This is for those mornings when you wake up with sharpie on your head, somebody you became acquainted with last night lying next to you and the taste of tequila on your breath. It's totally ok to have those days, because the rest of the time, you've got this. 

1. There has been an occasion where you made the life choice of staying in over going out.
2. Calling the HMRC no longer fills you with dread. You OWN that tax. You also know what HMRC stands for. 
3. If you've paid a bill. Be it utility or a phone bill, that bill is in your name, and you paid it. Go adult you. 
4. You have a C.V. Who cares if babysitting is still on it. 
5. 'Domesticated Goddess/God' isn't pushing it. Changed a light bulb? Yep. Cooked a meal? Of course. Hoovered once or twice? Absolutely.
6. You've broken ties with friends from school without having any form of fight or argument. People drift away, and you're okay with that.
7. You own something non-highstreet. Even if it did cost you an arm and a leg. 
8. You've been on a night out and stopped drinking alcohol/started drinking water. Congratulations you've officially learnt your limits.
9. You no longer cringe at buying tampons/condoms... judge me cashier lady, see if I care xoxo
10. You eat olives and/or drink red wine. 12 year old you would gag. And that, is growth.
11. You've *kissed* (lol) a girl or boy and not been bothered about whether they'll text you the next day.
12. The whole income/outcome is a very real thing and you totally get it. Even if that means going crazy payday weekend and then skimping the rest of the month.
13.  ...If you're in your overdraft, this also counts as adulting. Nobody can get thousands of pounds into debt like an adult can.
14. The underrated ability to work/communicate with somebody you don't like, without punching them in the face.
15. You've watched the news/read the paper on your own accord... Sunday Style magazine definitely counts, yup.
16. The numerous card slots in your purse/wallet no longer baffle you. They are filled with bank cards, loyalty cards and that one time you went to a Casino and were forced into getting a picture card.  
17. You haven't worn denim shorts and tights in at least a year.
18. You've achieved something your younger self would be incredibly proud of. Whether that's travelling, getting into university or getting a bum to rival Kim K.
19. The prospect of having an early night fills you with delight rather than dread. 
20. You're able to eat out somewhere without offers, that isn't a cheeky Nando's.

If you're anything like me, you may sometimes need a reminder... being a grown up, isn't all that bad. 

Ciao for Now!