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31 January 2016

January 2016 Favourites

Before we begin, the cat photo has no relevance to anything ever. I took it of Sean yesterday morning when he came to greet me and just thought it would be a nice thumbnail for Bloglovin'. For anyone like me, cats are the ultimate clickbait...

I almost shed a tear this time a week ago when I realised it's been a month since Christmas. A month. Time flies when you're living off left overs, breaking new year resolutions and avoiding the awful weather. Where the pigs in blankets at? 

But between the blur of hospital trips and attractive orthopaedic Doctors, I've been brought joy in a small number of ways. So here is the first of the 12 monthly favourites of 2016!

The Menagerie Colouring Book
Will I ever shut up about them? Probably not. The first 10 days of the continuous foot saga was spent 90% of the time in bed. Have I mentioned I've broken my foot? Once? Twice? In every blog post? 

I bought The Menagerie colouring book and oh me, oh my is it a treat. It's so intricate and I felt like I was bringing the animals to life. If I invest in another one I think I'll do something with a full page picture but the animals in this were just too wonderful to deny myself of. 

Segue, that tiger was absolutely no joke to colour in.

Coast Clothing
Over Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent the most beautiful dress I have ever set eyes on from Coast. I'm actually currently sat on my bed staring at it hung on my wall in utter awe of how beautiful it is, and unfortunately the whole foot scenario has meant I can't twirl and whirl around in it for a good old while, but I wanted to mention Coast as a shop itself. I had no idea what shopping treats it had to offer but you can bet your giddy Aunt I'll be buying from them in the future. The quality is undeniable and with two university balls coming up in March and June, I know exactly where I'll be hunting for my dresses.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara
I know people rave on and on about Benefit mascaras. But in all seriousness, Bad Gal Lashes ain't got nothin' on this bad boy. I'm under no illusion of how pricey it is but when I put on any other mascara my eyelashes just feel like they're not living up to their potential. It's the best mascara I've ever graced my eyelashes with and I may never grace them with another again.

That's a massive lie because I'm a student and can only afford nice things 3x a year. When student loan comes in. But if you bump into me in January, April or September, expect to get lost in my luscious Lancome lashes.

Downton Abbey
January marks the end of my Downton journey. If you'd told me before I'd started how much I'd enjoy it I probably would have laughed in your face. It is not, as I once thought, a programme dedicated to posh old women sat about laughing about darling William's dinner jacket, oh my goodness gracious how dare one show her ankle at a society ball. Downton Abbey is, after all, worth the hype. And after 3 months of binge watching, I'm going to miss everything about it.

Believe it or not I'm actually typing away with freshly manicured nails. That's right, your gal kicked her nail biting habit for the 75th time in her life and decided this time, it was time for a little indulgence to avoid biting them to the quick again. The whole experience was quite lovely, if not surreal to find myself in a nail bar. I went to Serenity in Dorchester, Dorset so if you're local to the area they are now officially recommended by me. I decided to go for a mint colour and the experience has even convinced me to get a pedicure when I have two feet again. Success all round and beautiful nails. 

2016 Kate Spade Diary 
Most of you know by now stationery makes me giddy. Is there anything to make one giddier than an organiser? Probably not. The creme de la creme of the stationery world. This gorgeous Kate Spade organiser has changed my life for the better, and not just because of how beautiful it is to stare at. I am loving life with a real diary and have been complimented on it so much I've lost count- in some cases I may or may not have waved it in friends faces begging them to look at how pretty it is. We won't count those times.

Aussie Mega Shampoo
Since cutting my hair to shoulder length in the summer, I've found a life conundrum revolving around build up and shampoos. Where I used to only wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week tops *gasp* I'm now having to wash it nearly everyday. Unfortunately I bought a cream based shampoo which only added to the problem and despite spending 20 minutes washing it out, when I finally dried my hair it was as if someone had poured oil on my head. 

Not sexy.

Enter Aussie Mega Shampoo. Is this the best shampoo in the world? I know Aussie may be a bit more upper end than Herbal Essences and the bottles are half the size, but this shampoo has worked wonders on my hair. It's now silky and healthy and has been stripped back to its natural oils , which means no more frying pan for me- thank god.

Hannah Gale's Blog
To top off my faves of 2016, I couldn't write a favourites list without mentioning Hannah Gale. I have no idea how I came across her blog a couple of weeks ago, I can only say it was fate. Did she come from blogging heaven? Probably. Hannah's blog is essentially the best bits in a magazine. The chatty journalist who makes you scream YES I GET YOU when you read about diets and boys and lady things like cystitis. A lil' bit of lifestyle, a lil' bit of fashion and beauty, checking Hannah's blog has already become a habit. I also followed her on Twitter, which is a rare treat because, yknow, follower ratios and all. This woman is a writing goddess and if you do anything today, click on the name and check out her blog. You will love it.

Believe it or not none of the bad boys above are sponsored, I am just loving a wide array of bits and bobs at the moment. 

Drinking game: Have a shot every time I mention anything broken foot related.

Ciao for Now! 

29 January 2016

The List for Peace of Mind

Spoiler: Sometimes Netflix binging and lying in bed 99% of the time is not actually as good as it sounds.

I know, is that really a thing? Really really? I personally find it very hard to find real happiness between a binge session of Grey's Anatomy whilst in a food coma and going off exploring in a foreign country. Between the sofa and the sun there are the dull bits, the everyday life where you spend your time daydreaming about the beach. Or, alternatively the 'too much of a good thing' dilemma when suddenly you don't want to be on the beach and just want to get back to normality. Think of it like Tequila- it always sounds like a good idea until you wake up on a strangers sofa with a pain in your ankle where you fell off the bar snogging a Robbie Coltrane lookalike. Either way, the grass is always greener.

My tequila is currently being off work. Being off work and being off life sounds like a cracking time, but rest assured, it's not. And the more I lay about doing nothing, the more I feel like I can't just switch off, I start to feel internally claustrophobic. I have nothing to concentrate on other than myself and my thoughts and sometimes distraction is exactly what makes you appreciate yourself. So I thought I'd write a list of various ways to escape. Most of you will be in the opposite scenario, wanting to escape your work, escape humans or escape the pull of Making a Murderer. But follow the advice of the list, just shut out the rest of the world and concentrate on yourself for an hour. 

1. Write lists- not the kind where you frantically write down notes, but take your time, dig out your nicest notepad and write lists for the year, what you want to do, what you want to change or how you want to keep your life in the happy place it is. 

2. Change your bed and switch off- obviously the sheets not the bed itself, that would be a bit extreme for a lil' old list. There's nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed. Climb on in, turn off your phone and laptop and get lost in a book. This is also the perfect way to send yourself to sleep as the screen from technology keeps your brain buzz buzz buzzing away.

3. Buy an adult colouring book- Mind out of the gutter please, not an adult book, we won't be colouring male bits to calm the mind, unless that's your thing- then you do you. But the ones where you colour in intricate beautiful woodland drawings or landscapes or Harry Potter scenes. 

4.Go to a market- The kind where you can barter and buy fresh flowers and fresh fruit and veg. Where there are all kinds of smells and temptations. Resist using your phone, bring your camera and snapshot the colours and the atmosphere.

5. Declutter- Not cleaning. Don't touch the hoover or the polish. But sort out your work space  or your wardrobe. Your future self will love you for it and those size 6 'motivation jeans' were not motivating you last night when you ordered pizza so throw them and buy swanky new fitting jeans. 

6. Find an exercise to lose yourself in- Admittedly, those of us who are a) broken b) allergic to exercise will probably find the former 5 choices easier, but finding an exercise you love allows you to concentrate internally. It can allow your mind wander and gives you time to shut everything out or alternatively mentally resolve things. Even going for a walk in the countryside will allow you to clear your head. 

7. Stay switched off for an hour in the morning-  For most of us, the god awful snooze button is located on our phones. Invest in a super cheap radio alarm clock and give yourself an hour in the morning free from technology. If people really need to get hold of you they will find a way, nothing which is non-urgent can reach you and you can separate yourself from your phone and laptop. Fill your time with making breakfast and having a shower, things you don't need your phone or laptop for for so you won't feel like you miss it as much! 

8. Spend time on something you love- If you want to switch off without feeling like you are switching off, invest an amount of time a day into something you love (which isn't drinking coffee or buying makeup). This is ideal if you play an instrument because it's so easy to forget about the time and day when you start playing, the amount of time I've spent at a piano is ridiculous but it never feels like any time at all.

9. Write instead of type- Write out your blog posts. This is something I'm trying to do a lot more. I'm currently sat in Cafe Nero and spent the first hour and a bit here writing out this blog post, phone face down, laptop in bag. Now I've cracked onto my laptop but I was so much more productive without the distraction of Facebook or Instagram. 

10. Go out alone. Go and explore a city or a part of the town you're not used to. Get a train somewhere random but just get out of the bubble you see everyday. Take photos but once again, leave your phone at the bottom of your bag. It's there for emergencies but doesn't need to be depended on. 

I hope some of these give you a bit of inspiration to give yourself a peaceful hour or even day. Being extremely limited in what I can do at the moment means I'm always looking for things which will break me out of my routine, which is essentially going to lectures and then sitting on the sofa for hours. Adult colouring books have given me time to switch off from everything  but as soon as I'm able, I'll be introducing all of these other methods into my life. Sometimes it's just nice to switch off.

Ciao for Now!


27 January 2016

Breakfast Dates

Breakfast is, without a doubt, my favourite meal of the day.  I've done the classic life morph from being a teenager and rushing out the door for school inevitably late and shoving a breakfast bar down my throat to waking up early specifically making time for breakfast. It's been a love hate sorta relationship, but I'm now at a point where nothing excites me like the prospect of avocado on toast for breakfast.

So obviously when I found out it was National Breakfast Week, I thought it would be highly inappropriate not to celebrate this, which is why this morning me and Saffron headed into the Surrey wind and rain to seek breakfast.

Not literally, we actually got a taxi because I'm still incapable of walking on crutches.

The weather didn't put us off, and we managed to find sunshine in the bottom of our glasses instead.

The little wood burner was casting off heat as we dived into our breakfasts..

Saffron went for french toast with maple syrup and bacon, whilst I decided on french toast with eggs and bacon...

What's a diet??

A cracking way to start the midweek, thank goodness I had the epiphany of how great breakfast is!

Ciao for Now!

24 January 2016

Sundae's on a Sunday

So a big, beautiful thing has happened. Since becoming a broken human my days are no longer filled with work, societies and football. They are, essentially filled with very little (nothing). And with only an 8 hour week of lectures and nothing to fill the time, I thought I'd blog even more- so I'm adding to my schedule.

That's right, your gal Alice is now writing not once, not twice but three times a week. 

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Sunday's are my favourite day of the week, especially when I'm at home. Instead of focusing on less public transport and the day-before-Monday,  I make the most of brunching and having no plans, to fill my day with doing either very little or a very lot depending on how I feel. Strong coffee and avocado on toast is optimum Sunday brunch material.

Although today's lazy Sunday didn't kick off as planned, waking up with the sun to a migraine, by 4ish this afternoon I had a lot to make up for, and headed over to my friends house to celebrate our friend Kate's birthday in the best way possible. Sherlock, homemade burgers and a late night trip to the local dessert cafe, Kaspa's.

I'll give the people what they want now and share some photo's of our mouthwatering evening treat (don't put this into your My Fitness Pal app, it will make it cry).

Choices, choices...

Not an ice cream fan?

There were waffles and crepes on offer, not to mention the milk shakes...

There may have been real tears.

Does anyone else love Sundays? I sometimes feel like I'm on my own in it being the best day of the week! Although when your Sunday's like the latter half of mine, you can't deny it's an utter delight.
So remember, from here on out Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays!

Ciao for Now! 

p.s. the only reason this post is so late on a Sunday is due to only getting back from the Kaspa's approximately 15 minutes before publishing this post!

22 January 2016

So, I'm Off Again

I've posted it on every social media outlet I own, so if you're not aware of what this post is about I would love it if you became more involved in the Alice's Antics life and followed me on my Instagram or Twitter (shameless plug woops, love me please)!

Earlier this week, after an 8 page application process and a panel interview, I discovered I'd been accepted for a placement year in Washington DC, starting this August. Even writing this, I feel like I'm dreaming, and I just thought as a blog post to look back on and remind myself of this very real overwhelmed feeling, I would write a bit about why/how I decided moving abroad (again) was something I wanted to do.

It all starts with the queen of teenage chick flicks, Hilary Duff. I have essentially spent the last 11 years wanting to go to America to study just because of A Cinderella Story. I clearly find it very hard to differentiate fiction and real life because even now I find myself wanting to be a surgeon with every Grey's episode I watch.

Anyway at the tender age of 10 I decided I wanted to go to Princeton too. And then, as I got older I realised I'm not actually a genius child with Ivy League capabilities, so I aimed to just get to any uni in America. And then, obviously, those dreams were squashed rapidly when I found out about their tuition fees- hello America what are you thinking???? So at 17, when I first started looking for universities, I searched long and hard for study abroad schemes to America which were achievable.
There was a lot of confusion with Royal Holloway, and after a lot of emails and me ending up in tears on countless occasions, I realised I probably would never be able to afford it due to our study abroad scheme. However, this year the uni have offered a different scheme which includes government funding for the first time ever. Which meant I was able to apply and despite the extremely slim chances of ever getting onto scheme (only two places at each international university for our whole uni!) I applied, and found out on Tuesday I'd been successful! 

I still can't really believe I'll actually be going. It makes my head hurt and I am terrified but also so excited. I've never even left Europe so to be moving to America for a year is extremely daunting but something I'm hoping to take in my stride. 

This will probably be the only thing you hear about from me, but I'm so thrilled I just felt I had to write about it! Also so as to not suddenly throw it on my readers that I'm actually in a different continent for 11 months!

After a pretty dreadful start to 2016, this has definitely made the horizon look a lot brighter. I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Ciao for Now!


20 January 2016

Project Me

I've very much come into my own in the last two years. Who I was at school is a world away from the person I am now, and I think this has come with a combination of factors including living alone, living abroad and the process of stopping comparing myself to other people, and instead focusing on how I can be the best version of myself. And yet, despite feeling happy in many ways, there's still 25% of me which is confused and lost. I have no idea if it's the influence of social media or the influence of those around me, but I constantly feel like my mind is in two places at once.

There's this one side of me who has a life plan. A life plan which revolves around graduating, getting a job, maybe pursuing more studying in something I really want to do. There's a part of me which secretly loves Facebook stalking and watching the whole series of Making a Murderer in 48 hours, getting up at 11am and drinking coffee and ordering Domino's at 3am when it's late and you're crying with your bestfriend about going home alone again. 

But then there's the other half of me. The part which longs to wake up at 7am every morning and do Yoga in the morning light. Who wants to buy a Nokia Brick and forget about stalking ex-boyfriends new girlfriend's sisters on Instagram. To have a healthy cleanse and detox. Explore and get out of the same life everyone else leads, go to places hard to get to and do things hard to do. Eat new foods and work on the go, blogging and taking photo's and just experiencing it all. 

2016 is going to be dedicated to Project Me. Working on my own balance, and trying to satisfy the second me whilst finishing my degree. Spending more time on myself and my thoughts and travelling whenever I have the time and money- whether that's to Cornwall or to Bali.

I just thought today I'd give you a little piece of my mind, I sometimes forget this is my baby slice of the internet and I need to write things relevant to myself.

Ciao for Now!

15 January 2016

The Taboo of Feeling

Being bed bound over the last week, I've had plenty of time to analyse myself over and over. From that time when I'd just had a really shitty day and cried because my mum wouldn't buy me a kitkat, to when I was told the extent of my injury and having not cried throughout the entire breaking-process, I burst into tears in front of the Doctor. These are two fairly minimal examples, but I just wanted to discuss the idea of 'feelings', and the taboo surrounding feelings.

I've always been self admittedly a crier. I cry at books and films and there are times where I put my heart and soul into something and just because it hasn't gone the way I've wanted it to, I've cried. But I've always been a private cryer, somebody who doesn't care if people know I cry at titanic, but when real life big, adult sad things happen, I tend not to show emotion. Reverting back to the Doctor incident of last week, I was mortified at my lack of self control and I was so embarrassed I'd actually shown emotion I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. This week in fact, I've been crying a lot. From the kitkat incident, to falling over in the town centre and each time I do it, or come close, I try to regain self control as quickly as possible, not because I particularly want to. But because I'm embarrassed. And I am 99% sure I'm not alone in this.

I've come to realise it's okay to get upset about something, anything. If you put your heart and soul into a boy and it doesn't work out, then it's okay to be upset. If you work your arse off on an essay and it's returned with a grade you're not happy with, it's okay to feel disappointed. If you invest yourself into a book character and they die, why is it so embarrassing to cry at their death? Recently both David Bowie and Alan Rickman have died, and I can honestly say when I'd found out Alan Rickman died, I had a lump in my throat, and I am sure I'm not alone, but I didn't tell anyone. Crying in a hospital because you've found out you can't function properly for a few weeks is also completely and utterly okay. 

Rest safe in the knowledge, you feeling this way, you feeling like you want to cry or feeling disappointed or heartbroken, is a part what makes you a human being. It's the beautiful function of showing you have the capability to care and invest into something or someone external to yourself. 
Humans have such a 'build a bridge and get over it' attitude, but surely to stand there and proudly say you cared enough about something to have strong feelings about it going wrong, is far better and far more of an achievement than not caring at all, losing the inability to care and keeping yourself separate from external emotions. 

I strongly believe giving teeny tiny pieces of your heart away is wonderful. Not to thousands of men, but to everything you do in life. When those pieces don't go the way you want them to, they just return and although they may take their time, eventually you should be ready to find another place for them. I would never go up to a fellow human being and tell them to stop caring, to stop giving so much of themselves, so why should you tell it to yourself? Why hide how much you cared and how much you loved?

Empathy and sympathy are what makes us who we are. It's a wonderful thing, to care so much it hurts. We're lucky to have the ability to do so, and it should not be hidden, it should be the driving principle to get you through the bad.

Ciao for Now! 

13 January 2016

My 2015 Favourites

In the first two weeks of the New Year, it's pretty obligatory to share your ups and downs of the year and reflect on things. So today is a bit of a materialistic blog post and it's the items, television shows, books and general overall things I loved most which I encountered in 2015.

Favourite Perfume: I was never really a perfume girl until a couple of years ago. I was happy just smelling nice without a brand to go with it, but somehow all of that changed as I hit 19, and I found myself spending ages at perfume counters. I'm quite sensitive to smells and find a lot of perfumes make me feel rather nauseous so when I came across Valentina by Valentino, I couldn't help but pick up a bottle. 3 bottles and 12 months later, I'm yet to find a perfume I like so much. It's quite a fruity, floral perfume but it doesn't knock you out and I've been complimented endlessly. Other perfumes I've enjoyed include Daisy by Marc Jacobs (a classic for most) and Estee Lauder Modern Muse.

Favourite Item of Clothing: My favourite item of clothing was bought in the very first month of 2015. I was browsing the racks of French Connection, looking but knowing full well I was on a budget, when I came across this gorgeous, baby blue, long, spring coat. There was only one left and it was in sale rail, so I tried it on and it fit like a glove. But I was heartbroken when I saw there was no sale price on the tag and despite being convinced it was put there by mistake, especially as the only one of its kind, my friends all persuaded me to take it up to the cashier and double check. Sure enough, the £195 coat was actually in the sale, and I walked only £52 out of pocket and potentially the happiest I've ever been from a purchase ever. Bloody delightful. Although pastels were quite popular this winter, I'm very much a warm wooly coat kinda gal, so I am very excited to get this blue number back out when the sun starts shining again!

Favourite Beauty Product: If you've not heard of Benefit's Watts Up, you're doing something wrong! Watt's Up is a highlighter, which can be used in strobing or contouring and when I was on holiday I just put a bit on my cheekbones with a bit of mascara on nights out. It gives a beautiful dewy glow and is just the greatest investment of my life. I went through a miniature one very quickly, and have now purchased the full size product. And, I'm in love.

Favourite Television Programme: 2015 was the year Harvey Spectre walked into my life, and now any future man has a lot to live up to. If you're in the unfortunate position of not being acquainted, Harvey Spectre is one of the leads in Suits, a tv programme based in New York's biggest law firm. I love anything with a bit of intellect and although I know it's a far cry from real life, I love everything from the solution solving to the romances and ongoing dramas. It's just fantastic and with Season 5 coming back later this month, I know I'm going to be doing next to nothing with my life.

Favourite Book: I may be a little late to the party (200 years late in fact), but in 2015 I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. And I could not put it down. It lead to me watching the whole 1995 Colin Firth as Mr Darcy series, and then the Keira Knightley film and it's just such a wonderful book to get swept away in. I'm a little biased as classics are my favourite genre of books, Dickens and Shelley rule my bookshelves, but if you're looking for a classic read to begin, it's a perfect starting point. 

Favourite Film: This year I found one of my new all time favourite films, the live action Disney remake of Cinderella. I've heard so many mixed reviews, but I absolutely love it. When I came back I was using loads of words like 'wonderful' and 'lovely' to describe it, it's just so dreamy you can't help but be swept away in it all- and more to the point that dress!

Favourite Blogs: I couldn't be a blogger without reading blogs. They're a source of inspiration and I just love sitting down on a Sunday or after a long day and scrolling through my feed. I decided to pick two blogs because The Londoner, run by Rosie, is probably one of the most popular blogs on the sphere. Never mind the fact she is a jet setting goddess, her recipes are a dream and I've stepped into the kitchen more than once thanks to her. I've also been to various London outlets thanks to Rosie's recommendation and her blog is just wonderful. My other favourite blog of the year is Joli House, run by Lily Kate. I would be lying if I didn't say I'm completely envious of how gorgeous Lily is, and how amazing her sense of style is. I've been reading Joli House for a long old time now and I just love the time and effort spent on every blog post.

Favourite Restaurant: Definitely not the place to visit if you're in any form of a diet or detox, Turtle Bay is a caribbean restaurant where vegetarian options are close to 0 and rum is the only form of alcohol they know the name of. With jerk chicken, goat salad and vanilla and passionfruit mojito's on the agenda, Turtle Bay made it as my favourite restaurant of all time, let alone 2015. The atmosphere is so bright and relaxed and all of the decor makes you feel like you should be looking out onto a caribbean beach.

I hope this post gives some of you a bit of inspiration, if I make another person binge watch Suits, the world would be a better place! This post is a little delayed in its release just because I wanted to update you all on the leg-sitch!

Ciao for Now!

9 January 2016

Life Update: An Eventful Week

Welcome back to the new and improved Alice's Antics! I'm finally with a blog theme which I'm completely and utterly happy with, it's only taken two and a half years! So I hope you love it just as much as I do. 

The first week of 2016, has been fairly dramatic! On Thursday, approximately three minutes after texting my friend I was on my way to meet him, I slipped down the stairs and managed to severely break my foot. I'm sure all breaks are severe, but with the bones down my left side and a couple of toes being effected, it makes life particularly difficult. After an encounter with a mad doctor (although an all round cracking NHS experience, pardon the pun), I was in a cast, handed my legs for the next 6-8 weeks in the form of crutches, and on my way home to commence being waited on hand and foot! 

Never one to let something as miniscule as broken foot put me to bed, by my second day I was determined to get out of the house for a hop about. For some reason choosing the middle of nowhere to practice, although I think I've learnt my lesson to not run before I can walk! 

This does obviously mean I should be very on top of blogging life for the next few weeks! So fingers crossed, this is just a one off blog post but will be, as promised, posting Wednesdays and Fridays from now. I just wanted you all to be filled in and up to date before I resume the usual blogging! I have a couple of posts already lined up, 2016 is definitely not going to be the year I let the blog slip!!

Ciao for Now!

1 January 2016

The Big Monday Resolutions

Let's face it, it's not the new year without a flurry of blog posts about resolutions. But to be honest, I love reading and watching people talk about their resolutions. My friend compares the start of the year to a 'big monday' which I actually completely agree with. I completely understand the psych behind deciding to start your new hobby/diet/lifestyle on a brand new day, with a brand new week/year ahead of you. And although I like to think I'm of the opinion of changing your life any day of the week, I know I'm the biggest offender of using the excuse 'I'll start on Monday'.  Sometimes it's hard to find the means to force yourself to make a change, but knowing the New Year is a time everyone wipes  the slate clean creates the perfect motivator... even if you abandon ship after a few weeks. If you've seen my post on the 'Look What I Did List'   it's a reversal of resolutions and I think it's really important to make one of these to find out what you've achieved before you look at the year ahead.

This year I have a bundle of resolutions which I'm hoping to put into practice, and I feel like I can't be the only one who loves reading resolutions lists (let alone writing them), so I thought I'd put them here as inspiration to all of you lovely people, and as a self reminder in 6 months time.

1. Spend more time playing the piano- Most of my friends associate me with the guitar if they think of my musical side, but I am actually a pianist at heart. Piano was the first instrument I ever played and I find it very natural to play, rather than guitar which I know I've reached my limit in ability without lessons. Because it's not particularly mobile, I turned my attentions more to guitar, but this year I want to spend more time playing and my goal of the year is to play Flying from Peter Pan because it makes me feel so nostalgic and giddy.

2. Cut out coffee completely- I'm not sure how realistic this is, as a full time student. But I'm hoping to be a tea-woman by the end of 2016, or at least get back down to one cup of coffee a week maximum. I managed to cut down from about 2-3 a day to 2-3 a week in 2015, which I'm extremely proud of, but I would love to just be coffee free. If only I hated it. 

3. Achieve a First- Second year of uni and all that, I'm currently on a high 2:1 average with the odd first here and there, but would love to achieve an overall first this year to set me up well for my third and final year. This year all of my modules are self-chosen, so I should really have the motivation to achieve a first if I really wanted to.

4. Maintain and expand Alice's Antics-  If you missed my last blog post, I mentioned how I was a bit disappointed in myself for my blogging consistency last year, and this year I have pledged to post twice a week Wednesdays and Fridays, every week starting from today! What a happy coincidence the first day of January falls on a Friday eh! I'm also hoping to sort out my blog template once and for all and at some point invest in a better camera so the content is always of a high quality- one step at a time though of course!

5. Have a monthly 'fun day'- Myself and my friend Charlotte are the busiest bees either of us know. We both live together and yet are both so busy with uni work, real work and extracurricular bits and bobs that we hardly ever see each other let alone our friends. So we've decided to dedicate one full day a month, to having a 'fun day', where we go and do something not in our normal routine and away from the bubble of university. Towards the end of last term I was working so hard I felt like I'd forgotten what fun was, and I'm such a strong believer in rewarding yourself, so this is our way of saying well done to each other!

There are always the classic resolutions everyone carries through the new year, save up more money, exercise more, drink more water and eat better. But the above 5 are the ones which are personal to me and will hopefully improve my lifestyle and make 2016 quite the year!

I hope you all welcomed in the New Year in style and surrounded by the people you love! What are some of your resolutions? I LOVE hearing about others and am always on the lookout for inspiration from blogs and vlogs!

Ciao for Now!

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