As always, I am breaking the rules. I saw this post by Ella, about writing a post every day for 30 days and fulfilling each criteria. But because I'm me, and I'm a little bit stubborn, I don't really want to do that. However I really love the whole sharing personal bits of life thing, so what I thought I'd do, is take my favourite questions/ideas from this challenge and write about them all in this post. And then if you have a burning desire to ask me one of the ones I haven't answered, just leave it in the comments and if I get enough I will write a whole different post. I just think this way, you don't have to put up with my rambling every day for 30 days straight, my Facebook friends don't have to put up with daily 'New Blog Post!' status' and I don't have to pretend to you that I will be writing one every day but then taking actually half a year to do a month challenge. You see! Win win win win!

Where You'd Like To Be in 10 Years
I've chosen this one because it's a bit of a tough one. In an ideal world I would be blogging for a living, engaged or married to a tall, dark, handsome doctor, living in a big country house close to the sea. But unfortunately, the chances of this happening are, I reckon, a solid 0%. So in a more realistic life, I have to be honest and say I'm not sure where I'd like to be in terms of employment. I feel like I'm yet to find my niche, and although I love blogging, it is definitely more of a hobby. Cliche as it is, I'd love to be a writer or a journalist, but I'm not sure on how likely it is to happen. And I don't know about the tall, dark, handsome Doctor, but by the age of 28/29 I definitely hope I'll have found somebody I want to spend my life with. Terrifying as that is. Bloody hell.

Somewhere You'd Like To Live or Visit
Two places where I genuinely stop and think, wow heaven really is a place on earth, but in two completely different ways. I'd love to visit Bora Bora because look at it. I am only human. I would love to spend a couple of weeks there, but I don't think I'd want to live there. However, I would love to live in New York. Did any of you realise how much of a walking cliche I am? I know that's an impossible fete so I will settle on London. Maybe too much Gossip Girl has got to my head (although really, there is no such thing as too much GG), but I would kill to live in Manhattan.

How Important Education Is
If you look back through my posts, you will see there are a couple that have a few words about my opinion on education, but for the most part I am ranting about exams and how I don't think your future should be defined within an hour/two hour written paper, when at the end of the day everybody has different strengths. Despite this, I do think education in itself is very important. Although I'm not sure the curriculum itself has the right priorities, (trigonometry anyone) I think being educated to a certain level is incredibly important, and in some ways, I think particularly the English system of studying four intense subjects when you're 16/17 if you want to, is pretty good. It means that yes I hate science, and dropped it as soon as humanly possible, but I still know about photosynthesis, and I still know bits and bobs about the anatomy. I know it's a very subjective matter, but I think being uneducated is, not always but on occasion, being ignorant to the world around you. I believe we should concentrate on the future but learn from past mistakes through history, and I think young people should read 1984 by George Orwell. The problem I have is with being examined on it.

5 Pictures of Famous Men You're Attracted To
There are truly no words to describe the absolute joy I had in searching for all of these photos... if for some bizarre reason you don't know who they are, then in order these are my Top 5 Men- Leonardo Di Caprio, Ed Westwick, Zac Efron, Douglas Booth and Edward Wilding.

Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit Your Personality
I am one of those humans who has no loyalty to opinion. I change my mind about whether I'm superstitious almost daily, and despite always saying how Zodiac and Horoscopes meann nothing to me, I have two apps on my phone, and I always find myself on the horoscopes page of magazine. The truth is, I'm a bit skeptical but I like to stay on the safe side. To add to this, my zodiac is a Gemini and the accuracy of my personality is bizarrely faultless. There are lots of different versions of the Gemini horoscope, but the general consensus is that we are friendly communicative people who would make excellent PR's or salesmen/women, if we aren't tempted into media or acting work. Gemini's are indecisive, unstable and incoherent emotionally, but are gifted at contact and discussion with others. Because of our open and communicative nature, people often seek out Gemini's for advice and sympathy, Gemini's tend to be good in times of crisis. The word that generally rules a Gemini is 'Change' and as a generally smart and curious sign, Gemini is often conflicted by emotion and intellect. 

To put it frankly, I could not actually pinpoint my personality any better than what I've just written. So yes, my Zodiac fits my personality perfectly.

As I said, if you see any question you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email! If I get enough I'll happily write another of these when my writing brain runs dry! I hope you've all had fabulous weekends.

Ciao for Now