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8 June 2014

May Favourites

Hello June, where the bloody hell have you come from? This is actually another written by Alice, posted by James post, as right now, on this very day, it's my birthday (June 8th)!! I'm writing this a couple of days in advance but  this year I'm actually celebrating with the arrival of my mum, sister and aunty, we're going to have a bit of a 'girls weekend' in Milan! Which I'm really excited about as you can imagine, none of them have been to Italy before so it will be quite an experience. I'm definitely looking forward to showing off my tan a bit and making them jealous of the warm evenings here! Anyway, I've been debating doing a monthly favourites for some time now, but I never feel like I have enough bits and bobs. However, today is the day, and the merry month of May has brought me a good few possessions which I am absolutely loving! It's a mixture of everything so please stick around, even if you're not a beauty or fashion human. I've also written a little something in the 'letters' bit, so if you''re not into Monthly Favourites, it might be worth having a look down there anyway!

Incense Sticks  Summer is here and I've found a whole new lot of lovin for incense sticks. I've always been a candle girl, but recently I've been given a lot as presents and so many of my friends are massive fans, I felt obliged to give them a whirl. My favourite ones at the moment are 'Tree of Life' which don't have a particular smell, but it's quite a floral scent and isn't too over whelming. In my apartment I'm a bit paranoid about lighting candles, so these have been the perfect escape, especially if you want a pamper night etc. I'm definitely going to bring them to uni, these particular type are also great because they don't let off a lot of smoke (I definitely wouldn't be popular if I set off our buildings fire alarm), they're such a great alternative, I can't rave about them enough!

Choker Necklaces I'm aware I'm a bit behind on this trend, but I went to Bologna a little while ago and picked up this necklace. Almost all of the 'jewellery' I wear are travelling bracelet, leather kind of style and I'm not really one for elaborate decor so when I spotted this, I fell in love. I have a black leather pandora which matches the necklace pictured. When I first saw chokers were coming back in fashion I wasn't a big fan, especially when people started wearing the black elastic-y ones you wear when you're 8. But these styles have really caught my eye, and I wish I'd picked up more!

Face Masks  I'm not sure if it's stress or a change in diet, but since moving to Italy my skin has been so inconsistent, it's become my worst enemy. I've always had clear, although dry, skin and so although I'm lucky it means when I get one spot, everyone's focus is on that point of my face. My host mum is a very big on skin care routines, something I've never really had, apart from exfoliating a couple of times a week. But about twice a week, after showering, I've started to use this bottled face mask for 15 minutes. And I swear to God, I feel like a changed woman. Not only is it amazing because it's in a bottle so I don't have to do the whole 'rip and tear' thing, but it's lasted a really long time. The one pictured is from Kiko Milano, an Italian brand, but I'm pretty sure other brands around the world will do bottled face masks too, I've just never seen them before!

Minty-Bluey Nail Polish  I'm going to lay my cards on the table and be honest here, the nail varnish in the picture is not actually the one I wanted to put in, but at the time, I couldn't find my Essie 'Rock the Boat' nail polish to put in the photo. I actually discovered later it was in my hand bag, whoops! Anyway, although it looks slightly duller, in real life these two nail varnishes are pretty much exactly the same, although the Essie has a slightly bluer undertone. But the moral f the story is, I am obsessed with this colour nail varnish, it's spring-y and it's a beautiful shade and it looks great when you have a tan. New fave.

Tommy Girl This one's a bit cheeky as I actually got the Tommy Hilfiger perfume for Christmas, but I also got a lot of others, and haven't really had a chance to give it a try. However, there's no going back now I've tried it. Normally I'm more of a sweet perfume time of person, I love vanilla's and floral smells, but this is a bit of a turn around on my usual. I can definitely see a business woman or a sports woman wearing it for some reason, but I love it. It's also great because it lasts pretty much all day, so you don't need to use too much!

Notebooks  To put it plainly, I am a bit of a stationary gatherer. I am faithful to no notebook and have about 50 half written notebooks lying around. It's an addiction I am trying to cure but to no avail, especially when on my recent trip to Tuscany I came across these gorgeous hard back notebooks and realised I had to add them to the collection! They're both so gorgeous and I love the designs on both of them, I just felt like it was a crime not to pick them up. I'm actually sending them home with my mother when she comes because I want to use them for university and not just abandon them when I find owl decorated ones or something!

Letters Since being in Italy, I've become a big fan of old fashioned letter writing. One of my aunty's bought me a Cath Kidston writing set as a going away present, and I've nearly finished the whole thing. I love love love writing to people, which actually brings me onto my next point, I was thinking of maybe doing a spot of letter writing to you, my lovely readers. It blows my mind when I see people from Singapore, Australia, India etc all read my blog, and I think it would be a really wonderful way to get to know some of you. If you do feel comfortable with becoming 'pen pals' of sorts, then please send me an e-mail (it's on mycontact page) obviously I'll need your address so please only do it if you're happy to give me that information! I think letters are so underrated with all this modern day technology, and it would make me so happy! If I get loads of requests then I probably will have to pick a few of you out at random, but I will respond to all the emails and will try my hardest to get as many done as possible! 

I hope you all have wonderful weekends, have a drink on me! My last ever year as a teenager, it's all a bit sad really. Let me know if you think the letter writing is a good idea in the comments! 

Ciao for Now! 


  1. The letter writing idea sounds absolutely awesome! I would personally love to have a proper pen-pal because despite the fact the internet is awesome for making friends abroad, there's nothing that can quite replace a good ole, old fashioned letter :D
    Thank you for sharing your favourites! I do have to agree about the nail varnish, I bought that colour this weekend and it's beautiful :)

  2. I agree, the letter writing idea sounds so lovely. I've been wanting a pen pal for a little while now and it'd be so nice to revert back to old-fashioned snail mail.
    I am also a huge notebook hoarder. I don't think I've ever finished a notebook but I tend to start new ones all the time!


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