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19 April 2015

We ALL Do It...

Recently I've been thinking about some of the life moments I've been through where I've thought I'm the only person, and then later found out I'm definitely not alone. A sense of pride comes over me when I think of all the people who makes the active choice to not run for the bus when you can see it's not within feasible walking distance. 

It's been a little while since I've written a list, and I've said it many a time, I love a good list. So here are some things I've come up with which allow you to  rest easy tonight knowing, if you do commit one of the following, you're totally not alone. 

1) You don't actually want to look scary on halloween, but y'know, don't want to look like you meant to be a slut either. A classy halloween costume- that's it. 

2) Putting your hair in a ponytail if it hasn't been washed for a day... or 2...

3) If you politely pretend to ignore the money in your birthday card until after you've finished reading it, 'Oh, look, a £20 note in my lap! I didn't even notice it!'

4) Getting secretly jealous of young children who you know will grow up to be ridiculously gorgeous. 

5) To judge somebody you're interested in on their surname... you could be sharing it one day.

6) When you switch off the second somebody says 'I had such a weird dream...!'

7) Laying awake worrying about something so profusely you don't sleep until the early hours, only to wake up and laugh at your past self for the ridiculousness of said-worry.

8)  That even though you love Clueless, the whole 'dating your step brother' thing ruins the film a bit, whatever people say, it is still weird. 

9) When you concentrate so hard on making eye contact with somebody, you get distracted and start thinking about making eye contact and then miss what they were saying in the first place.

10) If you wiki an actors age to find out whether they're within marrying age for you or not. 

11) To spend more time looking at girls on Facebook than guys, you don't need to fancy them to admire them.

12) Taking a 'sniff test' to determine whether your clothes need washing, not how long they've been on your body.

13) Pretend to have something in common with the person you fancy -golf? what a coincidence my handicap is totally 12! (wtf is a handicap)

14) Not wanting people to sit next to you on the bus/train/tube, but secretly getting offended when everyone else has somebody next to them and people are standing, but the seat next to you is still empty.

15)  Waiting to say 'Anywhere round here is fine' until the taxi is directly outside your door.

I hope this lightened a few of your weekends and you're all having lovely Sundays! 

Ciao for Now! 

12 April 2015

Reunion Feast

This marks my fifth blog post this week! A sure sign it's revision season that's for sure, I hope nobody is minding being inundated with posts, I have a feeling it'll last up until exams start in May and then all will be still for a couple of weeks- so it's technically making up for the future prospects.

If you read my blogmas, you might have seen how me and my friendship group like to use the holidays as an excuse to get together and catch up. Sometimes it's the only time throughout the whole break we can actually see everyone, especially now we work or are revising and have other things to do, so I love our tradition of having at least this one evening to make sure we're back on track. On Friday night, the lovely Viv set up a table in the garden, with 10 higgledy piggledy chairs, lanterns, flowers and a tower of blankets for us to to snuggle up in whilst we feasted! The air was a bit chilly but the food was amazing and we gorged on halloumi kebabs, couscous, quiche, moussaka humous and fresh vegetables! 

Apologies for the above photo being a bit blurred, it was a bit of an awkward angle to get us all in! The conversation soon turned to Portugal, where we are hoping to be jetting off to in July, the evening started to get dark and soon we were all wrapped in the blankets, feeling ridiculously full.

There's nothing better than getting together with old friends and bonding over delicious foods. I especially love our rituals for having meals at home rather than going out, it means that little bit more effort has gone into it and we always appreciate the hosts fine dining skills!

Ciao for Now!

10 April 2015

20 Facts About Alice

Alice's Antics has been up and active for just over a year now, and today is the day I've been so excited for, having my own domain! You see the lack of 'blogspot' in the title? Precisely. It's a big day for myself and my minions and I'm absolutely bloody thrilled to have my own actual blog, it all feels a bit more professional now! In an ode to all things Alice-y (that's allowed itsn't it) I thought I'd do a get to know me post. I saw this on Becky's blog, and couldn't resist doing my own one, I think it's lovely to do these posts occasionally, and I've never done one on here. Alice's Antics is such a mix match of every element possible, I sometimes forget you don't actually know all that much about me as a walking, breathing human being. So here are 20 facts you might not know about me. 

1) I don't have a fear of feet, but I hate anything touching mine. Sand is my worst nightmare, there's a running joke in my family about how when I was younger I would spend about 10 minutes showering my feet off four times a day on holiday because I hated the feeling of anything dirty on my feet.

2) I have a dog and a cat, but I am completely and utterly a dog person at heart. 

3) When I went travelling, me and my friends went skinny dipping at almost every destination, I've been skinny dipping in about 8 different destinations.

4) I've never seen any Lord of the Rings, but I've read the books

5) I have a phobia of wax works, none of my family know where is comes from, but I am terrified of them, just thinking about Madame Tussauds gives me the creeps. From this fear, I also hate clowns and people on stilts- I think maybe it's to do with creating a false impression?

6) I wear red lipstick more often than I don't. It's gotten to the point where people actually associate me with red lipstick now. 

7) On Pottermore I was sorted into Gryffindor

8) I am a chocolate over sweets girl every day of the week. 

9) I met my best friend in September 1998 at play group and our little sisters met through us and became best friends too. We all consider ourselves more like family than friends now, despite living ridiculously far away. 

10) I live up the road from where Broadchurch is filmed, in fact, the police station is actually a block of flats I spent new year of 2012. The post office from the first series had newspapers in the window with the headline 'Who Killed Danny' for the next year or so and David Tennant was a regular on my timeline with the various friends who had seen him in town. 

11) My male/female celebrity 'crushes' (outside of Leonardo DiCaprio, I love him.) are Ansel Elgort and Lily Collins. 

12) I'm 5'8 and have a lifelong worry of falling in love with a man who's shorter than me

13) When we were about 13, me and my best friend decided to learn Air Hostess by Busted in Spanish

14) I don't really vocalise it on here, because I don't want my blog to be a beauty blog, but I'm really passionate about make up and cosmetics and it's something I'm considering going into long term. I love contouring and colours, and all of my flat mates ask me to do their make up regularly (...not the boys..)

15) My favourite food is seafood, if I had a last meal it would definitely revolve around fish and shell fish. My worst 'meal' if you can call it that, is a McDonalds breakfast. It's the stuff of nightmares.

16) I've played the trombone, cello, saxophone, piano and guitar. 

17) I ran an anonymous Tumblr advice blog throughout my GCSE's and it gathered over 18'000 followers, in the end I felt it got too much and I just couldn't keep up with it, but I didn't want other people to help me because I felt like I was betraying the trust of the messengers, so I deleted the blog after nearly 2 years. 

18) In my school Nativity, I was a duck. 

19) Trouble and accidents seem to follow me everywhere, and there are too many times to count where my friends have just been baffled and said 'it could only happen to you'. 

20) J.K Rowling favourited my tweet about a month ago, and I was slightly tipsy and started crying.

Ciao for Now!

8 April 2015

Being a Duff

Until recently, the only Duff I was aware of was the Hilary one, the rom-com queen in all her glory. But now a new DUFF has entered my life, through the film of the same name, the 'Designated Ugly Fat Friend' is the new upcoming DUFF and although the film tried its best, there's really no nice way to be described fat and ugly in one acronym. 

The film centres around Bianca, whose life spontaneously combusts when she is told she's the 'Duff' to her two best friends. Sexy childhood best friend/neighbour turned jock is the one to deliver this devastating blow and with a bit of bribery agrees to turn her into a non-Duff. I'm going to give you enough credit and assume you can guess how this film ends- let it be known the ending is actually as cute as real Duff's 'A Cinderella Story'. And it takes a lot for me to say that, because A Cinderella Story provided the soundtrack to my childhood and young teenage years. 

Despite being dead set against labels of any kind, I'm not a numpty, and life as a '6 on a good day' amongst a wide variety of ridiculously attractive friends is not a smooth ride. I am the queen of friend zoning, of being passively ridiculed for being the odd one out and of posing at the back photo's, ready and waiting to untag the pictures which would inevitably end up on Facebook. And there was a phase in my life, in fact a solid 7 or 8 year phase where being a Duff was just a life label I was destined for. I thought I'd marry a duff, have duff children, pity and chose a duff dog and live in a Dufh. (Designated ugly fat house). 

And then, at some point in my life, I had an enlightenment. This film actually kind of tells the truth. Everybody is somebody's Duff. There is always going to be somebody better than you at something but it's just life, it doesn't mean you need to feel inadequate about it. If everybody looked the same, the world would be boring. Looking like me has never stopped me from doing what I want to do, I've had boyfriends, nobody has ever run away from me on a date, I may have been judged from the forefront but at the end of the day, if somebody does that, I don't particularly want them in my life anyway. 

Being a Duff isn't some sort of pile you're sorted into. You're not designated to Duff life. And the only person who can un-Duff you, is you. So either embrace it, or get rid of it, but know, everybody feels crap sometimes and everybody has days when they look at their friend and feels a little bit inadequate. It's not called being a Duff, it's called being human.

Ciao for Now!

6 April 2015

Easter Goodness

Over the last few days, I've had an utterly delightful time preparing for Easter. From browsing the shops after pay day, to coffee catch ups and pancake making with my best friends, to making (slightly biased) the most delicious Easter cake to ever exist, my days have been jam packed and I've been loving it. I've mentioned before my family very much have a go hard or go home attitude to any event, and Easter is no different. Despite not being a religious family by any means, Easter is another excuse to get together, eat far too much chocolate, share around our eggs and just enjoy each other's company and be merry!

With all this in mind, I thought I'd put together a photograph post of the last few days, I'm thinking of writing a Beauty Haul blog post, which isn't something I've written before but the damage on my credit card is practically screaming 'beauty haul"! Don't even get me started on the Yves Saint Laurent mascara I bought on sale!

Can you believe how good it looks?! A four layered rainbow cake, smothered in icing and cream, with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and as you can see, enough Kitkats to feed an army! Transporting this up the road to Bournemouth was no mean feat, but after some careful manoeuvring, it landed at my aunty's house, ready to be cut!

I'm completely aware this is just photograph after photograph of food, but it all looks so good I just couldn't resist! And being able to breakfast in the garden on such a beautiful day was the icing on the cake really, how lucky! I know it's completely ironic to be posting this after the Easter Detox post, back onto that tomorrow sadly! It's been such a wonderful weekend, topped off last night with cocktail hour (tequila sunrises ago!) and a couple of episodes of Mr Selfridge with the best company. 

I hope you've all had the loveliest of Easters if you celebrate it, and the loveliest of weekends regardless!

Ciao for Now!

3 April 2015

The Easter Detox

I am sure many people saw the title of this post and thought 'how the bloody hell can a self confessed chocolate fiend have a detox over Easter?' Since I'm at university, my Easter holidays is longer than the average couple of weeks, with just over a month to sort myself, my body and my brain for exam time and then holiday-ing season. With this in mind, I really wanted to abolish all of the horrible habits I've acquired since being at university, to start afresh and give my Alice-being a break from all the bad stuff.

Top of my list is my skin. I was lucky enough throughout my teenage years not to suffer from bad spots at all. Obviously the odd one or two would pop up, but it was largely to do with hormones and would disappear straight after that time of the month. Since starting uni however, I've really noticed a turn for the worst in my skin. I always had a skin routine down to a tee, but sadly the late nights, early lectures and frequent social drinking obviously took its toll, and my skin has not quite been itself since the start of the school year back in September. To cure my skin from its blemishes, I've decided to do a make-up free Easter break. I'm allowing myself a couple of exceptions, for my best friends 21st at the end of the month, and for Easter Sunday which my family like to make an occasion out of, but apart from these dates, my skin is staying make up free. As a treat, and to motivate myself, I decided to splash out and get a facial treatment at a lovely local beautician, and have also bought a few face masks to get myself through the weeks and keep my skin hydrated. My local boots had actually sold out of most of their face masks, so I decided to try the Superdrug own ones, hopefully they'll do the same job!

Next is the health side of life. University has lead me to either one extreme on the other, I started the year as a healthy bean, fell to a life of Domino's in the middle, and ended on eating what I could afford, neither healthy or unhealthy. Obviously Easter is dedicated to chocolate, but on the lead up and post-Easter celebration, chocolate is taking a back seat as I'm embarking on the healthy life and making the most of parents stocking up the fridges! Living away from home has given me an insight into actual cooking and not living off pasta and pesto, and I'm dying to try some new recipes I've found on the world wide web. If I do try some out, I'll be sure to post them on here too, it's been ages since my quinoa and butternut squash burgers! To add to tall of this, I'm also giving up drinking for the duration of the holiday. I know, I know, how will I cope? When I told my parents they almost keeled over, but I am very much a 'go all out' person, and so the bubbly is off the list! Along with all the healthy stuff comes the fitness bits too. Despite everything I've sad in the post so far, I've been really active since starting uni, playing netball and having gym bunnies as my flatmates gave me the motivation I needed for the 7am gym starts. I also nearly broke my back carrying my dumbbells up the stairs home in a rucksack so I refuse to let it be for nothing! 

Despite this being called a 'break' unfortunately, the minute term starts I am thrown into my exam timetable head first. Luckily, it's only two weeks of exams, unfortunately, I have four three hour exams in that time. Which having done GCSE's and A Levels I know doesn't sound an awful lot. However, my brain has never had to cope with so much information to memorise in its poor life, so this will be a fairly interesting period to discover whether my lectures on multivariate regression analysis actually did sync in (-I can tell you now, it didn't). Anyway, I've created a revision timetable and am ready to commence the life of an intense reviser. Notes, highlighters, post-it notes and flash cards have all been typed up or bought. Radio 1 is a permanent staple on my laptop and my brain is ready to function for a few hours every day! 

It's really important to just pause for a moment and slow down. I'm really lucky that I have the time in holiday-form assigned for me to wind down a bit and focus on things other than studies and my work, but it's also so important to be productive with the time given! I would love to laze in bed all day, watching Gilmore Girls until 12pm and drinking a constant stream of coffee (and trust me, some days I will), but for the most part, I really want to make the most of the time off I have. As I said at the beginning I'm very much a go big or go home person, and doing things half heartedly doesn't really occur to me. I will let you all know how it all goes and if it goes to pot I'll be totally honest! There won't be any more posts on it until the beginning of May, but if you want to keep up to date make sure your following my Twitter and Instagram!

Have lovely weeks!
Ciao for Now!

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