Before this summer, I never understood how people don’t have time to blog. My blog was (and still is) such an important part of my life, that I didn’t understand how anyone who cared about their minions or blog at all, could neglect it for long periods of time. All I can say is, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry fellow blogging humans of the world, because this summer I had so much to do I was simply concentrating on surviving, let alone thinking about blogging. I understand now, I really do. Sometimes you need to take a break from the world wide web and concentrate on the real life, everyday mundanes, like working 12 hours a day. And buying laundry bags for University. 

But desperate needs call for desperate measures and today whilst packing for a night at my Aunty’s along the coast in Bournemouth, I decided last minute to grab my laptop and take it for the ride. So here I am, blogging away on South West Trains, and I hope you’re sitting comfortably because I am about to spend this 40 minute journey aimlessly tapping away at something I hope, by the end, will resemble a blog post.

 The last week or so of my life has revolved around goodbyes. You would think, considering how I moved to Italy for 6 months of my life, I’d be pretty good at goodbyes by now. Turns out, I’m definitely not. From picnics to beach days to lunches to coffee’s, I’ve been squeezing things in with everyone left right and centre. And each time is just as depressing as the last. I know I’ll make new friends and meet amazing people at University, but my old friends are a great bunch. Fantastic in fact. Wonderful. Can’t I sneak them into my suitcase with me? 

Whilst on the subject of Uni, it’s worth mentioning I am absolutely bloody terrified. And that is, quite simply, an understatement. I’ve had a huge knot in my stomach all week, ahead of Saturday. For some reason, my brain thinks moving 2hours up the road is far worse than moving countries. I think maybe it is because this time, I have to really actually impress human beings. They all speak the language. I can’t get away with ignoring them or pretending I don’t understand. And most of all, the poor folk I’m living with are going to see the ins and outs of me as a person. How will they fare with morning Alice? Or drunk Alice? Or PMS Alice? What if they don’t like me? I thought I would voice all my feelings on University because I know a lot of people are starting of have just started over the last couple of weeks, so just to confirm, if you’re also feeling like this, or did feel like this, you are not alone. Because I am absolutely terrified. 

However, this time next week I will be there. In fact, this time in 2 days I will be there. So hopefully, fingers crossed, everything will work out for the best. I am excited, I promise, I’m just petrified too. 

Meanwhile, I have to make the little announcement, on Tuesday it was my blog’s first birthday. A whole year of blogging. Although I didn’t really enter the blogging world officially until January, on September 16th 2013, my blog was made and my first post was published. To date, it is one of my most prized things. Is it ok to be proud of a blog? Because I’m super proud. I started up just to write down how I felt about life, and now with all my humans combined I have nearly 400 avid readers, and of course the Facebook humans who aren’t actually followers but faithfully read my blog all the time (including my parents). I’m 99.9% sure if it wasn’t for all of you I would’ve given up ages ago.  So thank you, all of you super people for jumping on the bandwagon and joining in with my life trials and tribulations. I love you all for it. Loads and loads.

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote a real blog post and not just a chatty one. I will keep on top of it when I’m at Uni, really I will. You can guarantee it because my blog will be a fantastic source of procrastination. My train is about to pull into the station now, so I’m going to have to love you and leave you. 

Ciao for now!