We're well in need of a life catch up. 

And what's more fitting than writing a post about exams... whilst supposed to be revising for, said exams. 

Procrastination at its finest. 

After a week back at university, I am officially halfway through my exams. The next couple of weeks is almost definitely going to follow in the same fashion as the last, procrastinating 30% of the day, revising 70% and steadily turning my blood type to espresso. 

Exam season has actually, surprisingly, bought out quite a lot of good in me. Gone are the days of lie ins until midday. Living in a house where everyone is out by 9am latest has just made me follow suit and I'm finally at a place where I can crawl into bed at 10:30 and fall asleep. Is this adulthood?? 

Despite being bogged down with revision, I am still vlogging. If you weren't aware, I have been steadily expanding Alice's Antics beyond blogging and into Youtube. Which is slightly terrifying. I've been vlogging Friday, Saturday, Sunday and posting on Sunday evening, as I tend to keep any activities other than revision, for the weekend. Aka, you don't have to sit through me moaning about Plato's metaphysical realm. 'Cause nobody got time for that. But if you are interested, I'll leave a little link at the end of this post and there's always the Youtube icon in the top right. So far, I'm loving vlogging. I'm not sure why, but the thought of sitting down and making real videos freaks me out currently, so I'm steadily building up to that. But in the meantime, I hope people are enjoying the insights into my life. 

I'm going to write out a blog post about this, because it's obvs something I need to talk about as I'm leaving the country for 3 months, but in June, I'm going to work in France. I'm both terrified and excited but currently, it means a lot of online purooooosing and buying relevant things (like Havaiana flip flops. Because obviously, OBVIOUSLY I needed decent ones. Of course). 

On June 3rd, two days before I leave for la belle France, I have a summer ball. So that is also on my to-do list. I might actually make a blog post on this, because I'm going to attempt to look a million dollars for approximately £50. But dress shopping is VERY much a thing right now, and I couldn't be more excited at the thought of getting dressed up with my best friends to celebrate the end of my second year. 

I think that's everything so far! If you want to watch my vlogs then click here! 

Ciao for Now!