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3 April 2014

Life Update: That Youtube Thing

This is just a quickie! A couple of months ago, I posted a last minute video talking about how I'd been wanting to make lifestyle, talk-to-a-camera type videos for the past couple of years but had never gathered the courage. Before now, I used my channel to post the (very) occasional music video, but managed to acquire quite a following of little minions, considering I have only 15 videos on the account! If anyone knows me in real life they know I am not a particularly introvert person, I love interacting with absolutely anyone, if you get me started on a subject I really will never be quiet! In fact, half the reason I made a blog was for me to ramble on about the ailments of my own life. So for all of these reasons, (I have since removed  the video), I want to confirm that at some point in the near future I will definitely be making lifestyle videos on my channel.

My newly renovated Youtube channel is going to be like an extension of this blog, it has the same name (although a completely irrelevant URL made up by an 'awesome' 14 year old in 2009), and you will be able to find anything I post by simply writing 'Alices Antics'. I wanted to make a post on it because I feel like I need  to clarify that it's not something I'm going to do tomorrow, or even next week. I want to find the right kind of music, and I also have my heart set on buying a specific camera. But none the less I will be there, at some point, talking to a camera. 

Thank you for any support past and present. I am fully aware a lot of people aren't going to 'get' this whole Youtube thing, which is why after the first video, I'm not going to be posting about it on Facebook. I hope any friends and family appreciate this! You can have a look at my channel by clicking the link below, or the link above my picture in the right side bar.

Ciao for Now!


  1. Yay! I love watching youtube videos and it'll be great to see you around there too as well as here!
    Take Care love! :)

  2. this is very great! I watched many of your cover, and loved them just as much as your blog :)

  3. Ah! This is exciting! :) I've always wanted to do my own youtube and I think you'll do an awesome job seeing as your blog posts are really great! xxx Kenzie

    1. Hi me again I just wanted to say I watched your Royals cover and 1) It was really good wow and 2) I have the same portrait of NYC in my room that's on the wall behind you in that video. I thought that was so neat! okay bye :)

  4. Ah when you singing again?


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