As of Saturday, I am officially a student at Royal Holloway University of London. To say that is quite a terrifying thought, and I know a lot of people out there who never thought the day would come when I actually went to University. But after a solid 2 years flaffing around (do I, don't I), the time came for me to pile a lot of stuff into my car and take the 2.5 hour drive up to Surrey where I would be completing my 3 year course.  Tensions were definitely running high in the Dodd car, with my parents stressing out about the location and me stressing out about life, but eventually we arrived at my new 'home'. 

Walking into my flat and introducing myself to my future flatmates was arguably the most awkward experience of my life so far. Having no idea who people were or what they'd be like (at one point I thought my flatmates parents were just post-grad flatmates), but yet again in the life lottery I've been dealt the worlds best hand with flat mates. Despite being all very different, we all seem to click ridiculously well, even on the first night confessing how happy we are to be put into a flat where we all like each other. Fast forward two days, including drinking champagne from tumblers, eating a 'nutritious' meal of Mediterranean rice for dinner, grabbing any opportunity for free things with both hands and playing more drinking games then I knew existed, Flat 1A are definitely living the student life. 

It's so bloody easy to forget the whole reason I'm here is to actually study. After my gap year I feel like I've forgotten how to even learn. But I'm sure learning will be made a whole lot easier knowing all my lectures are in this incredibly beautiful building. I'm still trying to convince myself I've got lectures instead of Potions class.

I'm sorry this has been such a brash post, I promise next week (maybe even sooner who knows, my life is a shambles right now and as you've all probably realised, I'm getting these out as and when rather than in the usual weekend/midweek routine), you will have a more meaty post. But the point is, I'm alive, I survived and I'm not broke yet.

Ciao for now!