As a fresh-faced 22 year old, there aren’t too many things I’m 100% sure of in myself. But one of those at the top of this list, alongside my undying love of Leonardo DiCaprio and my ability to rap every word of American Boy, is my love of a dating column.

From being 10 and reading the Love Guru in Mizz magazine, to 15 year old me tearing out advice on how to snog Harry in English, to the current me. I love the dating column written by Dolly Alderton in The Sunday Times (or I did - it’s tragically finished now), I love reading Twitter threads posted by people witnessing true love at a train station. I love hearing vloggers divulge their dating horror stories to the world.

The truth is, I love dating. Every stage of it. Whether it’s me dating, or hearing about friends dates. And it seems that you do too, as my posts on love (or lack of) are always my most popular. 
So we’re going to kick it off with a big old statement. 

A statement revisited frequently and often by myself and my friend Emily, a gorgeous, blonde, 23 year old wonder woman who is currently studying on a PHD in Research Immunology. Because despite our difference in appearances, we are both single. 

And that, is how your life’s success, is not determined by a relationship.

Despite what Aunt Martha tried to tell you at Christmas. 

I am fully aware that society has tried to persuade us all that 2 is better than 1, and we should all be striving for a career AND a family. But actually, whether you’re 22 or 37, it’s up to you what you do with your life. Even Bridget Jones doesn’t really ‘get’ it, bending over backwards for the various men in her life. 

So this dating blog series, is going to be honest, and raw and hopefully, quite funny. I’ve already had a number of extremely questionable dating experiences. But I wanted to share with you what it’s like to date in your 20s in London. And hope and pray, none of said dates find this blog. 

Should you be rounding up your dating life in newsletter format to hundreds of readers? Probably not. But with a job in social media, all of my friends and family knowing I blog, and an interesting dating life to say the least, I've run out of excuses not to do it. 

All I ask, is that mum and dad, stop reading anything in the series.

No Sex in the City will be coming very soon to Alice's Antics, but first I'm off to Disneyland in a couple of hours, so let's hope I don't ruin it all by finding a Prince the day after I post this.

Love, A x