If you aren't following my Twitter or Instagram, you may not have seen that I apologised for lack of Blogmas-ing over the last weekend. I'm super super sorry but the last few of days have been quite frankly mental, and have included packing up my life due to my university halls being a 30 week let (so I have to move out during the holidays), along with other various things and just not feeling particularly Alice-y, I was having an 'ugh' couple of days as me and my friends call it, to such an extent the extortionate shopping spree in Windsor didn't even cure it. In fact, tomorrow may be a haul post to show off my buys, but I'm not too sure yet as there are a couple of bits which are christmas prezzies! Anyway, today I've decided my blogmas post isn't going to stick the usual Christmassy themed. I know I've only been doing it just over a week, but writing Blogmas has made me realise there's only so much non-topical writing I can really cope with as a blogger. Some bloggers base their whole blogs on photo's and days out and fashion or beauty and that is all wonderful for them, but I've realised in the last couple of days that for me it just frazzles my brain. There's so much out there that needs discussing and talking about and putting out there, and just because it's not beauty or fashion it doesn't mean the typical internet-y audience or reader won't understand it, in fact I think it's a bit of an insult to assume that's all we consume. So today, and potentially in the upcoming days of blogmas, I've decided to stick to my daily blogging, but it's not always going to be christmas related. And today, I want to talk about the internet.

I am, a self confessed internet human. I love social networking, I love Youtube, I love blogs, I even love the technicalities like html-ing and css-ing, I find the world wide web an incredible thing, I've even written previous blog posts on the perks etc. But recently there has been so so much that is making me want to cower and hide and run away from the interweb. As a pre-warning, a lot of this will mainly be relevant if you know a bit about other bloggers and vloggers.

The Youtube vlogging community has been under enormous scrutiny over the past few months. Since way back when I wrote my 'Youtube culture' post, the Youtubing humans have been losing their appeal to me a bit and there are a number of reasons why, which I just wanted to get off my chest. I know, I know a lot of what I want to say is a bit controversial, and I don't want to offend anyone, particularly those who spend time and money in Youtube.

The vlogging world has steadily been less of a distraction for me over the last few months, I've gone from checking Youtube daily to literally watching it once a week if that. And I think a large portion of this decline is due to the Youtubers I watch losing their appeal to anyone beyond or below the 12-17 age gap. There are a lot of videos I do and can relate to, but the majority of the content now put out for viewers are things I just don't find entertaining and can't really relate to at all. Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) is without a doubt the main person I watch and I do love her content and find it the most easy to watch for girls -and boys- a bit older, but a lot of the other Youtubing humans just seem to be focusing on the demographic of their viewers rather than filming what they would like to film. Obviously I can't speak for them and I have no idea what appeals to them, but when you remember Zoella, Alfie, Tanya etc... they are all in their twenties. It is almost unnatural for them to have the same interests as a 13 year old. Yes it is their job, but unlike for instance, children's TV presenters, their job has derived from the originality and of them making videos which are relatable, but all I seem to be seeing lately is tag video after tag video.

As you can see from my word vomit, there's been a lot of pent up feelings towards this whole internet movement. I am a huge advocate of the internet world. But I think the root of the problems have started with bloggers and vloggers getting a 'taste' of fame, being papped, having 'fans' instead of followers, and so they snap up any opportunity they can. I am genuinely not surprised or even annoyed Zoella has a ghost writer, if you honestly think Russell Brand or One Direction write their own books then you'd be sadly mistaken. But for me, the problem is, instead of all the youtube famous humans just saying 'dyou know what, we're great at vlogging and blogging and talking to a camera, let's stick to that', they're taking anything they can for granted and grasping it in any way they can to excel in their success when really, they shouldn't even be provided with the opportunity. Zoe Sugg is not an author and neither is she a singer. Herself, Alfie and Joe shouldn't have been on the Band Aid 30 single, because they are not singers. There are artists who work for years and years without being recognised as singers, and they waltz in from the internet and are given a place on the record. In all honesty, I just don't think it's fair.

I love blogs and vlogs and I am in no way slating Zoella or anyone else as the bloggers and vloggers they are. The internet is not going anywhere and critics need to get over this and just get on with life, internet media is a thing and internet fame is only going to get bigger and bigger. But you wouldn't catch Ed Sheeran starring in a film or Cara Delevigne releasing a music video, because it's not their thing. Zoe Sugg can't write a 300 page novel, so instead of spending her energy going to meetings about a book she made up the characters to, she should have used it to create content for her viewers, she should have spent her time making more videos to help young girls and boys with confidence issues or anxiety problems. The problem with the internet is that it's becoming too big, overwhelmingly so, and it's started to make me want to run and hide from the rest of the world. I just wish someone would sit down with these internet humans and let them know, it's okay not to have a stereotypical 'talent', making videos and writing blogs is totally a thing now. But don't throw fuel onto the fire by taking up space in other people's professions because that's where the problems are going to start, and the more problems there are the more their audience is going to lose touch with them. I just can't help but feel, soon enough they won't be known for their video content and then their audience will realise that they can't actually sing and they don't actually write real books. It is such a dangerous game and I completely understand how people fall into it, but I just had to write this rant of a blog post and get it all out.

Tomorrow will be cheery and non moany and back to festive life again!
I promise!

Ciao for now!
(And sorry for the absence)