I'm quite a lucky blogger really, in that a lot of my readership is from friends who would never read a blog otherwise. I've had literally the most random people ever pop up on Facebook and say they read Alice's Antics, and that, is quite frankly, fantastic. Mi blog es tu blog.

However, 99% of the people on the blogosphere are bloggers themselves. I see (and read) all of your comments with links and the emails with links and if I hadn't read blogs myself for so long, I deffo wouldn't have started Alice's Antics. So this blog post, is for you. All of the humans who are also bloggers, because sometimes, it's very easy to fall out of love with blogging. God knows I have, countless times.

It's taken me a solid 2 years of blogging to establish a frequent posting strategy. Whatever people say, views count. If I put up a blog which gets significantly less views than normal, I automatically think of what I've done wrong, who it's targeted at, whether it's just a bit boring or has minimal effort put into it. Scheduling when to put out content, rectifies this and also gives you a bit of motivation to find something to write about.

If you're not 100% sure where you fall into the blogging life, experiment. Write something which breaks the Beauty flurry of posts, or talk about all the things people should be talking about- but aren't. I write about a bit of everything and although not having a label for my blog means sometimes I miss out on followers who want a niche, as a blogger, I never get bored of my own content.

One of the biggest places I take inspiration from, is other blogs. Search high and low and find new blogs which make you feel inspired. This year I've found some absolute beauty's who make me want to type away my life. I especially find bloggers who are still blogging as a hobby, have great content because there's no pressure for them to post so they write about what they love and as a reader, you can really get that. 

 Contrary to everything I've just said, if life itself is really actually that bad, take a break. Just press the pause button on blogging and resume when you're in a better place. For most of us, blogging is a hobby or a bit of extra income, and the obligation to blog should never be a chore. If you need to take a break, do it. Wait for the writers block to pass and just come back after your hiatus bigger and better than ever before.

I hope this gave bloggers a bit of inspiration, or if you're not a blogger and just a dedicated fan, you have an insight into the life of blogging (and how to keep at it)..

Ciao for Now!