As it is the end of the week and the beginning of the next, I thought I would give my favourite humans some fair warning of what to expect for the next week from my blog. Normally I would never do such a thing, I love the element of surprise.... but this week, I am going home from the 15th-22nd for the first time in three months (!!!!!) So I thought I would warn you in advance that my posts for the next 7 days are going to revolve around my life and my trip home.

I know a lot of you gals (and guys?) read my blog for my lists, life stories and opinions. But my blog is ultimately a lifestyle one, which means I have the lovely freedom of throwing in whatever I like. I feel absolutely overwhelmed that I now genuinely have to consciously think about what I write on my little internet space and how much readers will enjoy it. It makes me extremely happy and have a little fuzzy feeling inside my belly. How can there possibly be over 300 active human readers from blogger and bloglovin'? Not to mention my friends and family who have a little read now and then.

Time to be reunited!
I also think it's lovely to have a wee bit of 'Oooooh she's actually a real life human girl' thrown into the works. Because it's very easy to disassociate yourself when you're sat behind a keyboard, chucking a jumble of words onto the world wide web. It's sometimes nice to have a bit of a 'HEY IT'S ME' selfish time. And personally, I love reading about people's lives. Maybe because I'm super nosey.... definitely because I'm super nosey.

Never the less, I hope you enjoy the posts to come this week and thank you thank you thank you for the crazy support, this amount of minions blows my mind. Blogging is a hard thing to get up and running and it's absolutely crazy to think people who aren't forced into reading my blog, read it out of choice. You are lovely. And possibly slightly mad. And I love you all. 

Ciao for Now!