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28 October 2014

November Resolutions and October Favourites

I'm making November resolutions. November resolutions involve making the usual January ones a couple of months early, because quite frankly, I have been a neglectful blog mother. 3 posts in September, 3 posts in October. Clearly something is wrong, and whilst I would love to blame my lack of interaction on me spending too much time in the library and throwing myself into first year... I definitely cannot blame it on that.

Along side going to the gym more, taking my camera with me everywhere and trying not to drink quite so many caramel latte's (the gym is not an excuse, the gym is not an excuse), I have of course, added 'write more blog posts' to this list. Luckily, things are kicking off to a flying start as I have actually got an Interview with a certain Youtube-ing musician human, ready and waiting to be published.

In the mean time, I haven't done a 'Favourites' post since May, so I thought it was about time I bought it back. And with a bit of extra money from work, plus my maintenance loan for univeristy (does anyone really use their loan for university related things, really? really?) I have a few bits I am loving from the last month or so.

Let's get the nitty gritty bit out of the way first and just throw it out there- I bought running shoes. Like, real life, use them more than once a year, running shoes. I bought my university membership whilst enjoying Domino's two for tuesday's, and straight away decided if I was going to spend *** on a gym membership, I would at least do it right. So a new gym outfit and a pair of Adidas Venus Running Shoes later, here we are. I'm just waiting for the day where going to the gym doesn't fill me with dread.

This beautiful over sized orange tartan scarf from Zara £19.99 (it has been a constant accessory since I bought it).

The new-ish Zoella Soak Opera shower cream £5.00. I bought this against my better judgement, simply out of curiosity. But I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is delicious, and it's one of those shower creams that lingers on your body, so you still smell lovely after you've used it!

Considering what a make up addict I am, I've actually not splurged too much on it this month. I rationalised both these buys, as I am at the very end of both my Armani Luminous Foundation and my Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara. With make up, I always go for quality over quantity. I might not have draws and draws full, but I'd rather spend that bit extra and know what's going on my skin is not too chemically. I also find high end make up tends to have a noticeable difference in how good it is. However, I couldn't justify spending that much on another Armani one with my student budget, so I opted for Number 7's Lift and Luminate £16.99 and so far am absolutely loving it. It's light coverage and is perfect for dry to combination skin tones. The mascara is Lancome Hypnose £22.50, arguably the Goddess of mascara. I was given a sample of this by my Aunt and have been waiting for a reason to buy the real thing ever since!

This is quite simply a lovely holder for whatever you like. I keep my make up brushes in a mason jar, and have a pink and mint green version of these intricate little pots to keep my pens and stationary in. I found them on Ebay for £5 each, simply by searching 'Stationary Holder'.

After working exceptionally long hours at my job just before university, I decided to use my final pay check for a real treat. Buying my Macbook Air was quite simply a blessing in disguise. I bought a baby one (11inch) because I knew I'd be taking it to lectures, and it is so handy. I don't even notice that the screen is smaller than average, and I can completely understand why Apple Humans exist. I am totally a converted Apple Human. £749

Finally, it wouldn't be October Favourites without a bit of Halloween-ness! This year I'm going as a Vampire, but am rationalising my unoriginality with how far out I'm going. Above are the glue in fangs and the ice blue contact lenses I've bought for the night! I was actually considering making a blog post of my 'look', something I've never done before. If anybody is interested, please let me know in the comments or through email!

I hope all your lives are lovely!
Ciao for Now!

9 October 2014

The Controversial Topic Series: Disney Discrimination

Recently on my Facebook timeline, I saw a post about Disney Princesses. Somebody had claimed Disney to whitewash, whilst another person went through various characters and said the backgrounds and setting of each film would not fit a mixed race or black princess. Brave being set in Scotland and Frozen being a take on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen (set in Scandinavia). After reading the post, followed by an argument between my friend and her friend in the comments, I formed my own opinion. And although I was going to comment on the post, instead, I decided to turn it into a blog post. Before I begin, I hope I don't cause offence to anyone in this post and despite being a huge Disney human, I do not tolerate racism or any kind of discrimination in the slightest.

First off, I would like to throw it out there and say Disney, was without a doubt, racist. Walt Disney was a middle class white man who grew up in the early 20th Century. Disney started as a company in 1923 and in those days being white was the 'superior' class. Segregation and racism was at its height, and although slavery had been abolished, servants were all people of colour. I am in no way saying this is right, but for a film Director and creator, Disney's target audience were millions of versions of himself, so having princesses of anything other than a white ethnicity, would've made no sense. This does not, in any way, make it right to use only white princesses, I'm simply explaining the reason behind the prior racism.

Since the first Disney princess film, Snow White, princesses are actually in the minority of films. Not including remakes (who really cares about Mulan 2 or The Little Mermaid 2- no one? Exactly) there have only been 14 Disney Princess films made since 1937. And there was a 30 year gap between the release of Sleeping Beauty in 1959 and The Little Mermaid in 1989. Culturally speaking, the 1950's and late 1990's are a completely different world. With laws against discrimination in housing, employment, social services and public coming into play throughout the 1960's and 70's, although racism was (and sadly still hasn't) left the UK and America, as a society discrimination is a lot rarer and multiculturalism is everywhere. With this in mind, since 1990, there have been 9 'Disney Princess' movies. And out of those 9 there has been Mulan, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Princess and the Frog, all of which have leading ladies of different ethnicities. 

As a middle class white teenager, I think it's really easy for me to sit here behind my computer and say 'they've thrown in a few ethnic minorities, Disney aren't racist'. But that is not what I mean at all. I know there is complete and utter blatant racism in films, and by using black or mixed race characters, it does not make Disney any less racist. In my opinion using the setting as a basis for discrimination doesn't really work, if Elsa has magical powers and Ariel is a mermaid, surely Disney can add characters from all over the world no matter the historical accuracy. Thankfully, being American or English does not mean you are white middle class anymore (how boring would the world be).

As a huge international organisation, Disney should be moving with the times, and I think in terms of a new era, Disney has proved itself to be far more inclusive. Saying this, as an organisation with such a big hold on the world, it should definitely branch out and use fables and stories from other cultures. Given time, hopefully Disney will restore faith from all humans of all ethnicities and portray them accurately and with actors and actresses suitable for the role. 

I hope this has given you some food for thought, next time you settle down to Love is an Open Door! 

Ciao for Now! 

6 October 2014

An Epiphany and a Walk

Over the last week or so, I've been stressing out about what to write in my next blog post. I currently have 11 drafts, all half written, which I just don't have the motivation to finish. And then last night, I came to the realisation, quite frankly, I'm being silly. I love writing about real topics and talking to you all about my not-so-secret life as a Disney freak and writing lists for you to all to ensure nobody makes the same life mistakes I do. But, when the pressure to write a blog post gets to the point where I'm stressing out about it this much. It's time to take a chill pill. I will write blog posts continuously, as long as there are minions to read them, I will be here to write them. But I've realised if I do have a heavy week or if I'm just not feeling up to writing an essay blog post, then that's okay too. I get a lot of emails saying how much people enjoy my deeper posts and I promise they will still continue, but my brain needs to slow down sometimes. And the last month of so has been a bit of a mad one (50 hour weeks at work followed by moving to university, oh goodness), and so I'm giving my brain a bit of down time. 

With that in mind this week is a pretty photo heavy one as I realised I hadn't shared the photo's of my day out with Emma, one of my closest friends. As we were both heading off to uni we decided to take a picnic to one of our local beaches, Lulworth Cove and walk up the giant hill to have a picnic at the top with a sea view.

The hill took it out of us to be quite honest, by the top we felt we definitely deserved our delicious picnic featuring strawberries, sandwiches, chocolate and lemonade in plastic wine glasses!

Once we'd wined and dined, admiring the beautiful view, we trekked back down the ginormous hill. Walking up may have proved how unfit the two of us are, but walking back down proved even more difficult, we ended up holding each other's hands for support to ensure minimum falling possibility down the steep crumbling slope!

Once we'd reached the bottom we walked down the little country lane towards the 'cove', ready to eat the rest of our picnic (we left the best till last- chocolate chip cookies)!

Although it wasn't the nicest weather, we had the loveliest day. And returned to the car extremely full and very very content!

I hope you've all had lovely weekend's. Please bare in mind the little essay at the beginning of this post if you do chose to send me emails about my content!

Ciao for Now!

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