First off, this is my 50th blog post! Hooray! Considering I usually give up things after a week or two, I am seriously proud of keeping this going and slowly but surely gathering regular minions. I know I say it, but I truly don't say it enough how lucky I am to have so many readers that don't know me in real life. When I first started out, I thought it would just be my mum reading it as an obligatory thing, but you've proved me wrong and in the mean time have given me a bit more faith in myself!

This post isn't really about anything in particular, I haven't planned it but I think it'll be a little bit of chitchat and opinions on what's going on at the moment in my world and the rest of the world. If you didn't know from my Twitter I am leaving the land of pizza and pasta a little early than previously planned. The reasons are all a bit personal so I don't want to divulge, but it just means I am coming back at the beginning-middle of July instead of the start of September. In the mean time I will continue my search for an Italian husband and will probably gain five stone through gelato consumption, so my foreseeable Italian future is looking fairly rosy.

More seriously, I know this is not where you come to for a doom and gloom, I am the girl who writes about Disney films and chocolate treats, not the one who burdens you with facts of life. But I would like to take a minute to talk about the laughable UKIP elements in life and how a horrifying amount of young people are actually agreeing to some of their policies. That's right. Politics. I can politic. I don't want to elaborate on it too much but it's something that really has been grating on me recently and I'm just simply deleting anyone off my social networking sites who makes racist or homophobic comments. I understand everyone has different points of views and will be supporting different parties, but when the party you support is UKIP and has vile and discriminatory views, life is too short to be your Facebook friend. 

On a lighter note, I didn't really talk much in my last post about the 'Meeting Louise' moment, I glazed over it blissfully as if it was all a giant cupcake of fun. Sadly this is my life, and things never run smoothly. After gushing about how wonderful she was and taking a couple of horrendous pictures, I then proceeded to walk away, then realising I had forgotten Tanya Burr was also there, I ran back and was like 'I'M SO SORRY FOR FORGETTING YOU CAN I PLEASE HAVE A HUG', before promptly bursting into tears. That's right, I had an emotional breakdown. After hugging Tanya and pulling an 'oh my god what even am I' face at Louise, I quickly grabbed my bag and my phone and walked away, only to (in my blinded-by-mascara state) trip down the stairs, pick myself back up and hurrying over to my friend Rachel where I sobbed for a couple of minutes about how uncool I was. Excellent.

Before I dash off to watch more Grey's Anatomy (I'm rewatching it all on Netflix, despite being on S10 in real time), I would actually like to ask my favourite humans- that's you- something. Recently my mind has been running dry and I don't want to keep writing lists and reasons posts. It makes me feel a bit like a one trick pony. I was thinking of officialising... that's not a word... this blog as a 'Lifestyle' one, but chucking a bit of beauty and fashion into the mix occasionally. Is that all dandy with you? Are there any posts you'd like me to write or topics you want me to discuss? Please leave a comment or send me an email from my Contact page!

Ciao for Now