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29 May 2014

Tuscany Mini Break Snaps

Over the weekend, myself and my host family went on a little Tuscan holiday for 4 days. It was such a lovely experience and I ended up taking way too many photo's on my trusty iPhone, so I thought I'd share some with you. As is the norm with me, I have a good few stories to tell of my trip, but I thought I'd do two separate posts. Here are some of my favourite snaps from the holiday, and the detail life stories will come maybe-possibly tomorrow! Have a cheeky peak at the book I'm reading in the poolside picture, I'm sure it will make you laugh. I didn't realise what I was about to read as I took the picture!

Just a few of my many snaps, keep an eye out for the writing post!

Ciao for Now!

28 May 2014

Pointless Degrees

In the UK, we use a search site called UCAS to help us decide where we want to go to University and what to study. You type in the degree of choice or even just a word relating to a degree and suddenly you are inundated with results. At school, it was demonstrated to us simply by typing the word 'pig' and sure enough, at least 10 results appeared to do with the little pink animal. 

This is an extremely sensitive topic, at school I remember being sat at lunch and a particularly bitchy girl was slagging off English Literature degrees. At the time, me and 2 of the other girls at the table had just applied and got offers from University for that very same course. Obviously we were offended, who wouldn't be? But with rates of unemployment going up for graduates and the amount of people earning degrees also rising, people have began this talk of a 'pointless degree'. These typically range from non-vocational degrees that don't lead to a particular path, unlike medicine graduates or education graduates to the more obscure degrees which have come around in the past five years or so, like 'horticultural studies'. Students have begun to treat degrees with a hierarchy, Law or Medical student? You're right at the top. Film and Television Studies? Not so much. 

In my opinion, there are definitely some things you don't need a degree for. You don't need a degree to ride horses and you don't need a degree to learn how to farm. But if you want to go to University for the experience, to meet new people, and if you work your ass off and end up with a 2:1 or a first, whatever the subject. Then who is really to say it's pointless. If somebody comes out of University with a degree in Horticultural Studies but has got their act together, knows what they want to do and used their time at uni to make contacts for once they've graduated then they're far better off than the Law student who didn't really know what to do, thought Law sounded intelligent, ended up hating it, pissed around for 3 years and came out with a 2:2. A pointless degree only exists if you make it pointless. If you make it worthwhile then it can be of complete value.

I think education, much like life, is what you make of it. If you don't want to go to university then good for you. But make the most of the free time, get out there and find something you love to do and earn money. Earn money so you can support yourself and support a family and don't end up living with your parents when you're 40. Equally, if you do want go to university, find something you're passionate about and prove you love it, do extra curricular classes, join sports teams, be active in your role as a student. Just don't let it go to waste. People underestimate the worth of life experience. But if you have one graduate who's never worked a day in his/her life up against somebody who has traveled and experienced new things, met new people, employers will often vouch for the latter. I honestly believe a degree isn't everything, but experience definitely is. Who cares if you don't know what you want to be 'when you grow up', my dad says he still doesn't know and he's 52. It's all about what you make of it, to prove that your degree isn't pointless at all. 

I know this is a very controversial topic, and knowing my majority demographic is teenage girls,  I'd love to hear some opinions and views in comments or through email. 

Ciao for now!


24 May 2014

Life Update: Friends, Falls and Desperate Housewives

So here's a not-so-hilarious story, I came up with title of this blog today in a cafe whilst killing a bit of time, and as I came out of the cafe to catch my bus, I tripped up the bus stairs and got wedged between the doors which had chosen this opportune moment to close. A couple of seconds of panicking and passengers shouting up the bus to the driver to open up the doors, and I was freed. And that, my lovely minions, is called tempting fate.

I've done a lot of rambling opinion, quirky posts recently but it's been quite a while since I dipped my toes into the 'Life Update' series, and as my Italian life has taken a turn for the better I thought it was about time tell you about it. Some of you may know that whilst I was in England, the friends I'd made in Italy finished their exchange courses and went back to their various home countries. Meaning that when I returned I was very lonely and very bored. However, last Wednesday I went to a cafe (I spend my life in them) and sat down next to a group of four girls who, to my absolute joy, were all talking English. After sitting next to them, sneaking glances, pretending to read my book and having a massive inner self battle of whether to talk to them, I finally plucked up the courage and said 'um... excuse me... I don't mean to interrupt... are you British?' Thankfully they were all absolutely lovely and jumped straight into conversation with me. Two of the girls were German, one was from England and one was from Scotland and I am pretty sure I said the phrase 'I have no friends' at least twice. Obviously they didn't think I was a nut job though because we exchanged numbers and they have since taken me under their wing and I've been out with them a good few times since. Hooray!!

Whilst on the subject of friends, there is a certain human who has been my blogging savior for the past week or so. Google has not been my friend recently and for some reason my computer blocked me from it, including blogger and youtube. Because of this, last week I had to find a trustworthy friend to get onto my blogger and publish the posts I had pre-written, as well as adding in some pictures I'd sent him. And now this week I am going on holiday to Tuscany, so whilst this is a post written by yours truly, it is being published on demand by said trusted human. Who is this boy? Where can we find one? I hear you ask. Well luckily James just started up his own blog, so if you would like to find him, you can find him here. Please be nice, he's a good -actually fantastic- egg.

The initial reason for 'Falls' in the title, was actually because on the night pictured above, just as I thought things were going really well and I was playing it cool and not being awkward and generally Alice-like, I managed to trip down a curb. And after being heaved up and brushing it off, I decided to just leave it and keep dancing the night away. I actually didn't check it until Saturday night, a full 2 days later. What a bloody mistake. The majority of my foot was a beautiful shade of black, blue and yellow and I decided I should forget the next day's trip to Bologna and rest it. So my Sunday was quite literally a day of rest, and I spent it, quite happily, in a Desperate Housewives Marathon. I acquired a recent addiction to the programme, I just feel like however much I want to be Gabby Solis, Susan Myers is my spirit animal.


As I mentioned, right now I'm in Tuscany with my host family for a short break. As I'm pre-writing this I have no idea what it will involve, but I know they're fairly active so I doubt I'll be doing much relaxing by the pool. Once again I've rambled on and on and on. I'm sorry, please forgive.

Ciao for Now!


21 May 2014

Who Runs The World?

If you've been a regular reader for a while, or had a cheeky flick through some of my older stuff, you may have noticed I like to think of myself as an advocate for us girls. Not in the sense of burning my bra or throwing myself under a horse, but I just feel we are great and every so often it deserves shouting about. I wrote a post a few months back on Reasons To Love Being A Girl and it was received rather well..... with a majority demographic of teenage to young adult females, I wonder why! Well today, I am yet again hoisting my not-so-small's in the air and have decided to throw out some of my favourite female fictional characters. I'm pretty sure we've all read books or watched films or seen a TV programme and just thought, I bloody wish I was as strong/cool/sassy/awesome as that person. So I thought I'd throw my top women humans out there from the fictional land, and you may find out a bit about me and my terribly cliche taste too.

1) Christina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
Oh Christina. If only I was witty, sassy, hard as a nail and intelligent, then I might give her a run for her money. Christina Yang is (or was, she just left, sob sob) the head of Cardiothoracic surgery in the hospital. She survived a shooting and a plane crash and she's not wet and drippy, and I also have a soft spot for her because her friendship with her best friend Meredith is identical to mine and my best friends. Plus she gets extra points because the actress who plays her also plays Principle Gupta in The Princess Diaries. Let me be you.

2) Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy was one of my favourite television shows when I was younger. It was on at a time when I was just about old enough to watch it, but still young enough to be scared into believing that Vampires could exist and the entry to hell was probably located in my school. She was my first taste at having a secret identity, normal school girl by day, awesome vampire killer by night and I wanted to be Buffy. There's no two ways about it. But looking back I definitely can't blame my younger self, if only she'd met Edward Cullen and saved us all four films of pain. She'd have been able to kick his ass blindfolded.

3) Matilda - Matilda...
When I was little I felt like Matilda was my spirit animal. I don't have evil parents and none of my head teachers ever threw me out of an open window... and no, I don't have super powers. But growing up Matilda made me feel like it was cool to be a massive book worm, and that is more than I can say for any of my real life friends at the time. I remember going into the local library and being disappointed because there wasn't a massive arm chair for me to sit on by myself and I spent my young life trying to impress librarians with my extensive book knowledge. Matilda isn't your classic hero but I'll always love how she overcame things through reading books. Although more importantly she taught herself telekinesis and messed with all the bad people using her powers. And she ended up living with Miss Honey, another character I desperately  wanted in my life. I still go through stages of wanting to me a primary school teacher just so I can be the Miss Honey of their lives. Before reminding myself my surname is Dodd and it just doesn't have the same ring to it really.

4) Hermione Granger- Harry Potter Series
We all knew she'd come up eventually. Maybe it's because she too was a book worm, maybe it's the fact she was a witch, or maybe it was the make-over in the fourth book that I so desperately wanted in my own life. Hermione Granger was my hero. And arguably still is. Every world book day and every halloween (she was a witch ok) for about 3 years straight, I dressed up as Hermione. She started off as an insufferable know-it-all and eventually she turns into the human who holds it all together. Of course she does, she's a girl. We're fantastic like that. I was about 7 when I read my first Harry Potter Book and decided Hermione Granger was my role model, 12 years later and she still is.

5) Mulan- Mulan
I never ever said I wouldn't include animated humans. They're still fictitious and Mulan, as the poster girl for strong, independent women everywhere, definitely deserves a mention. Not only did she risk her life and defy the feminist laws of her country, she also made a dragon friend and then kicked butt at everything and did it better than any man in the programme. All whilst singing songs. Fantastic.

6) Gabrielle Solis - Desperate Housewives
As an ex-model, gold digging, shallow, adulterous woman, Gabby Solis doesn't exactly scream 'Female inspiration'. And I definitely wouldn't advise aspiring to be like her, because in the real world, you will almost definitely end up in prison. But despite her many flaws, Gabrielle Solis is also (arguably) the greatest house wife of our time. And if you're going to be a house wife, you might as well do it well. Aka, by doing absolutely no chores and living off your pretty-sexist husbands riches. As the series goes on, Gabrielle Solis definitely changes as a character and stops becoming the air head. Partly because of how great she is at winning every argument between her and her husband ever, but also because we learn about her and her past in depth and watch her go through it all. Gabrielle Solis is the kind of woman who would hear about your break up and come over with a giant bottle of wine and a taboo doll. I might not want to be her, but I wouldn't mind if she was my best friend.

7) Tris Prior - The Divergent Series
I had a little bit of a self battle between whether to include Tris Prior or Katniss Everdeen. And even though they're very different people, the similarities are too obvious so I felt I had to pick one and eventually chose Tris Prior. There are several reasons why I just felt like she outshines Katniss (although nobody will ever outshine Jennifer Lawrence). For a start, her boy drama does not encompass her. She shoves aside her relationship with Four whenever she needs to and makes saving her world the priority, then has a little ponder about it later. Plus, Tris immediately jumps into action when things get bad whereas Katniss waits around a bit and has to be persuaded. There are good and bad points about them both and I know people love and are loyal to Katniss, but if anyone else has read both book series there is a small chance maybe they agree that Tris is probably a better advocate for us ladies. She also didn't pretend to be married or pregnant to escape the wrath of a leader, as soon as she was found out, she fought and she fought right until the very end. And that is just really really cool.

8) Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen aka my current favourite woman's hero. I feel like when I was 8 and obsessed with Hermione. Just that now, I'm obsessed with a ruthless killer. Daenerys went from meek, obliging teenager to a fearsome empress. When her older brother essentially sold her to the Dothhraki as a young bride, Daenerys learnt that you must be strong enough to let no man push you around. A feminist mantua that we can all get on board with here. As the series escalated it became clear that if you lay a hand on Daenerys then you will lose it. She also throws herself into Dothraki life, remember when she was pregnant and ate the raw heart? There's also the whole mother of the dragons thing. If the gorgeous, man killing, leader didn't win you over, the fact that she has a pet dragon most definitely should.

This list could be endless. I also went through phases of being infatuated with Olive Penderghast, Callie Tores, Blair Waldorf and of course as I mentioned, the one and only Katniss Everdeen. But I knew I would be sat here all day long just googling pictures of my favourite people, and in the back of my mind I know it's better to get out and live the Italian life than do so. However I really hope you like this post, I know I've had a few lists going on recently so I hope you don't mind. And I'd love to hear your own opinions or anyone you'd add/remove! Enjoy the rest of the week, it's Wednesday so we're almost there.

Ciao for Now!


18 May 2014

30 Day Challenge But Not Really

As always, I am breaking the rules. I saw this post by Ella, about writing a post every day for 30 days and fulfilling each criteria. But because I'm me, and I'm a little bit stubborn, I don't really want to do that. However I really love the whole sharing personal bits of life thing, so what I thought I'd do, is take my favourite questions/ideas from this challenge and write about them all in this post. And then if you have a burning desire to ask me one of the ones I haven't answered, just leave it in the comments and if I get enough I will write a whole different post. I just think this way, you don't have to put up with my rambling every day for 30 days straight, my Facebook friends don't have to put up with daily 'New Blog Post!' status' and I don't have to pretend to you that I will be writing one every day but then taking actually half a year to do a month challenge. You see! Win win win win!

Where You'd Like To Be in 10 Years
I've chosen this one because it's a bit of a tough one. In an ideal world I would be blogging for a living, engaged or married to a tall, dark, handsome doctor, living in a big country house close to the sea. But unfortunately, the chances of this happening are, I reckon, a solid 0%. So in a more realistic life, I have to be honest and say I'm not sure where I'd like to be in terms of employment. I feel like I'm yet to find my niche, and although I love blogging, it is definitely more of a hobby. Cliche as it is, I'd love to be a writer or a journalist, but I'm not sure on how likely it is to happen. And I don't know about the tall, dark, handsome Doctor, but by the age of 28/29 I definitely hope I'll have found somebody I want to spend my life with. Terrifying as that is. Bloody hell.

Somewhere You'd Like To Live or Visit
Two places where I genuinely stop and think, wow heaven really is a place on earth, but in two completely different ways. I'd love to visit Bora Bora because look at it. I am only human. I would love to spend a couple of weeks there, but I don't think I'd want to live there. However, I would love to live in New York. Did any of you realise how much of a walking cliche I am? I know that's an impossible fete so I will settle on London. Maybe too much Gossip Girl has got to my head (although really, there is no such thing as too much GG), but I would kill to live in Manhattan.

How Important Education Is
If you look back through my posts, you will see there are a couple that have a few words about my opinion on education, but for the most part I am ranting about exams and how I don't think your future should be defined within an hour/two hour written paper, when at the end of the day everybody has different strengths. Despite this, I do think education in itself is very important. Although I'm not sure the curriculum itself has the right priorities, (trigonometry anyone) I think being educated to a certain level is incredibly important, and in some ways, I think particularly the English system of studying four intense subjects when you're 16/17 if you want to, is pretty good. It means that yes I hate science, and dropped it as soon as humanly possible, but I still know about photosynthesis, and I still know bits and bobs about the anatomy. I know it's a very subjective matter, but I think being uneducated is, not always but on occasion, being ignorant to the world around you. I believe we should concentrate on the future but learn from past mistakes through history, and I think young people should read 1984 by George Orwell. The problem I have is with being examined on it.

5 Pictures of Famous Men You're Attracted To
There are truly no words to describe the absolute joy I had in searching for all of these photos... if for some bizarre reason you don't know who they are, then in order these are my Top 5 Men- Leonardo Di Caprio, Ed Westwick, Zac Efron, Douglas Booth and Edward Wilding.

Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit Your Personality
I am one of those humans who has no loyalty to opinion. I change my mind about whether I'm superstitious almost daily, and despite always saying how Zodiac and Horoscopes meann nothing to me, I have two apps on my phone, and I always find myself on the horoscopes page of magazine. The truth is, I'm a bit skeptical but I like to stay on the safe side. To add to this, my zodiac is a Gemini and the accuracy of my personality is bizarrely faultless. There are lots of different versions of the Gemini horoscope, but the general consensus is that we are friendly communicative people who would make excellent PR's or salesmen/women, if we aren't tempted into media or acting work. Gemini's are indecisive, unstable and incoherent emotionally, but are gifted at contact and discussion with others. Because of our open and communicative nature, people often seek out Gemini's for advice and sympathy, Gemini's tend to be good in times of crisis. The word that generally rules a Gemini is 'Change' and as a generally smart and curious sign, Gemini is often conflicted by emotion and intellect. 

To put it frankly, I could not actually pinpoint my personality any better than what I've just written. So yes, my Zodiac fits my personality perfectly.

As I said, if you see any question you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email! If I get enough I'll happily write another of these when my writing brain runs dry! I hope you've all had fabulous weekends.

Ciao for Now 

14 May 2014

Youtube Culture

I am, a self confessed internet human. And if you found my blog via Louise, the chances are you've noticed the title of my post thrown around a lot during the past couple of months. After umm-ing and ahh-ing about how to put my own opinion across on the whole scenario, it seemed very obvious to me that writing it out was probably the best method. And I know earlier today Zoella actually wrote a post about her own experience and about the transformation of her own life. At first I was a bit unsure about posting this, but I figure the chances are, if you read blogs, you probably watch vloggers too. And from the response of my ITAtube post, clearly a lot of you watch and follow the same people I do. I'm really sorry if this post is a bit wishy washy, I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on the whole matter and although writing is what I do best (...after eating) I can't guarantee this post will make a whole lot of sense. It might just be a big word vomit. But I will try my best.

In the past year or so, the Youtube world has blown up a storm. To give some kind of example, I know that on Christmas Eve 2012/2013, Zoe Sugg was celebrating hitting 300'000 subscribers.... and Christmas Eve 2013/2014, she hit 2 million, almost half a year later and 5million is in the not-so-distant future. Personally, I find that absolutely mind blowing. I joined the Zoella club when she was probably at about 10'000-20'000 followers, I'm not 100% sure, but I found her after she posted on Louise's youtube to tell all of us loyal Sprinklerino's that Louise was in labour, yup with Baby Glitter, and yup that gives you a bit of an idea of how long I have followed them both.

Since the discovery of vloggers, I've always found a slight fascination with them. I read blogs way before I started the Youtube world, and I think it probably just comes with being a nosey human. It's probably the same kind of fascination people get with Big Brother, they're just ordinary people living ordinary lives, but somehow, because it's not your life, you find it interesting. My own blog is a perfect example of this, why would anyone other than me be bothered with my awkward life scenario's and dilemma's? Yet there's still quite a lovely lot of you who read every post! (Slightly off course there Alice), anyway, I couldn't tell you what causes me, or anyone else to watch and read these people and what they have to say, but I know that the more we do watch and read about them, the more we grow attached. And in my personal, humble opinion, this is probably where the problem is beginning. Unfortunately, whilst there are many level headed humans out in the world, there are a lot who don't understand the boundaries and the vast life change a lot of the Youtubers have had in the past year or so of their lives. I think a lot of viewers believe that they watch these people, weekly if not more, and thus they know them inside out. They feel like they have a connection. And although I'm not saying it's not reciprocated, I am sure a lot of girls are disappointed when they come to the realisation that they are actually one of many. There's only one Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella, but there are millions of us. Unfortunately, the people who forget this are in the younger demographic. Please don't think I'm painting you all with the same brush, I'm just saying that generally it is 12-15year olds, who kick up the most fuss when attending events like SITC, Vidcon or Playlist Live and of course, it can be very over whelming. For instance, I queued up at ITAtube for a good couple of hours to meet Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes and Caspar Lee. You may have seen the tweets from the Youtubers themselves, but on the first day, the security was horrific and there were 20 odd girls pouncing on the poor guys. I finally got to the very front of the queue, I mean literally I was being pushed into the barrier by the rest of the queuing girls,when an official looking lady came and told the guard that it was time to finish. No more people allowed up. Of course I was disappointed, you always know somebody will be that person, but you never expect it to be you. But I understood the boys had been doing meet and greets with hundreds of girls for a two hours and they were only human, they needed to rest. Despite this, around me there were girls absolutely sobbing. One girl next to be broke down and fell to the floor. Even for me, just a viewer, the situation was distressing watching all these girls tear apart. After about 10 minutes of this, the boys actually agreed to stay for an extra half an hour, so I got my 2 second hello from 3 of the boys and the other two were so surrounded by girls that after all the queuing, I didn't even get to meet them and tell them how much I enjoyed their content. Was it all worth it? Probably not.

As I said, this was just my experience as a viewer. So imagine the feelings of the Youtubers themselves, I'm sure they're heart broken when they see all of the girls screaming and crying as they make their way off the stage. I think it's all gotten a bit much, and I'm not even the one receiving the treatment. Unfortunately though, solutions are pretty scarce. The best I can really come up with are for Youtubers to hold competitions and have a big sit down coffee/cake session with 10 or so viewers, in order to have a really good chat and discussion. 
Playlist Live Audience source
I also wanted to briefly become a mother to my minions and remind you of the little fact that Youtubers present to you one side of them. Yes there are definitely some very open and honest youtubers, but at the end of the day, we do not know them or know what they are like in every day life. And it is something that in recent weeks, has definitely hit the Youtube 'community' hard, with certain situations coming to light. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, have a nose around and you will soon find out). Safety is definitely important, and you should never feel like just because you watch somebody's videos, you know them inside out. You really really don't. Generally, I like to think Youtube is full of good eggs, but you can never be too careful and you must remind yourselves you've never actually met these people before. Basically, stay sensible and stay safe, that's all I want to say!

As for idolisation, I think that's definitely a very controversial matter. I can understand why a lot of Youtubers might not feel they deserve the kind of attention they get. I'm going to be totally honest and throw it out there, vlogging is not much of a talent. Yes, you need to come across well on camera, but it's easy to pick up a camera and start talking to it one day. I'm not talking about the editing side, some of that is a real talent, but to idolize somebody because they sit in their bedroom is a bit silly in my opinion. I do think however, it's very different if you idolise Youtubers based on acts as opposed to personality. For instance, I think Jack and Finn are incredible, because they are fully aware of their popularity but they are putting it to incredible use, raising money for charities etc and each video clearly has a lot of time and effort put into it. You may (like me) admire Louise because of her approach to weight and basically how much it doesn't matter, big or small, fat or thin, if you are happy then that's what is important. And you may feel that Zoe has helped you to get through anxiety or made you aware of life beyond panic attacks etc. All of these are great traits, and if anything, these Youtubers should be admired and idolised for this. Not because of how beautiful they are or how shiny their hair is.

Youtube is a completely different place now. And it makes me a little bit sad... people originally posted videos because they loved filming and making them, with absolutely no idea how much it would blow up. But now, girls and boys are getting into Youtube because they want and  expect to get famous. And I think that is not the answer at all. Youtube is an absolutely incredible platform, but it is abused a lot right now as a means to make money. (I also want to add that I know I've been talking about making vlogs recently, but I actually posted vlogs on my channel back in 2009/2010 before turning into a music channel and making them all private!). 

Anyway, I think this is a bit of food for thought. And I would love to know everybody elses opinion on the matter!! Please feel free to bombard my comments and email with essays of opinion! I hope you don't mind the hefty post, I just felt like I needed to say something about it all! 

Ciao for now! 

12 May 2014

New Reading Content Please!

Hello, hello, hello! This is just a drop-in if you will. I have a favor to ask you lovely humans. In fact, I have two favors to ask. I know, what a bloody cheek. But I best get on with it. Ok, so firstly, I would love for you to comment with your links on this post. My bloglovin' dashboard is running a bit dry. And I hate the system on the site, which means the blogs are in order of popularity, so some really secretly amazing blogs aren't getting their slice of the pie, just because they're new and don't have many followers. It is a secret pet hate of mine. So yes, please only if you have an up and running blog, (of any kind) I would love to have a nose! We all know I'm a very easy gal to please, so that would be wonderful!

Ok so the next one is a little bit cheeky, but I feel obliged to do so. I managed to gather my little following almost over night (well over the course of a month) thanks to Louise aka SprinkleofGlitter. And I am delighted to say that a couple of my friends have also hopped onto the blogging wagon. I genuinely think the more the merrier, and I'm actually a bit overwhelmed that people have read my blog and started up after being inspired by my own. When I first started writing, I was terrified of posting it on my Facebook in fear of people freaking out, but it's all been for the greater good really. Because now I have all you lot and we are slowly building an Alice's Antics kingdom. Okay, maybe not a kingdom, but we have a small village going on here and I love it/you... Anyway, the point is, (massive divergence there Alice) I would love it if you could have a cheeky peak at any of these blogs. They're all my real life human friends. I know it's hard to believe I have any, but they are. I'm also actually the designer behind all their blogs, so I guess if anyone has any designing questions feel free to email me via my contact page!

You may even notice there are some men in there. Yes ladies, real men with all the bits and all of that. Which I personally think is brilliant. We need some more men in the blogging world, there just aren't enough right now. 

I hope you've all had lovely weekends! Don't forget to comment with your blog!
Ciao for now 

10 May 2014

The Wedding Rut

It's half past seven on a Saturday evening. Am I donning my most sultry dress and making myself up for a night on the town? No. Am I waiting for a casual night of drinks and nibbles with some of my Italian friends? No.  Am I currently sat on my bed, air con full blast, pajamas on, watching video after video after video, a pile of tissues to my left, and a bottle of ice tea to my right? Bingo. My make up is running down my face and I'm sniffling as if I've just watched Bambi followed by Marley and Me followed by Titanic. So, what is the cause for all of this, why am I a sniveling wreck on my bed? I will tell you my lovely gorgeous minions but please do not judge me. The reason, is weddings. Wedding proposals, wedding speeches, I am in a rut. A wedding rut. And I just can't seem to come out. It started with an innocent click on a video which had appeared on my Facebook timeline of a woman singing her way down the aisle, and quickly but surely, it escalated into this. I've seen flash mobs, I've seen surprise trips to Paris, I've seen proposals done via cinema screen, I've watched songs from the best man, poems from the groom. I think I'm going insane. Wedding insane. What the bloody hell is wrong with me.

When I was younger, I was never much of a wedding girl. I wasn't the 8 year old planning her wedding, who would be her bridesmaids. It was something I was never really interested in... until 10 years later. 10 years on and it's all hit me now, looking at dresses, looking at colour schemes, last year I actually planned my wedding as a form of procrastination and now and again I get it up out of its very secret hiding place on my computer and have a little browse through the plan. I personally feel I can blame Pinterest for this sudden addiction to all things wedding-y. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. For brides to be, it is perfect for new and inventive ideas, but for single teenage girls with nothing better to do with their lives, it is a fiasco and a sham. 

I haven't been to many weddings in my little life, only four. But I do genuinely love them. I love everything from the dress to the table decor to the grooms face when the bride comes down the aisle. Until two hours ago I was having a hugely productive day, I got up before 12 and everything. But now I'm in such a gooey place, it's easy to forget that around me is piles of clothes and there's washing up in the sink that needs to be done. I don't often moan about being single, I quite like the life of independence and free will, but if I found a Prince who did the washing up I definitely wouldn't be complaining.

For the minute though, it looks like I'm just going to have to sit among my tissues and continue with this wedding video escapade. Any future man of mine has got a lot to live up to, thanks to these youtube men. Let's just hope any man that walks into my life doesn't read my blog...

Ciao for now!

6 May 2014

Continuous Rambling

Prepare your bodies gals (and guys). This is a long'un. Today I'm doing something I never do. Right now I am sat in a cafe waiting to pick up Edoardo from Judo- the glamorous life of an au pair- and this is definitely going to confuse some of you, but I'm actually writing in my notebook for it to be typed up later. That's right. I'm the cultured girl sat in the beautiful cafe, drinking a cappuccino and writing about life... Except sadly, this is a road side cafe, I'm drinking iced tea because past experience has taught me the coffee here is lethal and although I am sat at my own table, a large 40 year old Italian bloke has just come and sat down at my table. So I am concentrating on writing and don't really know what to do.

I feel a bit like I should have started this 'post' off with Dear Diary, because that's what this is like and pre-warning, this post is a little bit diary like. In fact, I've been thinking. I know this may be a shock to some of you... Alice, thinking, really?! But it's true. And mostly I've been thinking about the dangerous territory that is my life. Over thinking everything is a bit of a superpower of mine, but I have some confessions and thoughts that I need to throw out there. And I've decided this is the way to go about it, after all this is my little internet space, and I've experienced first hand how lovely and supportive you all are, no matter how much I go on and on and on and on and on.

So firstly, confession time. Don't worry I'm not about to let you in on my secret drug habit or assassination past. To throw it out there, I am leaving the land of pizza and sexy Italian men, early. I know. Unfortunately I don't really feel like divulging why... I had to have a big think about it and I'd be lying if I said I don't feel like a bit of a failure. But anyway, instead of September, I will be coming back in July. Despite my initial 'oh my god, I'm a failure how will I ever show my face in my tiny Dorset town ever again' attitude, I've actually taken a positive approach. I will have spent 6 and a half months living and working in a foreign country. I've learnt an adequate amount of a language I only knew 'Hello' in when arriving, and I've made some amazing friends. I know it sounds like I'm trying to justify myself and my life choices to you... and that's probably because I am...

Okay, next up, if you haven't noticed, my posts are long. Like really long. Longer than 99% of the other blogs I read. And whilst I don't think that's a problem (clearly my favourite humans -you- don't mind it), I also feel like I need another outlet. Which is why as soon as humanly possible, ideally within the next couple of months, I will be starting up my Youtube channel. I know I've talked a bit about this before, but it's super important to me that you all know I am not abandoning blogging life. I'm not replacing the B with a V.. I will stay here as long as people read this (and probably beyond that)! Also when the time comes, I'd really really appreciate a bit of support and lovin'! Simply because I'm just not the kind of human to bombard other videos asking to be watched. There's nothing wrong with that, I know plenty of people who do. But similar to when I started blogging, I don't want people to feel obliged to watch me! If you like it, HOORAY! If you don't like it then obviously that's fine too, and if you feel like throwing various objects at my face whilst watching then please let me down gently in comments etc. I'll try really hard not to cry. I promise.

So far I've written two and a half A4 pages. What has my life come to. I haven't even talked to you about the incident last Sunday where I was approached and hit on by a man in the super market.... whilst I was buying tampons. Keeping it classy! I've had a sudden urge of motivation and inspiration and feel like the white blank page that has been sat in my brain for so long finally has some colours and swirly patterns on it, so hopefully you will get some entertaining not-a-diary entry posts. I'd also LOVE it, if you could go and have a sneaky peak at my friend Will's blog. That's right, a fella is joining us. He's just started a fashion/lifestyle blog, I always think it's worth checking new people out and somebody really really fabulous designed his blog (....yup... that would be me..). Apologies for today if anyone really hates ramblers. Although I feel like if you hated ramblers, you probably wouldn't have reached the end, then I can only assume you enjoy my posts... or you are procrastinating.

Ciao for now 

P.S. Last night I found myself watching Youtube interviews with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone... which then led onto watching Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.... and then I discovered Sam Claflin. I mean, really discovered him. I didn't notice him much in Catching Fire really but can we all thank the Lord tonight that Sam Claflin exists? What an incredible human being. Blimey. 

2 May 2014

Spring/Summer Haul

IT'S HERE! This has been sat in my drafts for a good 10 days now, but I've decided to bite the bullet and just publish this bloody post. I don't know why I'm nervous about it, we all know I'm no fashionista, and it's mainly at the request of others that I've made this post. I think it's a bit out of my comfort zone- how can I be witty and awkward when writing about clothes? I can't. So instead I am going to do a classic haul type post, and show you what I've bought and where. I've noticed that in recent months the gals I usually turn to when I watch 'hauls' have either acquired more expensive tastes, or have been sponsored to do the videos. Which is all very well and dandy for them, but as a nearly-19 year old with next to no money, I can't afford French Connection and actually Boohoo's clothes are made for teeny tiny humans which I am most definitely not, so most of the time the fit is very awkward and ugly. So here we have the English classic bargain shops plus a couple of bits I've picked up at H&M whilst living here... it's the only shop I can afford. Hooray!

My shoes and shorts of choice

First up on my oh-so-lovely and newly washed bathroom mat, I have the shoes and shorts. Despite what I said about expensive stuff, I'm also going to be honest and say that I know one of the pairs of shoes are designer and although I shouldn't have to justify myself, I would like to point out that I did not buy them. They were given to me and they will definitely be coming out throughout the summer, so I had to put them into the haul. The Newlook shoes I have worn almost every day with literally anything and I am praying they hold out through summer because I'm in love. The H&M heel boots I think would look really good with tea dresses in the summer to make a soft look a bit more harsh, I would also wear them with jeans or leggings to a meal as they're high enough to look fancy but not so high you look like a try hard. 

Black faux leather strapped platforms- New Look £24.99
Dark grey with black heel zipped ankle boots- H&M £19.99
Patent dark green real leather sneakers with white sole - Dolce&Gabbana EXPENSIVE

Navy blue and white high waiste embroidered shorts £10
Stone wash basic denim shorts £6
Pale blue basic short shorts £6
All Primark

Both these dresses come to just above knee length. The first is in the most beautiful colour! I actually picked it up in December where it was reduced to £10, but I'm sure there will be more come in this season because lace is still very much 'in'. The second is capped sleeve which I love because it really flatters broad shoulders like mine, especially when paired with a scoop neckline. Because I've got ginormous boobs (cry) I often find the 'waist' hem is more like around my chest on skater dresses, but this dress is perfect for my body shape. It goes in at the waist and skims over hips, so is ideal for hour glass or pear shapes I think. 

Blue lace with chiffron lining A Line dress- £10 Topshop
Asymmetric Patterned skater dress- £10 Primark

Casual Tops
I actually bought 3 tops in Primark, but am wearing one right now (pale pink jersey top with dark pink long sleeves) and managed to spill coffee on it before deciding I would write the haul video. Typical Alice move. You might recognise the top on the right from Niomi Smart's most recent fashion haul. Both tops are super comfy and I plan to wear both just with shorts or leggings, nothing too fancy. I love the colour of the blood orange one, but it's a bit big for me so it may turn into a night time tshirt. 

Dark orange wing arm midi top- Primark £5
Light blue lace crochet top with plain back- Primark £5

Cover ups!
These are arguably my favorites from what I bought. The cream lace blazer on the right is perfect to cover up with in the evening, and because it's lace it would also dress up and outfit. The only problem I've found is that I will probably wait to lose a bit more weight to wear it because I carry all my weight on my hips, and the cut off point for this blazer doesn't flatter them at all! However I love it and am adamant to wear it over the summer so will have to put in the work- just another incentive! The kimono on the right has already become a bit of a staple piece, on its first outing I had three compliments on it from strangers! The colours are so beautiful and because I tend to wear dark colours, it makes these stand out. I've worn it so far as an overall with a black dress, and with a black tshirt, denim shorts and my black New Look shoes from above. It just adds a bit of life and colour and I love it. 

Cream Lace Blazer- Primark £12
Wild Flower Kimono/Beach Cover- Matalan £6

I really hope you enjoyed my first haul! It's been highly requested, and I know the pictures aren't professional or anything but I am a blogger not a photographer, sorry! Hopefully this has given you some inspiration and if you like these kinds of posts or want more of them, feel free to comment or email! Hopefully I didn't do too badly, and I am SORRY about the photography, I wanted it to look much nicer but it was almost impossible with the amount of time I had!

Ciao for now! 

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