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27 January 2016

Breakfast Dates

Breakfast is, without a doubt, my favourite meal of the day.  I've done the classic life morph from being a teenager and rushing out the door for school inevitably late and shoving a breakfast bar down my throat to waking up early specifically making time for breakfast. It's been a love hate sorta relationship, but I'm now at a point where nothing excites me like the prospect of avocado on toast for breakfast.

So obviously when I found out it was National Breakfast Week, I thought it would be highly inappropriate not to celebrate this, which is why this morning me and Saffron headed into the Surrey wind and rain to seek breakfast.

Not literally, we actually got a taxi because I'm still incapable of walking on crutches.

The weather didn't put us off, and we managed to find sunshine in the bottom of our glasses instead.

The little wood burner was casting off heat as we dived into our breakfasts..

Saffron went for french toast with maple syrup and bacon, whilst I decided on french toast with eggs and bacon...

What's a diet??

A cracking way to start the midweek, thank goodness I had the epiphany of how great breakfast is!

Ciao for Now!


  1. I definetely go through love/hat with breakfasts! But having breakfast or brunch out somewhere always makes me fall back in love with pancakes and avocado toast! and that wood burner looks so cosy!

    1. I was the same! I'm definitely on the love train right now though, avocado toast is incredible!

  2. This place looks lovely! I am completely the same, I love breakfast so much now, definitely my favourite meal of the day! x

    Bethan Likes

    1. It is soooo lovely, it's called Bar 163, I came here on a date once and this is the first time I've been back, it's so cosy and has fairy lights etc everywhere! x

  3. I love breakfast! I always have, I live for the weekends when I can just take my time and make it! :) Happy National Breakfast week! x

    1. Haha thank you! I completely agree, it's half the reason Sunday is my favourite day of the week! x

  4. This seems like a really awesome place. I love my breakfasts too, though I don't think I could ever eat a full english breakfast, because that is just gross. I hope your foot isn't bothering you too much?

    1. Hahaha, I'm definitely a croissant over fry up type of gal too! I don't even eat bacon! It's not the foot so much as not being able to do anything, but only 10 days left until my next assessment so that's extremely exciting!!!! Thank you for asking!


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