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Earlier this week, after an 8 page application process and a panel interview, I discovered I'd been accepted for a placement year in Washington DC, starting this August. Even writing this, I feel like I'm dreaming, and I just thought as a blog post to look back on and remind myself of this very real overwhelmed feeling, I would write a bit about why/how I decided moving abroad (again) was something I wanted to do.

It all starts with the queen of teenage chick flicks, Hilary Duff. I have essentially spent the last 11 years wanting to go to America to study just because of A Cinderella Story. I clearly find it very hard to differentiate fiction and real life because even now I find myself wanting to be a surgeon with every Grey's episode I watch.

Anyway at the tender age of 10 I decided I wanted to go to Princeton too. And then, as I got older I realised I'm not actually a genius child with Ivy League capabilities, so I aimed to just get to any uni in America. And then, obviously, those dreams were squashed rapidly when I found out about their tuition fees- hello America what are you thinking???? So at 17, when I first started looking for universities, I searched long and hard for study abroad schemes to America which were achievable.
There was a lot of confusion with Royal Holloway, and after a lot of emails and me ending up in tears on countless occasions, I realised I probably would never be able to afford it due to our study abroad scheme. However, this year the uni have offered a different scheme which includes government funding for the first time ever. Which meant I was able to apply and despite the extremely slim chances of ever getting onto scheme (only two places at each international university for our whole uni!) I applied, and found out on Tuesday I'd been successful! 

I still can't really believe I'll actually be going. It makes my head hurt and I am terrified but also so excited. I've never even left Europe so to be moving to America for a year is extremely daunting but something I'm hoping to take in my stride. 

This will probably be the only thing you hear about from me, but I'm so thrilled I just felt I had to write about it! Also so as to not suddenly throw it on my readers that I'm actually in a different continent for 11 months!

After a pretty dreadful start to 2016, this has definitely made the horizon look a lot brighter. I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Ciao for Now!