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Hello there! I'm Alice, a 22 year old living in an oldy-woldy town on the south coast of England.

Alice' is the result of a gap 'yarh' in 2013, when as a lost 18 year old, I decided to leave my small Dorset town and go on an Italian adventure. Blogging about my gelato eating and Italian stallion hunting endeavours, I never dreamed it would grow beyond my friends and family.

'Alice's Antics' is a space for all of my thoughts, feelings and opinions. I've made an art of sharing the life lessons I've learnt, so you don't have to find out the hard way. 

Having seen me through a gap year and three incredible years as a politics student at university, I'm excited to see where Alice's Antics is yet to take me. You can guarantee wherever I go, there will be a blog post about it. 

Feel free to have a wander around, and any questions can be asked through my Twitter @alicesantics_ 

Love, Alice x

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