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22 February 2014

The Love/Hate of 'Chick Flicks'

Many people know, I am partial to the odd 'Chick Flick.' Me and my best friend have been known to sit and watch a couple of Miley Cyrus films, last year in a free period, I recited the first 20 minute dialogue of 'A Cinderella Story' with another friend, and there is nothing I like more on a Sunday night, than to sit on my bed and listen to Ryan Gosling telling me (or Rachel McAdams) how I am his pain in the ass.

 And yes, there are plenty of faults with chick flicks. The name itself is demeaning to us ladies, as if just because we have a vagina, we can't wait to sit and gorge our eyes on Gerard Butler (believe it or not, this is not always the case). And not only to us hens, but to the men of the world, who want to be able to watch films about romance, family, friendship and eating your feelings without being worried what their 'lad mates' might think. But for me, as a true teenager and romantic, the most depressing bit is the way we grow up thinking our Prince Charming is going to saunter into our classroom or lecture as a bad boy in disguise, and fall head over heels for us before revealing he is actually the kindest, sweetest man on the planet. 

I've addressed in the past how I get attached to film characters, be it animated or real. And yes when I turned 11, I sobbed and sobbed because no Hogwarts letter came for me. But at the back of my mind, I knew, secretly Hogwarts were probably not going to write. The difference with this genre, is that 8 years later, as a legal adult, I still feel Mr Right is going to bump into me and spill coffee down my shirt before getting down on one knee. 

The truth is, we love chick flicks because we like to think we can relate. All of us feel like an outsider at times, I know I certainly do. And these films are never about the popular girls at school, they're about us. The ones who try to fit in, who don't have bouncy hair and short skirts. And that's why we love them, because at the end of it all (and sometimes after a fabulous make over) we still get the guy. It's like a f**k you to all the Plastics of the world. When our boyfriends dump us, we want to think it's because Zac Efron is around the next karaoke bar . When friends turn against us, we want to believe it's for the greater good and all we really need is a Chad Michael Murray shaped man to whizz us off for a brand new start.

I know I'm not the only girl who read Twilight and wanted Edward Cullen as her soul mate, or who watches The Notebook and cries more tears of 'why is that not me', than real sadness afterwards. Half the reason I chose to move to Italy was because at the back of my mind I could see Lizzie McGuire singing in the Colosseum. But the truth is (prepare yourselves ladies), life is hard. Chick flicks don't ever show the morning after, or the year after. They don't show us what happens if a guy doesn't call back. Or if a handsome stranger doesn't jump in to take us to prom. And that is why we love them. Because, despite all of the longing and knowing deep down, Ed Westwick probably won't marry us and Leonardo Di Caprio isn't going to jump off a boat for us, we still think it could happen. 

Despite all of this, I will continue to moan and sob my way through cinema trips to Zac Efron movies, and Netflix fests of Disney films, I will always look at the stranger next to me on a plane and wonder if he's my soul mate. And for now, I will still wonder around the streets of Italy wondering if every guy I pass is the one. But that is ok with me, and it is why we all love chick flicks. Because, despite the unlikelihood of it all, they give us that little glimmer of hope. 

Ciao for now! x


  1. Can we just have a chick flick movie day together? I love these films, and I love this post! Wild Child was always my favourite haha, Alex Pettyfer offt;) The firts film my boyfriend picked for us to watch was 500 Days of Summer, so I can't really complain!
    lily x

    1. Hahahah that sounds perfect, I haven't seen Wild Child in forever! Oooh good choice, definitely a keeper! hahah x

  2. Loved reading your article!! I am always very curious to know about this type of stuff. Can you suggest me best chick flicks movies as one of my friends is totally mad about these movies and I haven’t seen even a single one.


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