The other day, me and my friend James were discussing the trials and tribulations of our lives and came to the conclusion we are having quarter life crisis'. There comes a point in most people's life, usually in their 30's or 40's, where they suddenly realise there's a clock ticking and they're suddenly past the half way point. And that for the most part, nothing in their life is going to change particularly over the course of the next 20 years. This, is the mid-life crisis.

James and I thought we were being super original and coined the term 'Quarter Life Crisis' as a way to refer the feeling young adults get, where, as opposed to leading a stable monochromatic life, they have no idea what direction they're going in or where they're heading, and there's this sudden feeling of impending doom because you know that the next 5 years of your life can make or break you. Yet with this in the back of your mind, you sit on your laptop and scroll through Netflix until the early hours of every morning, only to get to 3am and once again have a mini-breakdown. And repeat.

Our dreams of originality were crashed though, when, after typing 'Quarter Life Crisis' into google, I discovered it actually is a thing, it's not just me and James being melodramatic, hooray!

The problem is, where the mid-life crisis isn't taken particularly seriously, especially by the husbands and wives of those going through it, the quarter-life crisis is taken even more of a joke. 'But you're young' 'You have nothing to worry about', 'You have no responsibility', 'You don't know how lucky you are', 'Now's your time to do anything you want!' Anything? Anything? Really. With half of us in complete and utter debt to the Government on a degree 'for the experience', another quarter in full time work and the final quarter desperately searching for some kind of way in to the world of work, is now really the time to hitch hike through Asia or move to Australia?

The Quarter Life Crisis generally hits when you have the realisation that in the next few years you could be in your dream job, travelling the world, on the property ladder, with a family or marriage on the cards... or... you will be living back at home with your parents, working in a minimum wage job as a means to an end. Suddenly you understand the term 'school days are the golden days' and you're paralyzed with indecision. Budgeting? Dating? Working? All of these things carry more and more weight as people start to think about your future for you, when all you want to do is hide under a bed. Suddenly the dreams of being a dolphin trainer (just me??) are looking dim, and you realise you have to get a real life adult job. I have friend now who're moved out with long term partners and children. They have children. How? How do they have children? I am children.

10 Signs You're Having Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Please tell me it's not just us with this fear of impending doom for no apparent reason? Where are all the 12 o'clock cocktail dates and the brunches and the sexy tall dark strangers they show us in the films? I think I'm going to put my onesie on and watch Disney films for the rest of the day, whilst I still can.

Ciao for Now!