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29 December 2015

A Traditional Chatty Post

I have a strong suspicion this will be the final post of 2015 on Alice's Antics, and so I wanted to go back to the basics, the classic Alice's Antics in which I just type away at my laptop in a coffee shop and you all read away.

It's obviously traditional at the end of the year for everyone to ask where the year has gone? I feel like I blinked on New Year's day and woke up on December 29th with 12 months and my teenage years behind me. The last 5 years have felt like an emotional teenage rollercoaster, with GCSE's and ALevels, friendship groups chopping and changing and travelling all over the place, and 2015 has been the first year in a long time I'm fully content in everything. I've got incredible university friends, and incredible friends from home who have all supported me through the year, especially when Lenny died. I went on holiday to Kos, my family welcomed a new puppy into our lives, fell so far into my overdraft I thought I'd never climb out of it and signed for my first house with five of my favourite people in the world. The overall 2015 life vibe has been consistent and generally, I'm really happy to finally be in that place, but upon a little bit of reflection, my main goal of 2016 is to try more new things, go to more new places and step out of my comfort zone once in awhile. I'll put up a real New Year blog post in early January so I'll have cold hard evidence at the end of 2016 of whether I've achieved any of the year's goals. 

Speaking of blogs and blogging, 2015 for Alice's Antics has, honestly, been a bit hit and miss. I've found running a blog and being a student is a whole lot harder than I first thought, especially around exam and deadline time. The success of 2014 is forever in the back of my mind, and in 2016 I want to replicate that, if not maximise it after a bit of a weird year this year in terms of postings and consistency. An ideal world would lead me to a better quality camera, a better blog layout (which I am currently in the works with!) and more consistent posting, which I'm going to establish and share with you asap. I'm going to re-launch my 'Controversial Topic' series, and will be posting twice a week, 7pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, starting January 2nd. 

2015 has been an utter blast, but I'm extremely looking forward to the year ahead. However you spend New Years Eve have an incredible time and I hope you've all had amazing years! Thank you so much for staying with me through this whole mad blogging life journey, I appreciate every comment, view and follower and next year I fully intend to give you the consistency and content you all deserve!

Ciao for Now!

24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Reunion 3.0

Last night was my friends from home reunion meal. If you've been reading my blog for a long old time, you'll know we have a tradition of having an annual Christmas meal to catch up on each others lives, and it's one of the best nights of the festive period for me. There's nothing better than being surrounded by your closest friends, drinking wine and eating so much food you can barely move. The only teeny weeny thing this time, was that I was in charge of cooking for 11 people. And having never cooked a roast dinner before in my life ever, I was in fairly deep. Luckily a couple of my partners in crime came over a bit early to offer a helping hand...

And of course, they provided wine of all variety.

With the champagne open and the guests starting to arrive, we quickly laid the table, lit a few candles and put on the best christmas tunes to get us all into the festive spirit.

Cheers to that! (again)

By 8 o'clock everyone had arrived and I somehow managed to produce all of the roast dinners, on time and still hot. There were sprouts galore and enough meat for 20. I have to say a specific thank you to my lovely friends Tilia and Naomi, who provided both an incredible dessert and a vegetarian alternative, taking a bit of the stress off my hands!

Some of us hadn't seen each other since the last Christmas meal and it was so lovely to catch up on each others lives and reminisce on our school lives. This is our third Christmas meal since we all left school, but because we're all over the country (and world!) we never tire of things to talk about! And once we'd stuffed ourselves full with dessert, we headed out to meet the male-half of our friendship group and catch up with all of them! 

But obviously there's always time for a group photo...

The night ended far later than expected and extremely wine-drunk, but it was honestly the best evening I've had in such a long time, despite all the tidying up the next day! Food, drink and best friends are what Christmas should be all about...

HUGE apologies for my failure of blogmas, it always seems like such a good idea and I do love blogging but it's so hard coming home, all I wanted to do is embrace the real life bits rather than have a camera glued to my face the whole time!

Ciao for Now! 


19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19: Local Festivities

I write a lot about London and the goings-on in London, especially around this time of year. It seems you can't browse a British blog without coming across the typical Christmas in London post. Unfortunately, when I'm not at university, I'm about 3.5 hours away from London, so popping into central for an errand just stops becoming a thing. Instead, I thought I'd show you a bit about my local big town, Bournemouth, and all of the little things going on with me locally. 

I live in a countryside town with very little going on, so on Saturday me and my mum went into Bournemouth for some christmas shopping, to have a nose at the German market and to potentially treat ourselves to some mulled wine.

The whole town was buzzing in the preparation for Christmas, there were Christmas jumpers for as far as the eye can see and children pointing and waving at Santa Claus.  In the square, a temporary fully wooden giant 'moose bar' had popped up, and was crammed full of children and adults alike in the Christmas spirit. 

Weary from our shopping trip and laden with bags, myself and my mum decided we were in need of a glass of mulled wine, and decided to stop en route home at a local bar for mulled wine o'clock.

An underground tavern if you will, the ceilings are low and the atmosphere is buzzing, the 'Loungers' are a little southern chain which are expanding and full of delicious food and drink. Which is why we couldn't help but get some tapas... especially when we saw sweet potato and halloumi on the menu...

Do any of your towns have similar festivities outside of the capitals? 
I hope you're all ready for Christmas!

Ciao for Now!

17 December 2015

Blogmas Day 17: Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday evening was our official tree decorating ceremony. We like to make it as Christmassy as possible so the Christmas playlist was on, the mince pies were out and the mulled wine was flowing. But before all of that, it was down to myself and my mum to find the perfect christmas tree last night...

I'm the first to admit that Christmas tree shopping turns me into a fusspot. It only comes along once a year and it's the pride and joy of the house, so it has to be a good'un! This year we are lucky enough to have a puppy running around, however it means we can't get our usual huge 7/8ft tree, as we're putting it on a table to avoid it being knocked over by a very excitable labradoodle. But never the less, we found the perfect tree for the living room and although it's not the same with it being on a table, the puppy makes it extremely worth it!

Once we were home, it was time for the decorating to begin!

I'm sorry about the awful quality of these photos! My phone and camera are both out of action which is not quite ideal just before christmas! 

I hope you're all getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Ciao for Now!

16 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15: 10 Times The Grinch Summed Up Life

I should probably, definitely, say sorry for the slightly intermittent blogmas'... Yesterday only marks the third one, but it's the third in a week so I am sorry! Luckily today is going to be split into two halves to make up for the lateness/absences and even more importantly, it involves The Grinch. Potentially the ultimate Christmas film- but also the underrated beacon of knowledge of the Dr Seuss books. The Grinch may have been mean and nasty, and yes he did try to steal Christmas from Whoville. But it's probably due to this, The Grinch managed to portray my life fairly accurately. So for any unadult-Adults, teenagers, students and any fans of The Grinch, hopefully this will tickle you. 

1. When your sibling catches you doing something you shouldn't be doing...

2. When Halloween is over and on November 1st your radio alarm is already waking you up with Shakin' Stevens

3. When your friends try to persuade you to go on a night out and you're right on the brink

4. When you end up going but spend too much money and regret life the next day 

5. When your outfit takes your self esteem to level 100

6. Coming out of an exam like, 

7. When you make a joke quietly and the person next to you repeats it louder to rounds of laughter

8. On your third trip to the fridge of the afternoon

9. When you swear your friends to secrecy of the night befores antics but know you have to live with them 

10. When you know you have feelings for someone you definitely shouldn't

Oh Grinch, you get me. Can anybody else relate?

Ciao for Now!


13 December 2015

Blogmas Day 13: Top 5 Vlogmas

For the 24 days leading up to Christmas, nearly all of us bloggers and vloggers turn into blogmas-ers and vlogmas-ers. I've spent the last few years watching a couple of vloggers to suddenly being inundated with notifications about uploaded videos, and some of my favourite posts and videos this year are from internet humans I don't normally follow so faithfully. And so I thought I'd share with you the ones to watch and read this year, a collection of some absolute gems of the internet, from the reigning queens to the up and coming princesses, I hope something will tickle your fancy.

There's a reason Zoe Sugg is the queen on the internet. I may or may not have watched some of her videos multiple times. Zoe is currently posting two videos and a blog post every day and it's been an absolute dream to follow and keep up with, snuggling in bed with a hot chocolate and putting on Zoe in her christmassy Brighton home. I've watched Zoe since she posted a video on Louise's channel to announce Louise going into labour with Darcy, and I'm not totally on board with all the products Youtubers produce, I have no doubt Zoe deserves to be in the position she's in and her dedication in the build up to Christmas has put her top of my list. 

I very rarely used to sit down to Becca Rose videos, subscribing after really enjoying a couple of videos but never really keeping up properly and just clicking on the ones which take my fancy. But over vlogmas, I feel like Becca has really come into her own and show a side of vlogmas outside of the classic British youtuber crew of an ordinary 20 year old who happens to be up and coming in something she really loves. Becca's vlogmas this year has been so jolly and her pantomime one in particular just made me feel so nostalgic for my own childhood going to the panto every year! 

I'm going to be forever in the Michalak's debt for introducing me to Air Review at the beginning of 2014. Like Becca Rose, I don't usually watch the Michalak's every week, but their vlogmas' have kept me going this winter. They're so down to earth and I feel like Hannah and Stef are the kind of friends you and your boyfriend would absolutely love to have in your life. I feel like I've gotten to know them 100x better over the last few weeks and they're just such a lovely little family, it's similar to the Saccone-Joly warm fuzzy feelings I get.

I am the first person to admit, I was not keen on Niomi Smart from the word go. I felt a bit like she cheated in the Youtub-ing world, and although seemed nice enough, I just couldn't get on board with her personality and it all seemed a bit wet, (brutal Alice coming out). I think finally Niomi has found her niche in main channel videos, with fashion, fitness and health being a huge target audience and something she is clearly passionate about. But I started watching Niomi's vlogmas a little late and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I've enjoyed her videos, enough to watch the ones I'd missed all in a row. Niomi isn't doing traditional vlogmas as she's still quite new to vlogging and daily vlogging is obviously quite the commitment, which I thought was really wise. But I'm so happy she seems to have come out of her shell a bit in front of the camera and seems very at ease. If you weren't a fan of Niomi before, definitely give her the benefit of the doubt and have a peak at her Christmas videos this year!

 There are no words for my delight of Anna Saccone (from the Saccone-Joly's) making her vlogmas debut this year. I honestly think Anna is ultimate life/mother/looks goals and I feel like in the classic SacconeJoly vlogs, we usually see her in mother mode, so it's nice to have an insight into daily Anna on her own channel. I've watched the Saccone-Joly's for the last two years and having two children in a vlogmas just builds the excitement so much more. It's absolutely addicting to watch and I'm so happy Anna decided to do it this year!

These are just 5 of an array I watch every single night. It's turning into a procession to watch the whole lot, but it's always so worth it. Occasionally I watch some before getting into bed am always gutted when I finally do and realise I don't have them to look forward to! I appreciate all of the effort which goes into vlogmas, it's a huge commitment but I definitely think if I expanded Alice's Antics into a Youtube Channel I'd do it, it's just so interesting and because I'm so nosey it's literally my two ideal things combined- christmas and insights into lives!

Is there anyone I haven't mentioned who might not be on my usual spectrum?

Ciao for Now!


12 December 2015

Blogmas Day 12: There's No Place Like Home

The last time I wrote a blog post of this title, I was home from 7 months in Italy, I'd missed England and Pimms and Wimbledon and the bipolar weather. But this time, I'm writing about home home. Having a double bed, food in the fridge and being in your bubble, the home bubble. Essentially, I'm writing from a student perspective rather than a traveller perspective. 

This afternoon at 11am my Dad arrived, ready to take me back to Dorset. And oh me, oh my was I ready. All of us had our bags packed and waiting at the door, and although we all love each other so much, currently university friends can't help but associate each other with work. So much work. And for that reason, we all sighed in relief a bit when we waved Number 47 goodbye for a month. 

Because I live in an old town house, we have fireplaces in every room and nothing makes me feel cosier than candles in the fireplace or even lighting the fire, having a bath, getting into my jimjams and just doing nothing for a couple of evenings. 

Which is exactly what I did tonight... 

How cute is this mug? I received it from my housemate in our little secret santa, she knows me very very well. Maybe it will encourage me to stop going into coffee shops? I'm snuggled on the sofa now about to watch Home Alone with this delight in my mug!

It's so easy when you live at home, to become very comfortable in your day to day life, and it only takes a couple of months away for the novelty to wear off, particularly if you've moved out rather than are off doing exciting travelling-y things. Christmas is my favourite time of year and knowing I have a month of family time, puppy time, friends time and Christmas-prep time films me with all of the warm fuzzy feelings ever. I love life at university and I love having my independence, but coming home today and settling back in just made Christmas feel that much closer.

Blogmas has been a bit all over the place recently, so I'm very excited to do very little, eat very much and blog all the time over the coming weeks! 

Ciao for Now!

11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11: Second Year First Term

Tonight is my final night in my house before I go home for Christmas, this term has without a doubt been the toughest term of my life academically, but it makes the nights out and the thought of going home at last so so worth it. Tonight we're having a very chilled night in, with chinese on the way, pasta bakes in the oven and enough wine to last us through the night! I want to do a reflection of the year further into December but tonight I thought I'd just do a bit of an annotated photo post of my second year so far. 

What a term! I feel like I've done more firsts in this term than I have in the whole of the year. If you're finishing off your Winter term, I hope you're as excited as I am for Christmas to begin!

Ciao for Now!

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