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30 April 2014

Life Update: 50th Post, UKIP and Emotional Breakdowns

First off, this is my 50th blog post! Hooray! Considering I usually give up things after a week or two, I am seriously proud of keeping this going and slowly but surely gathering regular minions. I know I say it, but I truly don't say it enough how lucky I am to have so many readers that don't know me in real life. When I first started out, I thought it would just be my mum reading it as an obligatory thing, but you've proved me wrong and in the mean time have given me a bit more faith in myself!

This post isn't really about anything in particular, I haven't planned it but I think it'll be a little bit of chitchat and opinions on what's going on at the moment in my world and the rest of the world. If you didn't know from my Twitter I am leaving the land of pizza and pasta a little early than previously planned. The reasons are all a bit personal so I don't want to divulge, but it just means I am coming back at the beginning-middle of July instead of the start of September. In the mean time I will continue my search for an Italian husband and will probably gain five stone through gelato consumption, so my foreseeable Italian future is looking fairly rosy.

More seriously, I know this is not where you come to for a doom and gloom, I am the girl who writes about Disney films and chocolate treats, not the one who burdens you with facts of life. But I would like to take a minute to talk about the laughable UKIP elements in life and how a horrifying amount of young people are actually agreeing to some of their policies. That's right. Politics. I can politic. I don't want to elaborate on it too much but it's something that really has been grating on me recently and I'm just simply deleting anyone off my social networking sites who makes racist or homophobic comments. I understand everyone has different points of views and will be supporting different parties, but when the party you support is UKIP and has vile and discriminatory views, life is too short to be your Facebook friend. 

On a lighter note, I didn't really talk much in my last post about the 'Meeting Louise' moment, I glazed over it blissfully as if it was all a giant cupcake of fun. Sadly this is my life, and things never run smoothly. After gushing about how wonderful she was and taking a couple of horrendous pictures, I then proceeded to walk away, then realising I had forgotten Tanya Burr was also there, I ran back and was like 'I'M SO SORRY FOR FORGETTING YOU CAN I PLEASE HAVE A HUG', before promptly bursting into tears. That's right, I had an emotional breakdown. After hugging Tanya and pulling an 'oh my god what even am I' face at Louise, I quickly grabbed my bag and my phone and walked away, only to (in my blinded-by-mascara state) trip down the stairs, pick myself back up and hurrying over to my friend Rachel where I sobbed for a couple of minutes about how uncool I was. Excellent.

Before I dash off to watch more Grey's Anatomy (I'm rewatching it all on Netflix, despite being on S10 in real time), I would actually like to ask my favourite humans- that's you- something. Recently my mind has been running dry and I don't want to keep writing lists and reasons posts. It makes me feel a bit like a one trick pony. I was thinking of officialising... that's not a word... this blog as a 'Lifestyle' one, but chucking a bit of beauty and fashion into the mix occasionally. Is that all dandy with you? Are there any posts you'd like me to write or topics you want me to discuss? Please leave a comment or send me an email from my Contact page!

Ciao for Now 

27 April 2014

ITAtube - Viewer Experience

Please be warned this post contains awful iPhone photography and is a long'un but thought I'd get it all done!

Conventions. Everybody in the Youtubing community, vlogger or viewer, loves them. They give us all the chance to meet the people we watch weekly, and for us, the ones who have 'made it' are a bit like really accessible celebrities. Who wouldn't want to go to one when it's local? Needless to say, when I heard there was the first ever Italian Youtube convention being held less than an hour from me, I was excited. I found a friend, Rachel, to go with and the two of us booked our tickets, booked a hotel for two nights, and waited in anticipation for the weekend to finally arrive.

We woke up on Saturday morning at our ever so classy Holiday Inn, and after a short walk made it to the event a bit later than planned, but there was an obvious queue of teenage girls and we just joined the back and after about an hour of queuing, we were in. With our tickets we were given schedules which told us where each Meet and Greet was and what we wanted to do. Me and Rachel quickly planned our day so that we could see as many people as possible, and then joined a queue for Oli White. This was probably the smoothest part of the whole two days. The queue was long, but not too bad, and there was a gigantic surge of humans at the stage next to us for Tyler Oakley, so we were pretty content queuing for Oli, getting our picture and moving on to the next people we wanted to see. There were also events on the main stage, so we wanted to fit ourselves around this too.

Tyler at the M&G next to where I met Oli White
Pretty soon after this is where the troubles began. I knew I wanted to see Jim Chapman, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler because I'd been a big fan of all their videos for so long (and a general fan of Joe Sugg's face). But basically there was no queue. Just massive gigantic crowds of girls surging towards a tiny staircase guarded by two security men. I got into this kerfuffle as best as humanly possible and waited for over two hours. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Being pushed and shoved, it was also ridiculously hot and several girls were having anxiety attacks from the proximity and whole situation, including Rachel. The security were letting about 30 girls on stage at once and there was just constant pushing even on the stage, to get to the boys. Even once you were there you were in a picture with 10 or so other people you didn't know. Five seconds later and you were out. None of the warm hugs and hello's like Playlist Live, or the quick jokes and mini conversations like at Summer in the City. They wouldn't even let us take selfies (although when realising I was English, Joe said to pretend I didn't understand and take one anyway). Despite it being lovely to meet some of the people I look up to, I genuinely don't think the whole ordeal was worth a two second exchange with Caspar and Joe, a hello from Marcus and Jim and I didn't actually get the chance to even look at Alfie let alone have any contact.

The girl scramble on the left, and arguably the most hilarious awkward picture of secret selfy-ing with Joe and Caspar
After that experience, I decided that was enough queuing for one day. Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya were having their meetup at the same time as the boys and we decided we would focus on seeing them the next day. We watched Sam Pepper, Mazzi Maz and Harrison Webb on the main stage and then watched the 'Youtube Boyband' do some challenged (featuring Zoe and Louise) and that was genuinely fun. I've always been a little unsure of 'Stage Performances' by Youtubers, simply because a camera is very different to a Live Audience, but all of them were hilarious. And as a true, girl, the boys took their shirts off, so who am I to complain.

Youtube Boyband Challenge
Later we went to watch FunforLouis and Ben Brown talk about the Rickshaw Run, which was genuinely really interesting and gave everyone the chance to ask questions about it all. I did manage to get a question and a picture at the end with Louis, but some how I managed to delete it off my phone? Classic Alice move. After their talk, I noticed Maddie Chester who is I think a manager (and work mother) to most of the Youtubers I met, but she also runs a blog which I read all the time! So I had to stop and talk to her about it because it's lovely meeting fellow bloggers even at a Youtube convention! I think because the attention is normally on the people she works with, so she was a bit overwhelmed and so lovely, I wish I'd had longer to talk to her but she's a busy bee! Apparently I am the first person to recognize her for her blog, so I will post the link here. Please go and have a read! 

Skipping quickly to Sunday (I promise I'll be quick please don't leave just yet)... the time came for me to meet Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter. Although I'm a big fan of Tanya Burr and Zoella, Louise for me has been a real inspiration and someone I've been watching for years, I actually remember a video where she says 'Oh my god I have 3000 subscribers'. So for me, this was everything I wanted. The queuing was slightly, better although very unfair and there was still a lot of pushing. But myself and Rachel were exhausted from so long of queuing so after about 2-3 hours of waiting for Louise, Tanya and Zoe (who unfortunately was ill and couldn't come to the meetup) I finally finally finally met Louise and Tanya. It's safe to say I was a bit of a wreck although I kept it together just about and saw Maddie again too which was nice and slightly reassuring as it reminded me they're just people. So I managed to keep it together until walking away when I genuinely just burst straight into tears. Super cool Alice. Super cool.

I'm not a giant, my shoes were platforms!
Anyway, the weekend was mix of up and downs and I think a lot needs to be done to make  these events more attainable and enjoyable for everyone involved. I know there have been problems with other conventions in the past, so it's not just ITAtube, but to actually experience it was pretty disappointing. Anyway, it's still things to work on and for me, I met the people I really wanted to.

I hope you all had lovely weeks! Back to normal Alice blogging next week, stepping away from the personal ones for a little while!
Ciao for Now


21 April 2014

England, Easter and Ever Such A Lot of Chocolate

I've been a bad blogger. I confess. I'm sorry, please accept my apologies. Pretty please with a cherry on top. I know I said I would actually be posting personal posts last week, but I was so caught up in the family reunions and continuous lunches, I managed to write a grand total of zero posts. However, this week you are all lucky minions because I have a wee bunch of good'uns lined up for you. For those of you who like a little bit of a nose at others lives, I have this post full of my home adventures... if you're all for fashion and beauty, I have a Haul coming up for all the bits I've bought in England (I did a bit of damage in Primark) and if you are not only a member of the blogging community but also of the Youtubing guys and gals, on Monday I will publish a post about the weekend, as I am off to ITAtube in Milan, a big Youtube convention full of all your favourite guys and gals. So although I've been a little shy of my laptop in recent days, I promise you a full calendar for the upcoming week. Do you forgive me yet? I certainly hope so.

So Alice, if you haven't spent the week blogging, hiding behind your laptop and hibernating from the world as per usual, what have you been doing? Well my little minions, I have been non-stop socialising and catching up with everyone humanly possible. From quick coffees to full on nights out, my life since stepping off the plane has been a series of friends, one after the other. Believe it or not, back in England I have real life friends, and this week I was in high demand. 

Cerise, Me and Sarah with the sign they made for me
I'm sorry in advance for the camera qualities, every picture has been taken by my iPhone as I stupidly left my canon at home. I stepped through arrivals to cheers and claps from my sister, her best friend (also a family friend) and my mum. Much to my embarrassment. Unfortunately a series of events over the last 48hours had made life a bit difficult so I had been travelling since 9am that morning and arrived in at about 5. I genuinely was absolutely overwhelmed to see my family for the first time in three months and although there were no tears, it did take a lot of will power.

Then from 11am the next day, began the continuous coffees, lunches and outings. I saw all my closest friends and spent a lot of time swapping life stories, speaking terrible Italian and eating a lot. I think since being back I've probably put on five stone. When I saw one of my best friends Molly, I almost burst into tears at how happy I was to be drinking coffee with her again.

A collection of some of the lunches and drinks I had 
On Friday, I boarded a train for Bristol, home of a lot of my closest friends but most particularly Charley. I've mentioned her a couple of times but if you haven't heard of her, her blog is here. Charley is doing the big move and heading up north to Lincoln with her lovely boyfriend Danny. Fortunately, her leaving meal fell on the weekend of my return and I couldn't resist popping up and seeing one of my favourite humans in the world, let a lone her family who are like a second family to me too. We ate far too much and when I passed out on my sofa bed at the end, I was definitely pushing the 'full' line between satisfied and sick.

On Saturday I came back and after spending the afternoon with my oldest friend in the West Country, Kitty, I went to another of my best friends houses to get ready for Saturday night in Weymouth. As most of you are lucky enough to have never experienced a  Saturday night in Weymouth, I suppose I should sum it up. It's a bit like a bear pit full of 'lads' in Kavos wife beaters in -10degrees and girls in leopard print from head to toe. But despite this, it is also where everybody goes out and if you drink enough at the start of the night (before you actually get there) most of the time you can end up having a good night. Plus there's the beach, and 99% of the time, you will end up on the beach eating your weight in chips. As was the case this weekend. 

I was actually excited to go out as nights out in Italy are not quite on the same scale as Wey'biza'. Sometimes I feel it's just a bit too classy for me, and luckily last weekend my longing for a £2 Jagerbomb instead of a €7 Mojito was fulfilled. 

Me and Emma (right) and me and Emily (left) We all became best friends on a school trip to Italy!
From Sunday I have had a 'strictly family' couple of days. It's hard to explain to people who aren't close with their family, or who might not have particularly sociable parents, what it's like at Easter or Christmas. My family make a big deal out of every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, Valentines day. My mum even threw a Jubilee party one year despite not being particularly patriotic. To sum it up, my family just like any opportunity to celebrate and be merry and eat and drink a lot. And even though that might seem bizarre to some, I really love it. 

Easter was no different, we went over to Bournemouth to see my Aunty, Uncle, Cousins and cousins girlfriend, we exchanged Easter Eggs a bit like gifts, we'd all made or bought various desserts and cakes. We began by watching a couple of home videos of previous Easters, and then after a ginormous dinner and a walk along the sea we all settled in for an intense night of Singstar, and of course, my team won (can you tell I'm competitive)! 

Tonight is the last evening but even tomorrow before I leave at noon I have a couple of friends popping over to see me! What a busy bee. I've had such an amazing week catching up, and even though I love Italy I can't help but be a little sad to leave all my friends and family behind again. 

You will next hear from me when I'm back in my little Italian flat, having survived a Ryan Air budget flight (Hooray!!) I hope you all had wonderful Easters!

Ciao for Now!


13 April 2014

The Pre-Warning

   As it is the end of the week and the beginning of the next, I thought I would give my favourite humans some fair warning of what to expect for the next week from my blog. Normally I would never do such a thing, I love the element of surprise.... but this week, I am going home from the 15th-22nd for the first time in three months (!!!!!) So I thought I would warn you in advance that my posts for the next 7 days are going to revolve around my life and my trip home.

I know a lot of you gals (and guys?) read my blog for my lists, life stories and opinions. But my blog is ultimately a lifestyle one, which means I have the lovely freedom of throwing in whatever I like. I feel absolutely overwhelmed that I now genuinely have to consciously think about what I write on my little internet space and how much readers will enjoy it. It makes me extremely happy and have a little fuzzy feeling inside my belly. How can there possibly be over 300 active human readers from blogger and bloglovin'? Not to mention my friends and family who have a little read now and then.

Time to be reunited!
I also think it's lovely to have a wee bit of 'Oooooh she's actually a real life human girl' thrown into the works. Because it's very easy to disassociate yourself when you're sat behind a keyboard, chucking a jumble of words onto the world wide web. It's sometimes nice to have a bit of a 'HEY IT'S ME' selfish time. And personally, I love reading about people's lives. Maybe because I'm super nosey.... definitely because I'm super nosey.

Never the less, I hope you enjoy the posts to come this week and thank you thank you thank you for the crazy support, this amount of minions blows my mind. Blogging is a hard thing to get up and running and it's absolutely crazy to think people who aren't forced into reading my blog, read it out of choice. You are lovely. And possibly slightly mad. And I love you all. 

Ciao for Now! 


10 April 2014

Helping Me, Helping You

As we all know, chaos and trouble have an extremely unfortunate habit of following me about. This is of course, very unfortunate for me, but something I am well used to by now. However, my loss is your gain. Because where I had to go through the experience in order to learn my lesson, you lovely ladies can sit in the leisure of your home, horizontally reading this blog, laughing at my misfortune. There are plenty of lists on the world wide web about lessons to younger selves, things people wish they'd known... But when I read them, I find myself thinking 'I already know men are going to break my heart, I don't need warning' etcetc, so I thought I'd put together a more practical list to help make your lives all that little bit easier. Sending chocolates and ice cream this way will totally do as a mean of thanks...

1) One layer of fake tan does change your skin tone. Wait it out. Do not reapply immediately. You will turn orange and you will have PE/Gym Class the next day where you're made to wear shorts. 

2) Whatever they say about filling your body with healthy nutrients to help you during your period, nothing tastes better than eating Ben and Jerry's from the tub whilst you lie in bed and watch Titanic. Nothing. Don't deny yourself of that chocolatey creamy goodness if you want it. 

3) If you want to attract boys, playing the Trombone is not the answer. Or the tuba. 

4) The 'popular' group are annoying and bitchy in every school, but don't write every single member off. The same way you might have a lot of friends but not feel like you fit in, the chances are a couple of them feel the same. On that note, don't go out of your way to become popular. You will soon learn that popularity is about how many friends you have, not about how many people bitch about you behind your back.

5) Don't start shaving your legs if you don't need to. It may sound cool and grown up at 11 or 12, but soon enough you will mourn for the day you never had to think about shaving.. anything.

6) When you're alone at home and you order your weight in take out, it is an obligation to shout 'FOOD'S HERE' as you run down the stairs salivating at the thought of the pizza-y goodness. The delivery guy knows it's just for you, and you know it's just for you, but at least you made the effort to hide the fact you are going to gorg on a feast under a blanket watching Game of Thrones.

7) Whatever the problem, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is always the answer

8) If you've put on a yoga outfit, sat on a yoga mat (rug) and crossed and uncrossed your legs a couple of times, you are totally allowed to count it as yoga.

9) Sometimes running for the bus just isn't worth it. In fact, it rarely is worth it.

10) Having a thousand Facebook friends just isn't cool. It was never cool, it never will be, and the amount of crap on your timeline will make you regret every time you clicked that 'accept' button.

11) Waiting to lose weight before you go to a gym to lose weight is something that doesn't really make sense, but then it also just really does make sense.

12) Almost anything tastes better with peanut butter.

13) Use my Free Food Free Calorie rule, it will make you feel a lot less guilty, even when you know it's complete rubbish

14) Don't wear white leggings. Ever. In fact, make it a mission to burn all white leggings in existence.

15) Dogs are way better than cats. It's a fact. But don't be mean to felines because they will probably take over the world some day.

16) If you want a clean bedroom, make your bed. It makes a world of difference.

17) Stretch marks happen to everyone. On the boobs, on the legs, sometimes on the arms. They happen, don't panic, it doesn't mean you're fat. It means you're growing. In fact, you can get them from losing weight. 

18) Never leave anything by the stove. Ever. Even when the stove isn't on. You will forget about it. (I am one tea towel and a postcard down)

19) Always feel free to shout at the idiot on the plane who is talking about 9/11 and the Bermuda Triangle and Malaysian Airlines 370 and that plane crash on Neighbours. 

20) What looks good on the shop dummy, probably won't look half as good on you. It's a life fact and the sooner we get over it, the better.

21) Fancying Beyonce and Rachel McAdams and Emilia Clarke does not make you a lesbian. It makes you human. Sometimes the lines of whether you want to be them or be on them are just a bit blurred. 

22) ...See Below

Let's be honest, the chances are you probably haven't learnt much. But I hope you enjoyed the post none the less! If you have any life hacks that you feel a burning need to share, feel free to comment with suggestions, God knows I need all the help I can get!

Ciao for Now! 


7 April 2014

In Fair Verona...

On sunday, myself and Alexandria decided it was time once again to leave our little Parmesan town and venture into Italian life elsewhere. Her 'host mum' was off to a giant convention in Verona, and although I went there for an afternoon a few years ago, we were so so excited to be offered a ride to the city, even if it did mean leaving at 7am!

Knowing what a lazy human being I am, the night  before I packed up my bag, set out all of my clothes and chose my make up. So that in the morning I would spring out of bed at the sound of my alarm at 6:15 and would throw on my clothes, down some coffee and run down to meet Alexandria. But as with all events in my life, things did not at all go to plan. I set my alarm the night before on my phone, and as it later died, I left it to charge next to my bed before sleeping. The next thing I know, I am waking up from day light seeping into my apartment through the blinds, and my phone has not charged. My heart literally plummeted and I started having a bit of a breakdown, when I got up my laptop and googled, yes googled what time it is in Itay, and saw it was 7:11am. (Side note- my laptop is extremely broken and old and doesn't display the correct time, hense googling it). Things were not going well. I literally threw on my clothes and flew down the stairs in the hopes that by some miracle, Alexandria and her host mum had not left without me. I ran down and bumped straight into a panicked Alexandria who at 7am, had pressed every button in my building to force her way into my apartment to wake me up. True friendship. 

But we made it.

The day was full of being absolute tourists. We walked around the city, went to Juliet's Balcolny (and even went up it), we took a lot of pictures, stopped for some amazing vegan juice made of raw fruit and vegetables, and as we decided to follow the river as a guide, most of the day was spent bursting into 'Just Around the River Bend'. I'd LOVE to say we dined on some classic Italian cuisine, but we discovered a sweet shop I remembered from last time I was there, loaded ourselves with bags of 'train sweets' (sweets for the train journey) and ended on a trip to McDonald's, feeling absolutely exhausted and craving chips.

I'm sorry about the mismatch of pictures, I just wanted to fit so many in without you scrolling and scrolling! Despite the fairly dreary look of the weather in the pictures, it was actually 25' and as a true Brit, I spent a lot of my day complaining about the heat. In the background of the first picture is a hill with a castley-church surrounded by trees, and every time I looked at it I couldn't help but think of Disney Kingdom's, so I spent all day calling it a Kingdom. Towards the end of the day, I dragged Alexandria up it and the last several pictures (besides the picture of the Kingdom from the river) are taken from a 'Secret Garden' we found after a climb. So worth it!

All in all it was a top day. We even had time for a little read in the main square... I'm currently reading the Divergent series and am addicted! Next post I promise you all a normal, opinions, life advicey, moany post, but I thought today might be nice to show you a bit of where I live and what I do occasionally!

Ciao for Now! x


3 April 2014

Life Update: That Youtube Thing

This is just a quickie! A couple of months ago, I posted a last minute video talking about how I'd been wanting to make lifestyle, talk-to-a-camera type videos for the past couple of years but had never gathered the courage. Before now, I used my channel to post the (very) occasional music video, but managed to acquire quite a following of little minions, considering I have only 15 videos on the account! If anyone knows me in real life they know I am not a particularly introvert person, I love interacting with absolutely anyone, if you get me started on a subject I really will never be quiet! In fact, half the reason I made a blog was for me to ramble on about the ailments of my own life. So for all of these reasons, (I have since removed  the video), I want to confirm that at some point in the near future I will definitely be making lifestyle videos on my channel.

My newly renovated Youtube channel is going to be like an extension of this blog, it has the same name (although a completely irrelevant URL made up by an 'awesome' 14 year old in 2009), and you will be able to find anything I post by simply writing 'Alices Antics'. I wanted to make a post on it because I feel like I need  to clarify that it's not something I'm going to do tomorrow, or even next week. I want to find the right kind of music, and I also have my heart set on buying a specific camera. But none the less I will be there, at some point, talking to a camera. 

Thank you for any support past and present. I am fully aware a lot of people aren't going to 'get' this whole Youtube thing, which is why after the first video, I'm not going to be posting about it on Facebook. I hope any friends and family appreciate this! You can have a look at my channel by clicking the link below, or the link above my picture in the right side bar.

Ciao for Now!


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