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31 August 2014

Please be Nice to the Waiter

I always think the way to tell if a man is a nice person, is in the way they treat waiters and bar staff. As a waitress of 5 years, I can honestly say nothing makes your day more than a good old friendly customer. Have no doubt, if you're rude, all the staff will know about you and your table, but equally if you're friendly, I will happily sing your praises. As a waitress I've endured my fair amount of crap, from being called 'mentally retarded' for placing three mints on a table of fours bill, to having my bum slapped by a drunken customer or just the classic rude 'you're a waitress and therefore below me' customer who clicks their fingers at you. And please note, no amount of tip will make me like you after you've commented on what I look like or how I do my job. And if you make a rude comment I may be smiling and joking, but on the inside I am screaming. Loudly. So I thought I would write a good old list (we know how much I like lists) on general waitress life. I wanted to write it in a paragraph post, but all my thoughts got jumbled up and I just had to do it in list form. Grab a pen and paper or save this in your book marks and take note my lovely minions. Please.

1) Do not let your children or the children at your table run around the restaurant. It's not a playground. You may be happy to get them off your back whilst the adults natter, but who's going to get the blame when a 4 year old runs into a waitress carrying a tray of drinks?

2) Do not click your fingers. We are not dogs.

3) I will be less offended if you leave no tip than if you leave a 5p/10p. The latter implies you would've tipped more but something was wrong. If something was wrong, mention it.

4) Don't eat your whole meal and then complain about it. We both know nobody's going to ask you to regurgitate it, so tell the waiter/waitress when they do a check back.

5) 'What drinks do you do?' Read the menu, it wasn't printed for the pretty colours.

23 Things All Servers Will Understand

6)If you don't pay for something, or if you do a runner and short change us or we miss something off your bill and you don't fess up, guess who has to pay for that mistake? Yup, the waitress.

7) I know it's part of the job, but if your substitutions are really that complicated, why not choose something you actually like all round? A chicken caesar salad is not a chicken caesar if you take off the chicken, replace it with avocado, take off the anchovies, add gorgonzola, take out the olives, take off the tomato, add tuna and require 'absolutely no dressing whatsoever'.

8) Yes, waiters and waitresses are the face of the restaurant but if your food is taking a very long time, or we're out of something on the menu, or it's cold, there is nothing whatsoever within their power to do anything about it. If you want to go and talk to the terrifying humans who are the chefs, feel free, but please don't scream at the waiting staff over something out of their control.

9) (Unless as a waitress we forgot to send your order off- woops!)

10) Don't walk in at a peak time as a table of 10 and expect to get seated straight away. In fact, if you are a table of 10 or more, book way in advance, that way the waiter can mentally prepare themselves for your table. 

11) Please don't complain about a service charge, unless the service genuinely has been terrible.

12) If your waitress has forgotten something or hasn't done a check back yet, just be patient. You may have only asked for a coke, but a woman on table 8 has a dairy allergy which everyone needs to be aware of and the baby on table 19 just knocked over a glass of water and table 12's food order is going cold on the pass.

12) Never be the customers who walk in at 10:24 when the restaurant closes at 10:30.

13) When asked if you're ready to order, be honest. It doesn't matter if you're not ready, the waitress can go and clean table 14's drinks or take the food order from table 9 who arrived at the same time as you. But please God don't say 'yes' and then spend 10 minutes contemplating whilst the waitress stands there doing nothing.

Despite this being, essentially, a list of complaints about customers. There are some perks to the job. I've made lifelong friends, I make more in tips than in salary most nights and there are so many inside jokes it's hard to count. But most importantly, it's taught me from a very young age, always be lovely to the waiter. 

Ciao for Now! 

24 August 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Yes, it seems the name of my post is definitely floating around a lot as a headline at the moment, but why would you ever pass up the chance to mention Vanilla Ice's best (and possibly only) song? Over the last week or so, the Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the internet by storm. Another viral video showdown, not without its critics of course, as per everything there's always somebody with a negative view. But if you have been living under a rock/only turn on your computer to read your favourite ever blog (...mine), the Ice Bucket Challenge is quite literally throwing a bucket of ice cold water over yourself and either donating, or spreading the word for Motor Neurone Disease or, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in the US.

As a bit of 'background info' for those of you who don't know, MND/ALS occurs when motor neurones (specialist nerve cells in your brain and spine), stop working properly. It effects gripping, walking, speaking, swallowing and breathing and causes people with the disease to find these simple everyday activities increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible, to do. The Ice Bucket Challenge is relevant to the disease, as for a split second, the ice cold water effects the body in a very similar way. And with a £37 million increase in donations world wide, what reason could people possibly have for being against the challenge? 

Although I tend to support anything which raises money for charity, there has been a bit of controversy with Macmillan Cancer Care 'hijacking' the challenge and telling people to donate to them instead. Unfortunately there are hundreds of terrible diseases in the world, with Cancer and MND being just two. But I can completely understand the annoyance of some people who feel MND is getting the attention it fully deserves, and MCC has jumped on a bandwagon a bit. Imagining the reaction if ALS/MND had told people to donate to them for the 'No Make Up Selfies' challenge, I don't really feel MCC should take the sponsors and the attention away from MND/ALS, a disease which before now, got a lot less media attention. 

So, if you do have some money to spare or would like to take part, I definitely 100% say go for it. Joining the likes of the Beckhams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Moss and Ashton Kutcher in a bid to raise money for charity is something everyone should be cheering about. There's enough misery in this world without raining on the parade of a good thing! Good luck in your challenges if you're nominated, and remember to donate if you can! 

Ciao for Now!

17 August 2014

The Quarter Life Crisis

The other day, me and my friend James were discussing the trials and tribulations of our lives and came to the conclusion we are having quarter life crisis'. There comes a point in most people's life, usually in their 30's or 40's, where they suddenly realise there's a clock ticking and they're suddenly past the half way point. And that for the most part, nothing in their life is going to change particularly over the course of the next 20 years. This, is the mid-life crisis.

James and I thought we were being super original and coined the term 'Quarter Life Crisis' as a way to refer the feeling young adults get, where, as opposed to leading a stable monochromatic life, they have no idea what direction they're going in or where they're heading, and there's this sudden feeling of impending doom because you know that the next 5 years of your life can make or break you. Yet with this in the back of your mind, you sit on your laptop and scroll through Netflix until the early hours of every morning, only to get to 3am and once again have a mini-breakdown. And repeat.

Our dreams of originality were crashed though, when, after typing 'Quarter Life Crisis' into google, I discovered it actually is a thing, it's not just me and James being melodramatic, hooray!

The problem is, where the mid-life crisis isn't taken particularly seriously, especially by the husbands and wives of those going through it, the quarter-life crisis is taken even more of a joke. 'But you're young' 'You have nothing to worry about', 'You have no responsibility', 'You don't know how lucky you are', 'Now's your time to do anything you want!' Anything? Anything? Really. With half of us in complete and utter debt to the Government on a degree 'for the experience', another quarter in full time work and the final quarter desperately searching for some kind of way in to the world of work, is now really the time to hitch hike through Asia or move to Australia?

The Quarter Life Crisis generally hits when you have the realisation that in the next few years you could be in your dream job, travelling the world, on the property ladder, with a family or marriage on the cards... or... you will be living back at home with your parents, working in a minimum wage job as a means to an end. Suddenly you understand the term 'school days are the golden days' and you're paralyzed with indecision. Budgeting? Dating? Working? All of these things carry more and more weight as people start to think about your future for you, when all you want to do is hide under a bed. Suddenly the dreams of being a dolphin trainer (just me??) are looking dim, and you realise you have to get a real life adult job. I have friend now who're moved out with long term partners and children. They have children. How? How do they have children? I am children.

10 Signs You're Having Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Please tell me it's not just us with this fear of impending doom for no apparent reason? Where are all the 12 o'clock cocktail dates and the brunches and the sexy tall dark strangers they show us in the films? I think I'm going to put my onesie on and watch Disney films for the rest of the day, whilst I still can.

Ciao for Now!

13 August 2014

My Evening Skincare Routine

There are a few things in life I'm good at. I can draw remarkably accurate Disney characters, I can sing Busted's Air Hostess in Spanish and I have a fairly wonderful sense of direction. The final element of my life I am exceptionally proud of, is my skincare routine. No matter how trolleyed I am, if it is 6 in the morning and I am on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor, you can bet that by the time I'm in bed, my make up will be completely off and my 'hydrating night gel' will have been applied. And, on those other occasions (I like to think the majority of my life) where I'm not steaming drunk, I have got my routine down to a tee. 

None of these are product placement or sponsored items, when it comes to skincare I am fully devoted to finding the perfect bits and bobs for my skin, so I wouldn't ever discuss or share a product I didn't fully rely on. As my skin is dry, most of my products are hydrating and replenishing ones, which may not be suitable for oily skin. 

As much as I can, I try to remove my make up with cotton wool and an eye make up remover rather than a make up wipe. At the moment I use Estee Lauder's make up remover, but to be completely honest, I'm not particularly snobby, so long as it works and keeps my skin oil free. When I first started wearing make up, my mum always said to swipe in towards your nose rather than out to avoid wrinkles, and it's always stuck with me.

Once I'm free of most of the make up, I rinse my face with warm water and use a tiny bit of Clinique's 'Liquid Facial Soap' to cleanse my face. Next, I use Simple's 'Soothing Facial Toner', and apply it using cotton wool. I am a huge advocate of Simple products, they seem to work a treat for me and my skin always feels so fresh even if I've had a bit of a grotty day. 

My skin is generally quite clear, but if I am getting redness, spots or blemishes, I turn straight to my 'Witch stick'. My Witch stick is my life. I've had several now since I was about 15 and I rely on them 100% when it comes to spots. If you're like me and don't need to use it every night, I would definitely recommend buying one. They're perfect for one off spots, or people who maybe break out during their time of the month. They're natural products made with witch hazel and tea tree oil, and oh me, oh my, they work an absolute treat. Sometimes it stings a tiny bit, which is why I wouldn't recommend using it if you have acne or are prone to spots and blemishes, but for one off's, it is an absolutely divine product. 

Under my eyes, I apply 'All About Rich Eyes' by Clinique. Up until a couple of months ago, I never bothered with eye cream, as I've never had bags and I was just a bit unsure of what exactly it did. But now I've started, I would never go back. When I wake up my eyes are so much less puffy and are visibly brighter, I honestly can't tell you the difference. I've had this Clinique one since the beginning and I'm tempted not to change, I've got the attitude if it isn't broken, don't fix it, and I'm so happy with the cream I have, I'm worried if I do change I'll regret it! 

The final skin product is my go to moisturiser Clarin's HydraQuench. I actually used my final bit last night, which means I have none to show you. As I said, I have dry skin and am an absolute moisturiser whore. There's no two ways about it. I am unfaithful to any moisturiser. Or I was, until I found this one. I think I've heard Zoella  also rave about it in one of her favourites and she's absolutely right to. I picked it up as I just thought 'Quench' sounded exactly what I needed, and I've never looked back. I will be popping into boots to buy my next pot as soon as I have a spare second. Finally, just as I am about to get into bed, I use Carmex on my lips. Carmex is the best lip balm brand ever to exist in the world, I don't know what I did without it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It's not a typical Alice's Antics one, but I thought it'd be nice to do something a bit different, and I absolutely love reading about others skin care regimes! Today is my sisters birthday so as you read this I am probably entering a food coma from too much cake. 

Ciao for Now!

10 August 2014

Revamp, Redo, Redecorate

I've been neglecting you again, haven't I? I thought I'd have so much time when I was back home for blogging, but it turns out quite the opposite! Gone are the days when I could post more than once a week, I will always post at weekends, but finding the time mid-week is proving very difficult! Please, accept my apologies. If I could I would give you all chocolates, (who doesn't like chocolate), but I can't, which is rather good, as I am exceptionally broke at the moment. 

Yesterday I spent my Saturday repainting my room. My old bedroom was white with a dark purple fireplace wall, and most of my items dark purple to match. But I decided, after 5 years of having this theme, it was definitely time for a change. So I donned my oh so sexy painting clothes, dug out the paint brushes, found the world biggest tub of white paint and began my work. Unfortunately, despite my hard-earned C in GCSE Art, I managed to get more paint on myself than on the actual walls. And after 4 hours of consistent painting, I had a well earned tea-break. Just like real painters.

Between painting, I decided to take down all the crappy photo's and falling down posters off one of my other walls, and gave it a fresh lick of white paint. Whilst the final coat was drying I showered, changed and popped to 'The Range' (totally aware that rhymes) our local home ware shop, and bought some bedroom accessories to lay out a sort of theme. I decided on dark yellow, blue and grey. Which probably doesn't sound too aesthetically pleasing, but I'm quite a fan of them. It actually makes me feel a little bit grown up, dark yellow is definitely a grown up colour. 

This week, I am going to do a spot of photo-sticking! A job which is most definitely easier said than done. Have you ever tried blue-tacking photo's in a perfect pattern? How do those Pinterest people do it? I've attempted -and failed- before, but never the less, I will once again be attempting on Tuesday. Yesterday I managed to complete my bedroom in 24 hours and even had time to sit down with a bowl of ice cream -no shame- and watch the ever gorgeous Jude Law in The Holiday. Here's the final result, I am rather proud of my first spot of decorating!

I hope you've all had the loveliest of weekends.
Ciao for Now!

4 August 2014

Alice's Saturday Antics

You know the weekend is going to be a good one when you kick it off on Friday night watching Frozen with your mum and, much to his embarrassment, dad.

Only a week ago I received an invite to my lovely friend Vikki's wedding to her fiance Sian. I'd known about the wedding for month's, but we'd all assumed I'd be in Italy for the big day and after realising I'd be home in time, the lovely ladies sat down and decided to re-adjust bits and bobs to squeeze me (and Molly) in. We were both so overwhelmed by the gesture, and after some intense present shopping, clothes shopping and several 'but seriously, what are you wearing' conversations, the day arrived, and on Saturday I arrived to watch my lovely friends tie the knot.

Stupidly, due to a massively stressful morning I forgot to charge my camera (do you ever have mornings where everything ever goes wrong?) so the only photos I have are ones Molly kindly took on her iPhone. From about 5pm the formalities ended, the shots started and the music blared, causing me and Molly to go to the dance floor and not stop all night! One lady even came up to us  and said 'you girls have not stopped dancing, it's amazing!'. Nothing prepared me for how unique, hilarious and just lovely the day would be, I am feeling a lot of lovin' towards my two gorgeous, lovely friends!

Unfortunately, I had to cut the night slightly short as the friends I went with were leaving earlier, but as I had my dancing shoes on, I decided to take the opportunity to go on a night out in Weymouth with some other friends. Weymouth is the local seaside town notorious for its awful clubs, flurry's of 'lads' and drunkenly sitting on the beach at 5am with a bag of chips.

I met up with my other friends in time to get the midnight train down and we didn't mess about in dancing through the night. It was my first time 'out out' since returning from Italy and bumping into so many old faces was a bit bizarre, but fun none the less! More than a couple of people I hadn't seen since leaving school, so the night was full of (slightly slurred) shouting-over-the-music catch ups!

As you can imagine, Sunday was quite literally the day of rest, having not got in until 5:45 that morning...

I hope you've all had lovely weekends! Sorry this one is a day late, I was waiting for the above picture to go online so I had a photo to match the night out text... such dedication.
Ciao for Now!

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