the sickness this was a complete high to start the week on. And it only continued. On Wednesday I went out with some of the girls from work, which involved a lot of #selfies and drinking wine. As I haven't worked in 2 months, it was so wonderful to be back in the loop. Sometimes all it takes is friends and wine to bring you back on top. 

To end the week, 3 of my housemates were off to a Sports dinner last night. If you follow my Instagram you'll have seen the celebrations kicked off early with 11am Prosecco. It's not a side I mention on here very often (ever) but I love doing makeup and hair, and my housemates love me doing their makeup and hair. So I was booked out from 1pm-4pm yesterday, plaiting and twisting and covering spots because life is mean and spots had appeared the night before. 

I actually want to incorporate more beauty into my blog but am fully aware of the risk of becoming a beauty blogger. I love my niche of blogging about everything, and know most my readers are lifestyle blog people, so I don't want anyone to stop following Alice's Antics, but would people be open to the beauty side of my life? My makeup/makeup brush collection is enough to make some people pass out. 

In other news...

I am currently obsessing over Ruth B and her song Lost Boy. I live for Spotify Playlists as a way of finding new music, and her voice is so beautiful. She doesn't have much on Spotify, but I've listened to all songs of on her EP, The Intro, and I think this may be love. I really enjoy songs which tell little stories and this one definitely does. If you're into Birdy/Aurora style, you'll love her, her voice is raw and beautiful. 

On another note, I recently had to buy some micellar water and the Simple one I usually buy wasn't available so I ended up with the Nivea one. I'm just going to throw it out there, all skin types are obviously very different, but it's extremely oily on the skin and has one of those textures which just made me cringe applying it. So yeah, it doesn't come highly recommended sadly. Gotta stick to Simple. 

I hope nobody minds this absolute overspill of words. 

I just had so many thoughts and stuff and wanted to talk to you all about everything ever.

Ciao for Now!


13 March 2016

Women on Women Hate

On Tuesday, it was International Women's Day. A day for the women of the world to unite and be like, holla, not only do we give birth to the population of the Earth but we are also CEO's and astronauts and badass human beings in general. And for this, I love being a woman. 
We are majestical and fantastic. But sometimes it is hard. As women we have a lot to put up with, which is why there's an International Women's Day in the first place. So why, WHY why WHY, do women often feel it's necessary to put others down to make themselves feel good? Does it really make you feel good? 

I'm not excusing it, but growing up in school, everyone's hormones are flying everywhere. Boy's can be just as bitchy as girls and I've seen more than one girl fist fight. So I'm talking about later in life. When you're meant to be a grown up, and yet when you see Jessica from work has a new bag, you do a classic Regina George, make a snide comment at the printer to a coworker. 

Women on women hate is a very real thing. It's looking at other beautiful, inspiring women, and pushing them down instead of pulling them up, because you view other women as competition. What leads us to do it, when men seem to be in a constant colossal bromance? I know a lot of girls who say they prefer to be in men's company because it's 'less bitchy' or 'just easier'. And that, is really really sad, to only associate with one gender in fear of being scrutinised by the other.

I've seen a lot of posts about women-on-women hate, and to be honest, I think a lot of it as absolute rubbish. How all we strive for is male attention, and we're automatically programmed to hate one another because hello, men are Gods and that's all we want.


I'm not taking that. What about transgender women?? Or lesbians?? There is nothing in our system dictating to us to be horrible to one another, other than society. Society paints women as narcissistic, catty, bitchy human beings, as if that's all there is to it and it's perfectly okay. It's not.

Calling someone out on their flaws, does not make you more beautiful. It doesn't make you thinner, or less spotty. Hating on the girl at the top of the class isn't going to change your grade to an A and hating on a relationship won't make you find a boyfriend. Nobody walks away after doing something mean or saying something bitchy, and is like, ah that feels great. Because it doesn't. It feels crap.

Nobody is perfect. But don't turn against your fellow woman in a bid to make yourself seem better. We are all strong, incredible creatures and with pay gaps, sexualisation and misogyny still very much a thing, we need to support each other. Nobody makes a better friend than another strong, confident woman. Except for maybe a dog.

So help make your friends strong and confident.

Right now, women are flourishing. We're getting somewhere in all of the workplaces 50 years ago, men would scoff at. We're showing the world women can be incredible CEOs and sportswomen and surgeons and engineers. And every time we do, it's a step in the right direction. It's our responsibility to kick all of these stereotypes to the ground, and the only way we'll do that for good, is by uniting. Not against men, but FOR women.

Women should be able to put on suits, put on dresses, wear no makeup, wear lipsticks, play rugby, play the piano and not be afraid at any point the girl friends around her will be the ones judging.

Regardless of whether you're a 'girls girl', you are still a girl.

Be kind, be considerate, and please realise, there's enough success in the world for all of us. The best thing we can do, is to support one another.

Ciao for Now!

11 March 2016

Why Being a Student is Not a Walk in the Park

Ahhh,  #StudentLife. 

It's an age old debate. Students have it easy. Students don't know the meaning of hard work. Or real life. Or any responsibility.

I wanted to throw a spanner into the works here, because, as a student, I actually don't believe any of that to be true. And since I took a gap yarrh and worked full time for a bit, I think I've probably got more perspective on the whole thing.

For the most part, myself and my friends work our arses off. We go to the library for 7 hour stints, we have a reading list for every lecture and then on top of that are expected to do outside reading. We have about 3 days between deadlines which we can't start further in advance because the lectures on the essay topics aren't until a week before the deadline. And that is literally just our degree, when what employers really want is evidence of all the extra-curricular stuff you've been doing.

To put it into perspective, I actually screenshotted one of my lectures advanced reading. That's right, this is the reading for one module in one week, I have 4 modules per week, some of my friends have as many as 7. Oh, also, the whole list didn't fit, there's actually more. 

I am not saying working full time isn't hard. I've worked 15 hour days in restaurants and I've sat at desks and done 9-5. But as a student, you don't leave your work behind. You don't get home and think you're finished for the day, you finish your lectures and then sit on campus for 4 hours in the library because hello, 3 deadlines and a presentation are all due in 48 hours. Then you get home, watch some Netflix and can't concentrate because deadlines deadlines deadlines.

To make life actually feel a little bit worse, we don't actually know whether this will do us any good at all. I'm potentially getting £40,000 into debt without any idea of whether it will benefit me in the job sector. Because potentially, it won't. And then I've just lived the last 3 years of my life on £60 a week only to get a job at the local co-op. Which is terrifying, let's face it. 

This is a comparison to most people my age. A comparison to being another 20-something who is working full time, without kids or a family rather than a working Mum of 4. Because I'm sure not much get's harder than doing that. I don't think working full time is easy. I know it's stressful and it's hard and saving up and having a life is difficult, but I just wanted to put some perspective out there and say, so is being a student. It might be hard to believe, but we do actually still have rent to pay, and home things to do like cooking and cleaning, not every student is a slob and most of the houses I've been in don't actually have dirty plates so old they're growing penicillin. 

On top of all of this degree stuff, I actually have a job. In fact, most people I know have a part time job because if we didn't we probably wouldn't be able to survive. At one point, I worked 15 hours a week on top of my lectures/other life bits, I was on a society committee, organising meetings, making presentations, creating campaigns and flyers and I was playing/training for 6 hours a week in football. I could barely breathe I was so tired. And I was also meant to have some form of social life on top of it all.

University is amazing. It's an amazing experience and I do not regret going in the slightest. This post is absolutely not a form of competition, but I want to eradicate the stigma of being a student. Obviously we do go out and have fun, because if we didn't our lives would literally be horrendous. But it's not all red cup parties and pulling all nighters. 99% of the people who love uni, work really hard to get where they want to be. I know we get long holidays, but in those holidays most of us aren't jetting off to somewhere exotic. We're working, or revising, or both. Because nobody wants to be -£1,500 into their overdraft.

Ciao for Now!

P.S. How cute are the tiny posters? I'll write more about them on Sunday but they are so cute and SO true. I've put them above my desk for motivation! Find them here.

P.P.S I want to credit the lovely Sophia for basically summarising this in a Facebook status before I published this post, she hit the nail on the head and gave me even more influence to write it.

9 March 2016

How to Fight the Bloggers Writing Block

I'm quite a lucky blogger really, in that a lot of my readership is from friends who would never read a blog otherwise. I've had literally the most random people ever pop up on Facebook and say they read Alice's Antics, and that, is quite frankly, fantastic. Mi blog es tu blog.

However, 99% of the people on the blogosphere are bloggers themselves. I see (and read) all of your comments with links and the emails with links and if I hadn't read blogs myself for so long, I deffo wouldn't have started Alice's Antics. So this blog post, is for you. All of the humans who are also bloggers, because sometimes, it's very easy to fall out of love with blogging. God knows I have, countless times.

It's taken me a solid 2 years of blogging to establish a frequent posting strategy. Whatever people say, views count. If I put up a blog which gets significantly less views than normal, I automatically think of what I've done wrong, who it's targeted at, whether it's just a bit boring or has minimal effort put into it. Scheduling when to put out content, rectifies this and also gives you a bit of motivation to find something to write about.

If you're not 100% sure where you fall into the blogging life, experiment. Write something which breaks the Beauty flurry of posts, or talk about all the things people should be talking about- but aren't. I write about a bit of everything and although not having a label for my blog means sometimes I miss out on followers who want a niche, as a blogger, I never get bored of my own content.

One of the biggest places I take inspiration from, is other blogs. Search high and low and find new blogs which make you feel inspired. This year I've found some absolute beauty's who make me want to type away my life. I especially find bloggers who are still blogging as a hobby, have great content because there's no pressure for them to post so they write about what they love and as a reader, you can really get that. 

 Contrary to everything I've just said, if life itself is really actually that bad, take a break. Just press the pause button on blogging and resume when you're in a better place. For most of us, blogging is a hobby or a bit of extra income, and the obligation to blog should never be a chore. If you need to take a break, do it. Wait for the writers block to pass and just come back after your hiatus bigger and better than ever before.

I hope this gave bloggers a bit of inspiration, or if you're not a blogger and just a dedicated fan, you have an insight into the life of blogging (and how to keep at it)..

Ciao for Now!

6 March 2016

Being Human

Let's summarise my week.

On Friday, I bumped into a course friend whilst I was stood looking at the flowers in Waitrose. He looked at me, looking at the flowers, he looked at the bottle of Pinot in my hand and the bar of Green and Black's chocolate and said, 'Ah, are you doing last minute Mother's Day shopping too?'.

I wasn't. It was all for me. Including the about-to-be-bought flowers.

Because sometimes you wake up, you want to go to sleep and instead you go out and live life, and you know what? You deserve a present for that.  Which was exactly my thought process on Friday. 

I couldn't begin to tell you what made me wake up on Friday and feel so rubbish, but it happened and I rolled with it and made myself feel as better as good as possible for under £10.

When you're in full time work, or are a student, I firmly believe sometimes it's far more productive to have a mental health day and to just remove yourself from what you should be doing, and instead concentrate on doing as much as you can for you wellbeing. Obvs I don't expect you to call up work sick because Alice's Antics said you should, but sometimes it's important to take time out.

It's perfectly okay to wake up and not want to do life, it's just important you can decide when it's okay to not do life and when you should grin and bare it and go file papers and stuff. Because that's what adults do, right?

This weekend, I may not have started any essays, or decided on my final year modules/done anything remotely university related.. but I did apply for 1023209 work experience placements, spend 4 hours updating my CV, AND spend a lot of quality time with my best friend from university who, despite being in the same lectures, I haven't seen properly in forever. It's also her birthday today, so happy birthday Saffron. U da best.

To end the post as it started, it is of course Mother's Day today. Sadly I'm not spending it with my Mum as I'm going home later this week anyway, so we will be cracking open a bottle of Prosecco or 2 and celebrating later on in the week. I hope if you're lucky enough to spend Mother's day with your mum, you have a wonderful day whatever you're doing.

I'm not sure if it came across through my flurry of words but to summarise the blog post:
1) Having days off is human and good, drink wine and don't file papers
2) Don't overdo number 1 and lose your job/path in life
3) Happy birthday Saffron
4) Mother's Day is today. Be nice to your Mum.

Ciao for Now!

4 March 2016

A Year in Books

Last year, I wrote this blog post. It was world book day, I'd just been tweeted by JK Rowling (I know) and I was feeling super nostalgic about World Book Day and the many years of dressing up as Hermione Granger.

So I thought I'd make an annual habit out of this and go through the books I've read between the two March's. Sadly, what with university and working and blogging, there's definitely a lack of them, but I hope this will inspire you to pick up a book in the near future! 

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
I picked up an absolutely beautiful illustrated hardback of Pride and Prejudice in a little Notting Hill book shop (sadly, I couldn't find Hugh Grant). I'd never actually read an Austen book despite my love  the classics, so I was very excited and willing to spend a pretty penny on it. I have to say, hand on heart, I loved it. I'm not Elizabeth Bennet's biggest fan it's got to be said, but the story absolutely made it for me. I even downloaded and watched the BBC1 series with Colin Firth. I am a full P&P fan, although am not too convinced by the new film coming out with Lily James called Pride, Prejudice and Zombies. I think I prefer Mr Darcy as a human.

The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger
After years of absolutely loving the film, I picked up The Devil Wears Prada in a charity shop. It is so so good it didn't at all let me down and to be honest, shed the film in a new light. The film is MUCH more PG than the book, and the way in which Andy leaves at the end is completely different, Miranda is a continuous absolute cow and you don't see the secret kind side Meryl Streep portrays. As with almost everything in life, the book beats the film but I'm quite glad I didn't read the book until later, because the film is just an alternative version to me now, rather than being a let down. 

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
Please, if you decide to read this book, have tissues at the ready. In true Hosseini style, this book is not a laugh a minute, but it is extremely real and extremely beautiful. The story follows two unlikely friends in Afghanistan, following their friendship as the era transitions into life under the taliban. I know this is a film, but as mentioned in  years post, I actually have already read Hosseini, so knew how hard hitting it would be. I'm not sure what it is about The Kite Runner, but it actually hit me more than A Thousand Splendid Suns, which is one of my all time favourite books. Either way, Hosseini is an amazing writer and I think part of the reason I love his books are because they open the reader's eyes to the beautiful country of Afghanistan. 

Missing: Persons and Politics, Jenny Edkins
I can hardly believe I've included a nonfiction book. What a time to be alive. I swear to God, I am probably the most anti nonfiction person in the world. I have no interest in reading facts, I use reading as an escapism and focus my learning through documentaries and lectures. So when I was told I had to write a book review for my degree, I was dreading it, but decided I might aswell write it about something I find interesting. As it turns out, this book is SO interesting, it's essentially about missing people and how the government dehumanises them to numbers. Using examples such as 9/11, the holocaust and then more personal examples about individuals who've decided to run away, and how much right the family of the missing have to find somebody who doesn't want to be found. Essentially, it's super interesting and even nonfiction haters like myself would enjoy it. I promise. 

I can't believe it, but that's my year in books. I've read 5 BOOKS THIS YEAR WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Anyone who knows me well will know education must be taking its toll, because I used to read a book per week. It's very difficult to read for pleasure when half your course is reading about Political Theory from the 16th Century. Last term I borrowed a book from the library which had been published in 1869. 1869!!!! From then on, I was obviously terrified I'd wreck it. 

If you have any recommendations please let me know, I'm going to set myself a belated new year resolution to read more for pleasure. It's definitely good for the mind and soul.

Ciao for Now! 


2 March 2016

February Life Favourites 2016

I wanted to do a bit of reflection. Not too much deep stuff, I'm not going to be soul searching, but just the right amount for you to be like 'Mmmmmmmm, this one was deffo not written in a coffee shop'. 

So, February. Feb-ru-ary. This month I gave up chocolate for 10 days (good),  rekindled my addiction to coffee (bad) and spent so much time in taxis, the drivers now know me by name. I'm not going to do a full on, favourites list in which I whip out all the bad boiz I've bought, because to be quite honest, I am spending so much money on taxis I think I may be keeping the company I use running. 

Things I have found I've loved this month however, do involve...

1) Flat White Coffees. I was always a latte gal. Sometimes a latte with an extra shot. And now, well, constant coffee trips with my housemate Alexandra has led me off the beaten track to that of the flat white. Creamy and delicious, it's my new go to. I'm a convert. Although, it is bloody expensive for a coffee which only comes in one size (small), I hope they sprinkle gold unicorn dust in the milk.

2) Rachel's blog: 'A Little Grey'. Earlier on this month, I hit a bit of a rut. Being so dependent on others to do things for me, help me with everyday tasks and not being able to leave the house without paying a fiver for the pleasure, started to get to me. My university is a bubble, a bubble which I used to regularly escape with trips to London, catch ups with non-uni humans and the general freedom to do as I please. So not being able to leave the bubble overwhelmed me. Last term also hadn't been all rainbows and sunshine, and I started to wonder how much I needed to be at university, if at all. Obvs I'm still here so clearly I didn't drop out, but having the knockback helped me to figure out more of a plan about where I want to be. And when I was browsing the internet (blogs) for life advice of what to do in this turmoil, I found Rachel's blog. Rachel's post is a) amazing and insightful and b) became a gateway to a blog I read a lot *cough when she posts cough*. It also lead to emails and Twitter follows and someone to tweet about the Oscars with until 5am.

Which leads oh so nicely to...

3) Leonaro Dicaprio. That's right, as you just read, I am one of those slightly insane people (dedicated, I like to call it), who decided to stay up for the fourth year in a row and watch the Oscars. And every second dedicated to Leo, made it absolutely worth it. Screen time to both him AND Kate Winslet was almost too much to bare for my poor heart. I love everything about the Oscars, the red carpet, the dresses, the acknowledgements to tiny films nobody really knows exist and the awards for cinematography or for hair and makeup because God knows those people slave away. But I am not (too) embarrassed to admit, when Julianne Moore opened the golden envelope and called Leonardo DiCaprio's name, I, in my bed, tired and emotional, cried. Tears of joy and 'why am I crying tears. And then Leo did his speech and thanked his mum and talked about climate change and oh my god he is just so great I could talk for hours and hours about this. It was all very magical and great.

4) Reading. Not reading scholarly articles about WMD proliferation and Environmental rights, but reading for pleasure. A luxury I have not been able to afford really since starting university. If you've kept reasonably up to date you will be fully aware I recently purchased the Harry Potter audio books and am loving dozing off to Stephen Fry, but sitting in Cafe Nero, coffee in one hand, book in the other, and the internet completely switched off and far away from me,  is extremely underrated. I'm currently reading Leaving Time by my fave contemporary author ever, Jodi Picoult. If you've never picked up a book of hers, you're doing life wrong and should go and do so immediately.

5) 60 Seconds in 47. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have heard my student house be referred to simply as '47' aka the number of our house. Obviously I live here, so I may be bias but our house never really has a dull minute and also is full of questionable conversations. Luckily, my housemate Sophie has started a section on her radio show named 60 Seconds in 47, in which she pieces together different bits of conversation secretly recorded over the course of the week. I've linked this week's snippet into life of the residents of where I live. Unfortunately, the snog comment was 100% me. 

I've noticed there's been a lot of list posts recently. I do LOVE a good list, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about inundating you with so many, it's simply my best (and fave) way to share information with you. February has been an interesting month, definitely a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but the end of the month means it's almost March. In fact, it's March tomorrow! TOMORROW! I genuinely feel like yesterday I was nursing my New Years Day hangover. 

Hopefully once the boot is off next Thursday (after 11 WEEKS!) I will be frolicking in the Spring sun.

Ciao for now! 

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